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How Would You Like Some Good News from the Prize Patrol?

Nicholas Kristof, a frequent op-ed columnist for The New York Times (the paper whose motto is “All the news that’s fit to print”), recently wrote about how journalists tend to speak out about war, scandals and disasters.  He himself pleads guilty to overlooking important things happening in the world that are truly good news.

I understand what Kristof is saying – because we Prize Patrol’ers see it ourselves.  When TV and newspaper reporters follow us to a winner’s door to present a Big Check, they say “This is great!  It’s wonderful reporting good news for a change!   So much better than covering a pile-up on the interstate or a warehouse explosion or a household gone berserk.”

Of course we love being the folks who deliver good news – from Publishers Clearing House, ‘’the house where dreams come true.”   Nothing beats seeing a lucky sweepstakes entrant open the door to experience the “winning moment” that he or she has been dreaming of for a long time.  (Some winners say “I was just praying about this last night!”)

While a person’s ability to buy a new home or a new car or take a longed-for vacation may not be the stuff of news headlines, it sure is fantastic news for a PCH Sweepstakes winner who the night before could only dream or pray about such things.   That Big Check is a BIG story!

So, how would you like to have a Big Story happen on your doorstep?  How would you like to have the Prize Patrol show up with roses, balloons and a Big Check worth thousands, even millions of dollars?   Don’ t say “That’ll never happen.”  Think positively — like all our winners do — and take advantage of every opportunity you get to enter the PCH Sweepstakes! Who knows, if you do, you could win our Double The Cash prize — $10,000.00 every single week for life. That’s double our standard weekly lifetime prize!

Wishing you good luck – and “good news.”

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

What Are Cookies And Cache? What Is Javascript? & Answers to Other FAQ’s!

Hello there! There’s so much to love at the PCH online family of sites! As a PCH online user, you might occasionally be prompted with some unfamiliar computer terms. If you have ever wondered: what are cookies and cache or what is javascript, PCH has created a great new PCH Fundamentals video to help answer some frequently asked questions regarding key computer terms.

In this short video, Jess expertly explains the following computer terms in a way that is simple and easy to undersand: Cookies and Cache, Javascript, Taking an Update and Browser. Take a look!


So, what do you think? Did you find the video helpful? Here’s some of the most important information to remember…

What are Cookies and Cache? You might be asked to clear your Cookies and Cache on occasion. Cookies and Cache are stored in your computer’s web browser, like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to keep track of website information so you can surf the internet more quickly. Occasionally, your cookies and cache will show you out of date information that will need to be deleted before new information will appear.

What is Javascript? Javascript is a computer programing language that runs behind the scenes on the internet. It needs to be enabled in order for you to enjoy all the fun games and giveaways we have here at Publishers Clearing House.

Why Do I Need to Take an Update:  You might be asked to take an update from time to time. That’s because at PCH, we are always changing and advancing to bring you the very best experiences. But we need to get them to you, and we do that with updates.

What Browser Am I On?  Sometimes you might be asked which browser you are using before you can take an update or perform other standard maintenance. A browser is what enables you to connect to the internet, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. In some cases you will need to know the version number too. This can usually be found by going to the about section of your browser which should appear if you click the help or question mark icon.

I hope you found this PCH Fundamentals video helpful. If you still have questions, explore our FAQ pages for more useful information. And don’t forget to take a look at all PCH Fundamentals videos for more on the topics our fans want to hear about the most!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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Do Real People Win PCH Prizes? Absolutely!

Greetings, fans and friends,

The more I write this blog, the more I hear from excited fans who comment, “I won a PCH prize!” No matter what amount they’ve won – whether it’s $50, $100, $500 or more – they’re so thrilled to know that PCH is real! And though they – like all of you – would love to win PCH’s life-changing SuperPrize, they bask in the glory of their small but mighty winning moments!

So, if you’re wondering “do real people win PCH prizes?” … drumroll, please … let’s meet some of our newest winners of smaller prizes from Publishers Clearing House right now!

Rick. M has been playing PCHGames for 4 years and never thought he’d win anything, but after playing “Mahjongg Moolah he won an instant $500 prize. “Needless to say, I was shocked,” says Rick. “Someday I hope to win the big one. You really can win.”

Of his $500 win, Mike B. says, “Timing couldn’t be better. This will pay for the heat as it gets colder here. There will even be enough left to take everyone out for a nice dinner. Thank you so very much!!!”

Real PCH Winner Karen S

Karen S. (pictured above) says, “I went to my mailbox and got a PCH envelope with a $10 check. I went to the bank to cash the check and when I gave it to the teller, she looked at me like, ‘Is this check for real?’ I told her of course it’s for real, and now she’s a believer. I treated myself to a nice lunch … thanks PCH!” Karen has been entering the Sweeps since 2010, and she enters on, PCHFrontpage and PCHLotto.

Brett F. has been playing PCHGames every day for over a year on his desktop PC as well as the tablet his daughter sent him. He says: “The prizes are for real at PCH. I just cashed a check they sent me in the mail.” Brett’s goal is to keep on playing and winning. “I could sure use one of the life-changing SuperPrize wins,” he adds.

Lisa B., who won two small prizes from PCH, tells us, “It was sure nice seeing those envelopes come in the mail with ‘prize check enclosed’ written on the outside!” Lisa has been entering the PCH Sweeps by mail for about a year, but started entering online in April. Every day, Lisa tries to enter all the sweepstakes available through,, PCHLotto, and more. She also tells me she plays all the instant win games on PCHGames and searches at PCHSearch&Win and at PCHFrontpage! Wow! That’s one dedicated fan!

Real PCH Winner Cheung T

Cheung T. (pictured above proudly holding his check) has been playing PCHGames every day for 2 years. He’s looking forward to winning bigger prizes, especially the “Forever” Prize. That’s the spirit, Cheung!

Finally, Nichole K., who was featured in the September blog about smaller prize winners, sent me a picture of herself holding two of the checks she won from PCH. Looks like you could be on a winning streak, Nichole!

Real PCH Winner Nichole K

So, do real people win PCH prizes? You tell me!!

And if you would like to be featured in December’s blog about smaller prize winners, comment below! We’re thrilled to hear from all our past winners … and our potential future winners, too!

Stay in it to win it,
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

Do Young People Ever Win at Publishers Clearing House?

Publishers Clearing House has given away more than $260 Million worth of prizes, and that means a LOT of Big Checks have been given to many DIFFERENT kinds of people! Why is that? Well, as you loyal blog readers know, PCH doesn’t choose who wins based on any personal criteria…it’s all the luck of the draw! Because of that, our winners come from all walks of life…and all ages too!

young people 

Even though a smart blog fan like you probably already understands this, there are still some people who ask us “do young people ever win at Publishers Clearing House?!” And the answer is, of course they do! In their mind, the typical Publishers Clearing House winner is the retiree, sitting at home when the Prize Patrol shows up.

Of course that couldn’t be further from the truth!  For example, here’s a video of our most recent SuperPrize winner, Desiree Scudder:


She is clearly what you would call “young,” and is proof positive that people under 40 win all the time too!

And here’s another fact: your age (or race, location, socioeconomic status, etc.) plays NO factor in whether you win or not. When a winning number is drawn, none of those variables are even known!

young people1 

We love all of our PCH Fans and Winners! So don’t let your age (or anything else, for that matter) hold you back from entering for your chance to win. Enter today and every chance you get!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. WANT TO WIN CASH? There’s a special contest going on at the Play&Win Blog today. DON’T MISS IT!

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Check Out The NEW PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page On Facebook!

PCH Prize Patrol Fan page on Facebook

Hey Blog Readers,

If you’re a Dan-yeller, in the Todd Squad or a devoted Daveinator I’ve got some great news!  Your favorite Prize Patrollers are joining forces and combining their Fan Pages on Facebook, so now you can connect with them all in one place — on the PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page!

Isn’t that exciting?  Now instead of visiting all three pages you can go to just one to get all those Prize Day Clues you love, “what’s happening” updates and more!  Plus, having one PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook helps you stay safe because you’ll know that if someone reaches out to you as Danielle Lam, Todd Sloane or Dave Sayer — it’s a scam — they don’t even have their own pages!  And, as you know, PCH never ever sends friend requests on Facebook!

But that’s not the only good news — with one PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page, we’ll be able to update everyone with key prize event details and behind the scenes action that fans of just Dave, just Todd or just Danielle may have missed.  And you’ll be able to tell the Prize Patrol exactly what you think, all at once!

Like just recently, when we posted our Welcome Message:

Prize Patrol Welcome Fans

So many fans commented on how happy they were to see The PCH Prize Patrol all in one place and sent encouraging messages like: “love it,” “come visit me,” and “yay, jazz hands!”  If we kept all three pages, you guys would need to write your messages over, and over, and over — THREE times!   Who wants to do that?!?

Think about the time we’ve just saved you by having one Prize Patrol page!  And you know what you could be doing with that time, right?!? Entering to win our giveaways! And imagine… MAYBE you’d win with that free time and see the Prize Patrol at your door. Then, if your picture got posted on our one, new PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page, you wouldn’t have to send your relatives and friends all over to see it — wouldn’t that be AWESOME?!?

Now that we’ve got one page, your love of the PCH Prize Patrol is so easy to share!  Tell your friends and family to “Like” the one and only PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook, remind them to get in on our giveaways and who knows — you could be seeing their faces on our page someday, too!

So, tell me what you think of the new PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook below!  If you’ve already liked Todd, Dave or Danielle’s pages, you should already have the “Liked” button pressed for this one, too but if not, please make sure you “like” the page to get updates!  And of course, please spread the word and let the world know that you love seeing posts from The PCH Prize Patrol!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

A Spooky Halloween Poem from PCH!

Spooky Halloween

Darkness falls across the town
The wind scatters the leaves of brown
The clouds embrace the autumn chill
A vulture calls, its voice is shrill
Far beyond, a wolf cries out
Or could the zombies be about?
The ghosts and ghouls and goblins gather
The witches watch, as werewolves slather
Bright red blood on bread like butter
While bats arise and freely flutter
The clock strikes twelve, the bell is tolling
The corpses rise, their eyeballs rolling
The demons dance upon the crypts
Their breath is ice upon their lips
When suddenly the garden gate
Begins to creak and scrape and grate
It squeaks and squeals, tries to unlock
Then swings wide open, to our shock,
And through it tiptoe shadows three,
Two men, one woman, silently,
They hold what seems to be champagne
While sneaking down the narrow lane,
One figure has a giant check,
Another, roses … what the heck?
And just like that, they disappear
Into the murky moonlit air!
What was this sight, this strange surprise
On this frightful night, before our eyes,
Was it simply our imaginations?
A trick? A treat? Hallucinations?
Or could the night as black as coal
Reveal instead the Prize Patrol?
A Winning Moment? Or an eerie scene?
One never knows on Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween from your PCH blog friends!

10_31_Happy Halloween 1

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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