Tweet Prize Patrol on Oprah 10/28 For a Chance to Win $500!

Tweet and Win $500 from Publishers Clearing House! Get a chance to win $500 cash by spreading the word that The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will be on Oprah today, Wednesday 10/28! It’s easy to enter, just send @PCHWinningWays a tweet with the following message (or something like it in your words – just […]

Watch the PCH Prize Patrol on Oprah!

Here at Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes headquarters, we’re very excited because Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane of the PCH Prize Patrol will be making an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show this Wednesday, October 28th. Joined by our recent Publishers Clearing House winner, Stephanie Gornichec, they’ll give the audience a close-up glimpse of the life-changing […]

Who Won the Columbus Day Prize?

The lucky $15,000 Columbus Day winner was Destiny Kalani from Hawaii. Here’s the story of her surprise “Destiny’s Publishers Clearing House moment.” Destiny was coming back from a one-day business trip from Honolulu to Maui and back. The PCH Prize Patrol deputy and camera crew were on alert waiting for her to arrive. Her flight […]

The PCH $10 Million Dream Sweepstakes

What do you dream of doing if you won the $10 Million SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House? We asked some folks and here’s what they said. “If I won I would first make sure all my debts were paid and then I’d give some money to everyone in my immediate family to help them out. […]

What is a Prize Patrol Blitz?

In a Prize Patrol Blitz the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol awards 101 prizes to winners in 101 zip codes across the USA. The sweepstakes prizes are awarded in a 2-3 day timeframe. This is accomplished by training over 30 teams of Publishers Clearing House employees to become Prize Patrol Deputies. The training program is […]

PCH Prize Award in Stockton, CA

Here are some notes from our recent PCH Prize Patrol visit in Stockton, CA, when we were on the trail of a Publishers Clearing House winner… Ready for our next sweepstakes winning moment, we drive up to an apartment building. The PCH Prize Patrol is excited to surprise a resident with a big check from […]