Enjoy the New PCH Keno Site!

Greetings, fans and friends,

Do you love fast-paced casino-style games? Then you’ll really enjoy PCH Keno!

Our online Keno game is absolutely free!

This fun, FREE and fabulous new PCH site launched just last month, and our fans are really “keen” for Keno! Users have plenty of opportunities to win cash and rack up tokens (depending on the time of day)! And like I already said, it’s FREE, FREE, FREE!

The PCH Keno site offers live drawings every twenty minutes with chances to win up to a MILLION dollars (from 2-5PM ET) or a MILLION tokens (outside the 2-5PM time frame). That’s right … not a hundred … not a thousand … but a MILLION!

Play PCH’s online Keno games now!

Simply visit keno.pch.com and enjoy a path of 5 Keno cards! Each Keno card will “unlock” the next Keno card! You can play your favorite numbers or use the “quick pick” feature before hitting “submit.”

In between each card, you’ll also receive chances to win instantly through instant win scratch games!

And here are some more “winning” opportunities when you enjoy PCH Keno : You can also win cash if you become the Daily Token Leader, plus you will gain a daily entry (after the 2nd completed card) into a $10,000,000 Sweepstakes opportunity!

The PCH Keno site also lets you find out if you’re a winner by checking  your numbers when you click on the “Results” tab.

Honestly, could game playing get any better than this?

Make PCH Keno part of your daily routine  – along with PCH Slots, PCH Blackjack, and all the other wonderful games you can play for free at PCH!

Visit the PCH Keno site now – and let everyone who reads the PCHblog know how you like it by commenting below!

Good luck,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Need a little inspiration to stay “in it to win it”? Come back to the PCHblog this afternoon for my friend Nicole’s words of encouragement.


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  1. james bianchini
    OCTOBER 13, 2017 AT 1:06 AM
    hi you need IT staff 24/7 it is 10/13/2017 @1:05AM and the KENO GAME is not working. you need to fix this issue or pull the game offline until it is fixed.

    thank you james b PA

  2. I am a novice at all these games and am learning, but I keep starting playing the timed keno during las half of game or it never comes on cause it must be a fav of everyone’s. Any suggestion to help the new kid on the block?

  3. someone needs to fix the KENO game. you are constantly kicked out, or you play your cards and on the live draw it shows you played 0 cards.

    1. Jen, that’s been happening to me too, I know a few times I played all and had a few minutes to even play extras that were offered to me, then when it went to placing 5 games didn’t show up ured it was the loose nut behind the keyboard.

  4. Would like to know WHY the keno doesn’t play like you say here??
    I have struggled to enter the 5 cards all dayand did so yesterday and many times previously??
    I guess I am too dense to underdtsnd why your instructions do NOT do as you say..
    Entering a keno card ends it for me until I am coherced into plsying st leastv4 other useless cards also marked keno but havr nothing to do with the live one adv every 20y minutes?
    I dcon’t uxnderdtsnd why when i enter once I am cut off from completing another one to do the remaining four?
    Perhaps someone can email me instructions for my android tablet samsung tab4…I would so like to play in a reasonsble way and be able to complete the cards as I presume intended!
    Thank you!
    Lois Simmons VIP

  5. Sure it’s fun. 4 minutes of gameplay and 14 minutes of ads. Have never been able to do more than 3 cards. Not sure it’s worth the time.

  6. I received my VIP Elite card today and my $10 winning check – There is an error on the name on the Card – was wondering if or how to correct? My PCH account shows my name correctly but this card was issued in previous name.

  7. Dear PCH
    Hello and Blessings to all of you
    Today I received my VIP elite card and a ten dollar winning check I couldn’t believe it Wow I am not going to cash it in I am going to frame it to prove that anyone can win at PCH and that I am a winner Thank You all.
    God Bless and good luck to all…😇