A Look at our VIP Winners This Year

This year PCH has awarded many VIP Winners from all over the U.S. Now, you may be wondering what gives a winner the VIP title. VIP Winners are very loyal and dedicated participants who actively enter very often, meaning they are definitely in it to win it! Take a look at some of our VIP winners below.

Pictured above is October 21st VIP SuperPrize winner of $1 Million, Holly Bloom. Holly entered sweepstakes frequently, earning herself the VIP title for being a loyal participant. You can watch Holly Bloom’s winning moment here!

The VIP Elite winner you see pictured above is Annette Jenkins. Annette was surprised with an early Christmas gift when she saw the Prize Patrol racing toward her on December 21st. She never gave up faith and kept entering, leading to her to receive the $1 Million SuperPrize!

Our recent SuperPrize winner Ora Gayton, was also a VIP! Since Ora won the “Forever” prize, that means $5,000 A Week for the rest of her life, AND $5,000 A Week for the lifetime of a beneficiary she will have the chance to choose. It looks like Ora’s loyalty and dedication to PCH paid off! Watch her winning moment here!

VIP Elite Winner, David Moore, was surprised at work by the Prize Patrol this past October with a big check for $25,000! Since David is a VIP Elite, that means he is a VIP in at least 3 PCH Programs! This is most likely due to the fact that David enters religiously every day!

Another VIP Elite Winner, Cathy Flint, was able to DOUBLE her prize on July 19th due to her loyal participation in sweepstakes. Cathy’s PCHlotto prize DOUBLED from $20,000 to $40,000 just for actively entering—sounds like a pretty great deal to me!

How about you? Do you enter every chance you get?  Join the fun and enter today  – and you could receive a Big Check too. Remember, you have to be in it to win it!

Good luck!
PCH Creative

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  1. I enter at ever chance I might have.just to have big fun. I’m a VIP who play to wintime to time having a lot of time to play. But I newd my ways to play and I’m in it to win it. Need cmments contradiction HollyBloom ‘Annette Jenkins;Ora Gayton the importance of nurturing can mean a lot Dave Moore joined in your class and I thank each of you with a blessing from the starts you always glow in my life her for winners winning I respect your game! And I like comments on how to score a win. And I witness a lots I could of have won today. And yesterday. And i”very thrilled in all you

  2. I would love to win it dream about winning won’t give up in it to win it all the way hope I see you at my door soon

  3. My head isn’t like most I think I’m wired difrwntly them most but my. I dream of having no worries about anything but what I’m burning on thw grill. I would love to buy and sell house for the rest of my life spend time with family as much S we can. But at thw same time remain humble and remember were we came from. Do as much as possible to help our community grow and our children in school. Life is good but that kind of prize would change our lives in so many ways and help amf change so many others down rhe road. Keep the faith and never give up hope.😇😎

  4. Yes I’m a VIP player and am an imminent winner selection !! My question is why haven’t I received any mail but for billing with the exception of one imminent winner lifetime prize number since I’ve been playing on line I’m playing 4 PCH Apps and a very serious player !! My thoughts would have been receiving more mail directly related to contest play than this !! How many prize numbers do I have or are up for imminent winner selection ???? I have no clue ,all I know is that I keep playing

  5. I imagine myself winning someday but with my luck probably won’t happen I keep hoping. I have great life but I would love to take care of some of my family members and make sure they never have to worry about everyday situations again. I appreciate everything that people do especially my husband but one time I would like to do something for others.