Win It All!

How Would Your Life Change If You “Win It All”?

In just over a month, PCH will be searching for a “Win It All prize winner. That means someone could actually take home $2 Million upfront, $10,000 A Month For Life and a Lincoln MKZ valued at $36,095.00. Can you imagine winning a fortune like that? No doubt your life would drastically change… but how? How would your life change if you “Win It All”?

All too often we have to put our goals and dreams on hold until we can afford them or have the time to actually pursue them. But winning a fortune from PCH could change that. What’s your life’s dream? What are some of the goals you’ve had to shelf for a little while until you’re in a better financial place? I’ve been asking a bunch of people that very question, and here are some common answers.

Pay off all my bills

I bet we can all agree on this one, wouldn’t you say?

Buy the house I’ve always wanted

My dream home is Tudor style. What style house is your favorite?

Retire early

Doing what you want, when you want. That sounds good to me.

Travel all over the world

Wow – that would be so great. I think my first stop would be Italy. Where would your first travel destination be?

Give to my favorite charities

Wouldn’t you love to be so financially secure that you could share with those less fortunate? What are your favorite charities?

Buy an island

Whoa! How extravagant! Talk about a getaway. Would you like your own private island? Where would it be?

Will the Prize Patrol Show Up At Your Door?

Now, what if all those dreams that you’ve had for so long finally became a reality? And all because you kept on believing and kept on entering PCH Sweepstakes! I mean, winning a fortune like $2 Million upfront, $10,000 A Month For Life and a new car valued at over $36 Grand could afford you a lot of dreams. How incredible would it be to find the famous PCH Prize Patrol  at your door – Big Check in hand – ready to change your life with a “Win It All” prize? I get goosebumps just thinking about it! I think it’s safe to say that life would sure get better!

So… do you guys share any of the goals and dreams on this list? I would love to know. Or maybe you wish for something different? Tell me! How do you think YOUR life would change if you “Win It All”? Please tell me in the comments below!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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  1. I would like to start a college scholarship in MEMORY of my son,help some senior citizen friends,pay my brothers house off,pay my dear friends house off and get him a new truck,get my belly fixed,……..

  2. If I won I would first buy my mom a beautiful little house for and her dogs. I would pay my oldest daughters college and any debt and buy her a car same with my youngest. I would help some dear to my heart homeless friends who helped me when I was homeless. Then for me rehab and a small place next to moms that was mine and I can just enjoy what time iftleft with her. That’s what I would do change many lives if I could.

  3. I would donate to abused animal and American Veteran charities. Open a farm for abused animals. I would employ Veterans to help on the farm. It would also donate my time to these charities. With this kind of fortune, you have to give back. It is only right.

  4. We would really get our home..5 plus bedrooms. Because we have never had any space .im a full time mom with 7 boys and 3 girls. We have always only dreamed of winning 2million and 10thousand a week for life..we have never been able to enjoy life like every one vacation extra money to shop.we can only look and not touch..if a big miracle come true and we ever won..we could start a great amazing and happier life.with our home.and lots of open opportunitys that we have never had..its been along road for us.we pray that some how our life can be happier.but even if we don’t win we will still have each other and.lots of love..THANKS the Baker family from burlington n.c.😊my God be with us on june30th.