The WIN IT ALL Prize Truly Has Everything!

Wouldn’t you love to WIN IT ALL  — a huge pile of money to enjoy IMMEDIATELY … and a big monthly check for a LIFETIME of financial securityAND even a brand-new LUXURY CAR  because you’d need THAT to drive around and celebrate!


A June 30th “Win It All” prize winner would receive TWO MILLION DOLLARS up front  to pay off bills, the mortgage, make expensive home repairs, buy a new house or car — and just get the party started with a fabulous first class vacation. Sounds good? IT GETS BETTER!

Plus, that winner would receive $10,000 EACH AND EVERY MONTH — FOR LIFE . WOW! That would be “goodbye!” to bills, debt, and any kind of money worry for life — and “HELLO!” to making all the purchases put off ”till next year,” helping out the people you love, saving and, at last, “splurging” on a new car, new kitchen or a dream vacation without thinking twice.

“But wait, there’s more!” There would ALSO be a brand new luxury car  waiting for our “Win It All” Prize winner! And it’s a beauty: a new Lincoln MKZ valued at $36,095.00.


You know the drill: You’ve got to enter ! Do it as often and in every way you can. There are so many fast, easy, entertaining ways to enterCLICK ON THIS LINK and let my colleague Russell show you how. You never know (and we don’t either!) which entry could be a match for the winner, so log in as many entries as you can!

And what happens if we DON’T get a match for the winning number? We’ll award ONE MILLION DOLLARS in a second-chance drawing – guaranteed. Wouldn’t YOU like to receive $1,000,000 in weeks just for taking a few seconds to enter? I KNOW I WOULD! What do you think your reaction would be? Let us know in the comments section below!

I really and truly hope you take my advice and ”grab for the gold ring” that could fall into your hands on June 30th. Enter to WIN IT ALL now.

Your friend and fan at PCH,

PCH Creative

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  1. No person, male or female, in his or her right mind, would answer that he or she wouldn’t like to win a PCH prize especially such a prize as this. I could die happy knowing that my children, grandchildren, church and some friends would be financially taken care of forever

  2. Hello PCH it would be nice to win a million for life to have a nice car to pay off all my debt cuz I do have bills and at this moment Harvey is not making it any better wheels up on a very bad storm down here on the coast taking one day at a time trying to survive it is so much water 7 to 8 inches of rain storms popping up I’m praying that y’all can make things a little better if I was to win this money and prizes I will have to share with the coast because we in deep problems right now we have lost a lot of things valuable sentimental and all well be blessed and thank you all for your lovely support pch #8800

  3. I again do want to win it all now! I can’t tell you how I’d react but I know i will. Act politically correct! I handle situations quit well usually, but this is grabbing for the gold ring and that’s got to be out of this world! May luck be a lady tonite! Jodi doffing

  4. GLORY HALLELUJAH I’m claiming all my entry to WIN $15,000,000.00 PRIZE OF A LIFETIME! I’m looking for PCH PATROL COMING TO MY DOOR I’m so excited cause the time is near HALLELUJAH

  5. I am waiting for the prize patrol to come and give me the big check for one of the summer prize event Gwy’s. I wish to win PCH $15,000,000.00 Prize of a lifetime Gwy 8800, or the $5,000.00 a week for life Gwy 8130 and or PCH $1,000,000.00 cash prize Gwy 8035 plus the brand new Lincoln MKZ Gwy 8186 all on August 31st.
    Thank you PCH for this winning opportunity.