A PCH.com/actnow Secure Pack Could Mean FAST CASH For You!

Special secure packs have been sent through the U.S. postal service and are scheduled to arrive in mailboxes as early as today, May 5th. That’s exciting news … and I can’t wait to tell you why!

What’s Inside?

Inside is an exclusive prize-winning opportunity. That’s right. PCH is giving you the chance to become one of the winners of the “Fast 50” Sweepstakes! There will be 50 FAST CASH prizes awarded — Guaranteed. But you’ll need to ACT FAST for your chance to win!

Step One Is To Open It Fast!

If you receive one of these notices, you’ll need to open it as soon as possible because the message inside requires your immediate response! This is a LIMITED-TIME opportunity. This notice has a “Secure Pack” format, so you’ll need to carefully tear off the tabs on the top and sides to reveal what’s inside.

Step Two Is To Find Your Activation Code

Inside you’ll find your unique 5-digit activation code printed in the lower right hand corner, represented in the picture above by 5 question marks. Now you’ll just need to follow a few simple steps to complete the activation process.

Step 3 Is To Go To www.pch.com/actnow Online

 Go to your computer’s browser window and type in www.pch.com/actnow. Or just copy and paste the address from here. Or you can simply click here to get where you need to be in order to activate your code online.

Step 4 Is To Enter Your Activation Code

Once there, you’ll be prompted to type in your 5-digit activation code. After that you’ll fill in a bit of registration information. Then just hit “SUBMIT CODE” and you’ll be entered to win!


 Don’t Worry If You Did Not Receive A Secure Pack!

There are still prizes galore to go for every day, all day long at PCH. You can start by heading over to PCH.com where you can go for a chance to WIN IT ALL. What do we mean by that? It’s your chance to win $2,000,000.00 immediately + $10,000.00 A Month For Life + A New Car! Wow! That’s one HUGE prize! You can claim 3 entries to win our SuperPrize every single day on this site alone by entering on your desktop computer, mobile device and the PCH App. There are so many other ways to enter the PCH Sweeps, so there are no excuses. Do it every chance you get! Good luck!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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  1. PCH gwy #8800 would be a blessing. I could purchase a home away from my abusive brothers. Yesterday, I had to fight my older two brothers . One was trying to hold me down to let the other beat me…..I showed them…two couldn’t whip me….I am not claiming to be a badass but I got them both. .

  2. How doe’s one get one of these Activation Code, because I would really wanted me one of these code. I looked in my mail box for the post few days, I keep getting, “you’re a valued customer, player collect your tokens”, never money. What’s up with that? It’s all good because I really know my day is around the corner, and I really believe this, I don’t believed that ” God” would bring us this far to live me at the door and I don’t get to open it. So come on fellow PCH players let’s not give up now. Just me Elaina

  3. Praying to receive anything at this time! Preparing for another funeral wasn’t what I had in mind to begin this summer with, Luck to Us ALL* Every day is a new day! Our grandmother sat up today, is able to eat, drink fluids, and spoke!!!

  4. I’ve Been Doing Everything I’ve Thought Of I Hate Being A Pieces The Dreamer That Can Never Quit Or Give Up On A Dream UUUUUGGGGHHHHH