Were You One of Our March Token Exchange Winners?

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Our March Token Exchange Winners list is here!

If you were a winner, you don’t have to read this list to find out. You’ve already been notified, and your name is on the list below! So in that case, congrats!

Now if you don’t see your name below, that’s ok too. You can keep using your tokens for more chances to win great prizes! How do you win? We’ll get to that in a second. First, here’s our list for March!

All of the names listed above got tokens from our great websites and exchanged those tokens for chances to win at the PCH Token Exchange!

You can earn tokens, too, when you play our FREE games at sites like PCHlotto, PCHSlots and PCHblackjack! So follow in these winners’ footsteps and you could be on your way toward getting on the list for April!

Matt K.
PCH Creative


P.S. What prize from the Token Exchange do you enter for the most? Tell us in the comments below!

P.P.S. Do you know about PCHSearch&Win? Learn all about it, and discover what to search for, on this afternoon’s PCHblog post!

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  1. I have never actually won anything, not have I known anyone that has won on PCH but I hope to win the $7,000 per week for life. It would be nice to not struggle to make it. I work full time and then some as a business owner and healthcare provider. I have 4 children and 5 employees depending on me for their income and roof. I hope this time good and a little luck is on my side

  2. I hope I win this time but all my talking hi hope I have enough talking to when I am hoping and praying that I will win this car please be safe PCH I would love to hit a lock on my door

  3. I’ve been entering his publishing clearing house for some time now I hope I be one of the lucky winner so I could help my family out of my grandchildren and take a nice trip and maybe find a new home. Reginald Jones

  4. after getting many bad checks from phc and letters i hope and pray that i couid get a real check from them so i can give some our children at church so they can go to summer camp this year and it will keep them off the streets getting into trouble this is my prayer to my God thank you mr j reno

  5. I play alot in tried to tokens game to win prizes my luck is not good cant never win anything but i would never give up hope on anything.

    1. Hope and praying I win something from PCH have been playing a long time the only thing I have won was a five dollar check, Giving up is hard to do but sometimes this makes me lose faith in playing games with PCH. This time I really hope to win I have been con out of m y bank account knowing these scanners are behind all this it sad to think and see how PCH is been used by other cons. Good luck to everyone. Playing the bonus game do you have to play all the games?