Playing Pays Off in Palmdale: $50,000 PCHlotto Winner Announcement!

The Prize Patrol traveled across the country to beautiful Palmdale California to surprise a lucky PCHlotto winner – Nancy Byers-Horan! The story of this winning moment is a great one!

We love it when this happens … within 2 quick knocks at the door we knew someone was home and we’d find our winner fast!  Nancy was shocked to find out that her recent love of entering the PCH Sweepstakes paid off in the form of a $50,000 “big check”!

Watch this great winning moment!

When we surprised Nancy, she told us she just finished entering the PCH Sweepstakes when we arrived! We actually hear this phrase more than you would think. Nancy just recently started entering the PCH Sweepstakes and loved it so much she quickly achieved Emerald Status in the PCHRewards Loyalty Program, playing as often as she could. She told us she was retired now and found it fun passing the time entering … particularly through PCHlotto which she found fast and fun!  I love quickpick, she said!

This fact became a talking point of the PCH fan community on social media , causing many people to ask a common question – how long do you have to enter the PCH Sweepstakes to win? And the answer is … how long you’ve been entering does not affect your chances of winning. We’ve had winners who entered for years and others who just started … and everywhere in between. So, just keep doing what you’re doing and enter for YOUR chance to win!


Danielle Lam
Prize Patrol Elite Team

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  1. I would love to have the PCH crew come to my door. I have always wanted to donate money to Children’s hospital to help children who have terminal cancer. I have a very good friend that lost her 10 year old daughter to bone cancer 2 years ago. It hurt me to see my friend and her husband & 2 older daughters. No parents should ever have to go through this. That little girl is in heaven with Jesus as of now. She called me Aunt Donna. I’m not related, but because she was saved before she passed, I am considered her big sister in Christ. My parents are also in heaven. They were both very ill. My two older brothers, their families, my husband, myself, my daughter, her husband, and my son are still here.
    That was hard for me to say because we miss our parents very much, we were all very close to them. Enjoy your while they’re here on earth for a while.

    1. Enjoy your parents while they’re alive. Tomorrow God could take them home so they won’t suffer anymore.

  2. I have only been a member for a year now but feel certain I’ll be winning a life changing amount soon. I just have a feeling. Even if I don’t win soon I feel I will at some point! I congratulate all that won and will win be it myself or not! I think its great!

    1. Hello Jennifer, I always love seeing words of encouragement for our winners from their fellow PCH Fans! Keep trying for your chance to win. Remember that we do receive millions of entries and can only have one winner. All winners are randomly selected though and every entry has the same chance. Don’t give up. Check out all of the ways you can enter:

  3. Congratulations from Lancaster, South Carolina Hey Danielle! Its your #1 fan I would be in total shock if you came to Lancaster, South Carolina but im hoping one day that the prize patrol will show up here at my house. We have been active members since 2012 and not going to give up now ! We love when you go live on facebook! It is so amazing to see yall LIVE on Facebook! Keep doing what you are doing making Dreams come true! Love you guys very very very much ! Lancaster Sc on the map soon ?… I sure hope so !

  4. Who won the $7,000 a week for life that was to be awarded
    on 4/28/17?????? I stayed up to 3 a.m. day after day and
    ordered a ton of things and heard nothing….what gives??

    1. hey Robert that one went into a second chance drawing for $1 Million dollars it was Martha Fryer from WV! its also on PCH Prize Patrol page and youtube! Good luck from Lancaster SC!

  5. I look forward to the day I get to meet any of the prize patrolers! So happy for all that have won and best wishes to all else!