Now’s the Time to Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Now’s the Time to Keep Your Eye on the Prize… the “Win It All” Prize!


It’s almost last call, folks! We’re quickly approaching the deadline to enter to win the “Win It All” prize. All entries must be in by June 27th. And only a few days after that, some lucky person could be taking home a $2 Million at once, $10,000.00 A Month For Life, AND a new Lincoln MKZ valued at $36,095.00 SuperPrize! So enter away!


Having said that, I want to make sure everyone gets in MAXIMUM ENTRIES. In other words, I want you guys to be entered as many times as possible and from every way possible. We want to cover every entry angle. And there really are so many ways to enter the PCH Sweeps! Just click on the blog posts below to brush up!

Let’s Count All The Ways To Enter To “Win It All”!

There Are So Many Ways to Enter the PCH Sweeps! No Excuses!


Prize Award Day is such an exciting time – and so are the days that lead up to it. The anticipation is so much fun and can also be delightfully nerve-wracking! Who’s it going to be? Will it be you this time? Is the Prize Patrol going to knock on your door? How does Award Time affect you? How do you feel the days leading up to Award Day? I’m sure however you feel: excited, nervous, overflowing with anticipation, anxious, etc., there is someone just like you who can totally relate. So everyone: please share your thoughts with all of us in the comment section below!


It’s been a busy couple of months of entering, I know, but don’t stop yet! It’s so important that you don’t give up! Keep going – keep entering. Just stay in it to win it a few more days, and who knows what may happen! You could become the winner of $2 Million Plus More on June 30th! And even if you’re not the winner this time, there is always next time and the time after that. So please – keep the dream alive and don’t give up!

Keep Your Eye on the Prize!


OK, we’re psyched, right? We know what to do, and I referred you to blog posts that tell you all the different places to do it! So keep your eye on the prize – the SuperPrize that is – (just like my lovely puppy, Autumn pictured above) and your fingers crossed. Don’t give up! Because a $2 Million at once, $10,000.00 A Month For Life, AND a new Lincoln MKZ valued at $36,095.00 “Win It All”  prize could soon become yours!

Good Luck!
Tina P.
Online Creative


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  1. Tried and tried keepin my eye in that prize… gotta tell you this before I rest …
    I’m waiting for PCH to fill my bucket, and make all my dreams come true!
    Moons Bucket…. filled with wealth and prosperity fulfilled by PCH

  2. My fingers are crossed my words are lost, my minds working overtime my nerves are a wreck I have knots in my neck , I sit here and say what the heck….
    I might as well let my head swell and play another PCH game ..
    The fact remains the same
    My thoughts Workin’ overtime how will I manage to WIN?
    Ill give you a clue not givin in so true so listen my words all true…
    I would be so happy to be the chosen one , You’ll see , Picking me you’ll never regret!!
    I am The one who watches me Clock .. Tick tick tick tock. The time has come please say WIN..WINNER..WON..
    Tell me I am the lucky 🍀 One ☝️!

  3. My eye is right on the prize and it will always be! The prize is joy and love and a wonderful life of love and friends and it is right here for all of us involved day after day here at PCH. There is fun and joy and encouragement day after day here! There is encouragement like everyone needs. No coddling but encouragement with positive clarity. Thanks for it all and if I ever win I surely will be thrilled with the ability to enjoy and be thankful for all the good that will result. Thanks Publishers Clearing House for providing the way for all of us to reap the good we receive here everyday!

  4. My days coming up to winning day is very nervous. I usually cry and get very depressed after I don’t win. I have beenb playing a long time. I know every flyer that comes and i read everyone of them and sometimes you really play with my emotions and that is painful. But again I keep on playing because my faith in God makes me believe in you and one day you will answer God request and come see about me. I know i live in a bad .neighborhood that might scare you but can you imagine how my babies feels when you disappointed us and never come. We will protect you are meet you somewhere else just come and see us we are waiting . Please work a miracle in our favor