Never Give Up! Always Try One More Time!

Have you ever felt like you were ready to give up when you didn’t succeed after giving it your all? With our newest SuperPrize winner Eva Heatley being announced today, some of you may feel this way. Unfortunately, it has happened to all of us—but I am here to tell you to NEVER GIVE UP and always try one more time!

Even when it feels like you’ve put in a ton of effort and still aren’t seeing the outcome you want, you shouldn’t give up because you never know when it might just be your chance to succeed! The most important key to success is to stay positive and keep trying.

There are so many different ways to enter at PCH for your chance to win that you never know when it could be YOUR winning moment! At PCH, there are many different ways to enter every single day, so it is important to stay positive and keep trying!


If you’re already surfing the web every day then why not have the chance to win while doing so? Go to PCHSearch&Win , log in, and start searching now! Your first search will give you a chance to enter and win incredible prizes. When entering is as simple as this, it doesn’t make sense to give up and potentially miss out on the chance to win!


If you like to read the news online or on the go from your phone, then why not head over to PCHfrontpage ? Giving up on your dreams seems silly when all you have to do is log in and catch up on the latest news! Games

Do you love playing games during your free time? PCH offers a ton of games that you can play all day, every day. All you have to do is sign in and start playing for the chance to win! There’s no reason to ever give up when entering to win is this much fun!

Remember, even if you you’ve been entering every day and haven’t won yet, it doesn’t mean you should give up! You never know if it might be your chance to win—so try one more time and never give up! After all, you never know which entry could make you a winner!

Good luck!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Was there ever a time you didn’t up on something that seemed impossible to achieve at the time? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Yes I’m at that point, I play everything everyday… takes up so much time; but I always pray and hope and wait for a so much needed win. But I’m redact to give up; it will never happen for me; I’m the most unlucky woman alive.

  2. Good morning PCH that’s right will never give up. Please I really need this big check to support my brother to start saying life. I can’t wait. That’s why I’m searching every day to make sure that I will win this prize award. Thanks a million. May God bless you guys.

  3. Yes I want to WIN MEGA BIG and have the Prize Patrol Elite deliver their BIGGEST CHECK EVER to me Personally

  4. The ones in above picture look like the same ones that sent me a friend request an said that i had one. Maybe they just used the picture.

  5. Bring it on to me an my home town Chicago Illinois I know I’am going to win because I have faith n my Lord so PCH I’m ready to be your next winner of #8800 bring the money smiles

  6. “Never give up” has been a motto I’ve had to live with after I had complete double disc replacement surgery. Almost died from MRSA Staff infection. I will prevail I will overcome I will be the winner.james kovach