Just Who Will Win $1 Million Today?! Follow The Clues!

Greetings, PCH fans and friends!

Today is a special day! And I’m sure most of you know why. Today, April 28th, ONE LUCKY WINNER will be receiving a knock on their door by the PCH Prize Patrol! That’s right – today someone’s day will get a whole lot better, because they will be receiving a $1 Million BIG CHECK in their name! The winner has NO idea that they will be winning the prize of their dreams – and the best part is, that person could be YOU!

To make today even more fun, we’re going to be posting clues throughout the day so you can guess along and figure out what state the Prize Patrol is in. Don’t forget to follow the Publishers Clearing House Facebook Fan Page as well, where we’ll be posting more hints and clues from the road!

By the end of today, someone will be a whole lot richer! We’re so excited to be on the road and make someone’s dreams become a reality. Until then, stay tuned here for clues and updates! Here we go!!!

12:00 AM:
The winners state has 2 or more different vowels in it.

9:00 AM:
The state capital is more than 6 letters long.

10:00 AM:
The state flower has white in it.

11:00 AM:
The winners state is not touching an ocean

11:15 AM:
The winners state is in the same time zone as PCH headquarters

CONGRATULATIONS to Martha Fryar of Fairmont, WV! The Prize Patrol had so much fun looking for Martha! Martha was so elated and emotional to have won a PCH prize like this! She plans to give some money to her children first and foremost! We’re so happy to make yet another PCH winner’s dreams come true!

Listen up, though….don’t give up hope if you weren’t today’s winner! There’s a winner every five minutes at PCH and there are always opportunities for you to enter. DREAM BIG and don’t hesitate, enter today and every day!

Best of luck to you all!

Dillon S.
PCH Promotion Development

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  1. Pretty bird , strange things going on need to talk ,don’t know how I figured out getting on my phone but here I am . Yesterday on 15 million dollar tab it told me stay on page,but you no me I thought it was a glitz . Today got on my computer on pc and had a tab to enter 7 thousand a week 4 life said don’t leave so , so I’m still there this has truly flipped me out , I get emotionally involved don’t know if I’m coming or going . I need direction from you , take me away and lead me tonight in this path called unknown taking baby steps , need a straight flight to the fifthteen million dollar prize, I know if I’m in one of your wings I will have a successful journey and be at the end of my rainbow, I love you earlybird…

  2. I
    Teresa L. Has Proof Documents…
    Hadn’t gotten a “Knock’yet…..
    Waiting for my “Already, signatures and Co signed, from you guys…..
    Secretary has gotten their”hands,on it…… B waiting for you, guys

  3. PCH, it would be so nice to win enough just to fix my 16 year old car and pay off my bills but of course the big win would be wonderful.