The Most Important Prize Patrol Destination?

Our Prize Patrol deputies have been all across the country awarding big Sweepstakes prizes.  By my estimate I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours travelling across this land.  I’ve delivered Big Checks representing millions and millions of dollars – not to mention the countless roses and balloons.

But you know what?  There’s one state I personally have not yet visited.  And I hope to get to that one soon.

You may be thinking to yourself, “So Dave has one more state to visit!  Big deal!  I don’t care about that place.  I want him to come to the place that really matters: my house!”

We hear you!  In fact when we Prize Patrol’ers are flying up at 36,000 feet looking down at all those towns – big and small – we realize that there are many places we have not yet visited.  And that’s a shame because we want to make all you PCH fans winners.

That’s why Publishers Clearing House is always giving you more and more opportunities to win – with fun and excitement at , Search & Win, Games, PCH Lotto, plus Instant Wins – with prizes that reach up into the millions of dollars.

What state would YOU like the Prize Patrol to visit?

So while I might be thinking about getting to that one more state, YOU should focus on entering our sweepstakes every day  – like many of our lucky winners do – so that we could arrive at the one place that’s most important to you: YOUR front door!

Wishing you the best of luck

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Which state would you like the Prize Patrol to visit? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. Let me introduce myself, my name is Jill. I would love for y’all to come to “Alabama.”
    Let’s just say, (I have a “scroll” of health issues and surgeries. I have had to deal with.) I try to keep a positive attitude but, sometimes that’s hard. (I deal with a lot of pain and have under gone numerous brain surgeries, sinus surgery, knee surgery, abdominal surgery, shoulder surgery, the list goes on) I need to have a couple of surgeries that may or may not help some. I’m divorced and due to the decline of the housing market in the 2008′ time frame we lost everything. I am working part time but, it is not near enough to cover my: • medication • copays• groceries • power bill •Water bill • rent • insurance • gasoline • car insurance
    • Cost of MRI’s, etc. “Winning the PCH Sweepstakes” would be a Devine act from a higher power, “God.” He has seen me suffer and heard me cry to him so many times! I actually found a penny from heaven this afternoon on my way home.
    He listens to your prayers! We just have to be patient! Ironically we have to be a “patient” when we go to the doctor and be “patient” with the physician. “It would truly be a ‘God Sin’ and a “True Blessing” for something like this to happen!” Thank you for allowing me to express myself and what I would do. I would live with less stress knowing the money was there. Hopefully I would have a home 🏡 that was paid for that would give me a huge piece of mind. I would like to help others figure out their situations. “God bless” and have a beautiful night.☮️✝️

  2. Oregon white city. I would use the money to open up a summer camp for kids who were or are being abused so they can have time for just them and with the help from God I will accomplish it.. God Bless

  3. Youngstown, Ohio is the next state the prize patrol will be visiting fellow bloggers, I’m leaving the light on for not just one, not just two, not just three but all four of them and the camera crew to. Thank You so very much The one and only Prize Patrol Team. Just me Elaina

  4. I need all the the luck I can get.🤞🏼And I also wish that, prize patrol will visit my home in Marysville, Washington on 6/30/2017.