PCH Special Early Look Results In! Who Wants The Big Check?

Hey, Blog Readers,

We peeked in on Lucky Windfall, the PCH  Big Check, just as he was getting ready for Prize Day tomorrow and guess what… The Special Early Look results are in! Take a look at this!

Wow! That sure was revealing, wasn’t it?!? We’re definitely going to have a $1,000,000.00 Winner on April 28th this time – a brand new PCH MILLIONAIRE — Isn’t that great?!?

And now that Lucky is all dressed and ready for the big day, it’s time for you to tell him how excited you are – please, don’t be shy – let him know how much you want to see him at your door tomorrow! He loves reading your comments on the road!

Good Luck,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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  1. Is Lucky really good hmmm??? Say my dear feathered friend I was trimming a tree out front, and guess what I found “a nest” with a built in purch I call it Home away from Home lol…

  2. Been involve since 1982 my Hubsand said I’m crazy wasting money what do you say
    Shipping is expensed
    Love to heard knock at our door kids grandkids and greats would then believe
    Michaela H

  3. Ohhh I want him to show up at my house really bad, because I have medical bills to pay so I can get my next surgery!!!