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Do you know how lucky you are?

By reading your blog comments, I know that many of you don’t consider yourselves lucky.  But compared to most people of the world you are one very lucky person.  How so?  First of all, because you live here in the USA, “the greatest place on God’s green earth” as a well-known radio commentator describes it.  And because you live here you have access to all kinds of things: many constitutionally promised freedoms, a largely beautiful environment, bountiful natural resources – and I could go on and on.

And now let me act like a pitchman.  One thing that is uniquely American is right here in front of you: the lucky opportunity to become super-rich thanks to the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

That’s right.  Your chance to enter a contest which could deliver millions of dollars into your bank account makes you luckier than billions of people around the globe.

Sure, you need some extra luck to become a PCH SuperPrize winner; but if you don’t enter our sweepstakes you’ll be a loser for sure.

Here’s another lucky fact:  Our sweepstakes rules allow you to enter every day.  No need to wait for a mailing which may be many months away.  Just go online to or one of our many other websites – like Search & Win or PCH Lotto or PCH Games – and get started.  It costs you nothing – our prizes are always free!  (If anyone contacts you and says you’ll win a PCH prize by sending in a fee to “pre-pay taxes” or some other reason, you have not heard from the real Publishers Clearing House. Don’t do it!

It would be my pleasure to lead our famous Prize Patrol to your door – with “Lucky,” the Big Check in hand – and announce “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

Wishing you the very best of luck!

DaveDave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

Is PCH For Real? You Bet It Is!

Greetings, fans and friends,

When I read your blog comments – and I really do! – it makes me so happy to hear folks posting about their PCH wins.

And I don’t mean a $1 Million SuperPrize like Boris Clinton won, or even $5,000 A Week “Forever” like Tamar Howard … I’m talking about the smaller prizes that PCH awards every day – whether it’s a $5 gift card from the PCHSearch&Win Prizefest, or $1,000 in our popular PCH Token Exchange.

If you’ve ever wondered “Is PCH Real?” I hope that reading about others winning PCH prizes will give YOU the faith to never quit and keep on entering! After all, it happens to lots of people all the time, including these 4 happy people below – and it could happen to you, too!

Virginia B. (pictured below) started her “winning streak” by winning a $5 gift card playing PCHlotto, and since then she’s won another gift card and a couple of checks for $10 each! Virginia says she’s been entering the PCH Sweeps since 1975, helping her mother enter every day by mail.  When she found out that she could enter to win on PCH’s websites, she was hooked! Virginia says she loves playing PCH games the most, and loves that there are so many games to choose from!

PCH Winner

“I’m playing it to win it,” Virginia says. “Yes, I have won small amounts, however I will not give up for reaching for that big prize!”

Pamela K. (pictured below) has also won more than one small prize from PCH! She’s won an gift card as well as a cash prize.

PCH Winner Pamela

“I am very grateful to be a winner,” Pamela says. “Whatever I do, I have always believed persistence and perseverance requires patience and trust.”  She tells us that her favorite sites to enter on include, PCH Search & Win, PCH Games, PCH Lotto, PCH TV, PCH Front Page and PCH Online Surveys. 

April C. also won an gift card a few weeks ago on the new PCH Play&Win App. I love this wonderful comment she posted on the blog:

“How much does one pay for a dream? With PCH it’s FREE. Thanks again for giving us something to dream about and then making other people’s dreams come true! Also, just so ya know, I am in it to win it!”

Last but not least, Brett F. shared with us a small but mighty PCH victory:

“I have been playing as much as possible … many days and millions of tokens. Just when I was getting discouraged and about to throw in the towel, BAM! … a $100 winner. Thanks again, PCH. You have renewed my hope to one day be financially free.”

You see, fans and friends, PCH is for REAL! Congratulations to all these winners, and I wish all of you the best of luck! Maybe one day, I’ll be telling the world about YOUR special winning moment!

Stay real!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Remember, if you’ve won a small prize from PCH – no matter what amount – comment below and tell us your story. We may write about you in a future blog!

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Did You Get A Publishers Clearing House Pass/Fail Bulletin In The Mail?

Greetings To All Of You Blog Readers!

You may have recently received a package in the mail that says “Notice of Official Inspection For Winning Number” on the front with a yellow Pass/Fail strip on the back. If so, then I have some important news for you!

(Even if you have NOT received this package, please keep reading because we have important news for you, too!)

Here is what the front of the Bulletin looks like:

PCH Pass Fail Package

And here’s the back of the envelope:

Publishers Clearing House Pass Fail

The message explained in this Bulletin is simple. In just weeks, PCH Officials will conduct an OFFICIAL INSPECTION for our August 31st Prize Event. This is when they will take a Special Early Look for the matching winning number and see if it was timely returned. If the winning number is returned by the deadline, it will PASS INSPECTION and the owner will win our “Forever” prize.  If the winning number is not timely returned, it will FAIL INSPECTION, and its owner will forfeit all prize money. We’d go to a second chance drawing and award money to an alternate winner instead.

Don’t risk forfeiting your chance to win with the eligible number inside this package! All you need to do is transfer the “YES, I WANT TO WIN” label from the bottom of the Maryann Carter letter to the enclosed Official Order-Entry Form and send your entry in by the August 14th deadline.

Here’s the label that you’ll need to transfer:

I want to win

That’s it! If you follow these instructions, $5,000 A Week “Forever” could be yours! And what a prize it would be! The checks would continue every single week for life — and then after that, they would go on for the lifetime of a chosen loved one.

Will You Make The Grade?

Think of it as a PASS/FAIL response to an incredible opportunity to go for weekly checks that would change your life forever, and the life of someone else you choose after that! So go ahead and GO FOR IT! Don’t hold yourself back — think of winning this HUGE prize as “graduating” to a whole new level of easy living!!!

What Should You Do If You Don’t Receive This Bulletin?

DON’T WORRY! You still have plenty of chances to BE IN IT TO WIN IT on August 31st. You know the drill – there’s, PCHlotto, PCHfrontpage, PCHsearch&win, the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, the PCH Play&Win App and more. Each of these still give you the same great opportunity to enter and Pass Inspection if you have what turns out to be the matching winning number.

Too many times we’ve seen the person who should have been our big SuperPrize winner walk away with nothing. But that doesn’t have to happen to you! Please, don’t make the same mistake others have made, especially when a prize is on the line that could affect the financial future of not only yourself, but your loved ones too!

Enter today — and every day — in every way you can.

Best of luck to all of you!

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

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Did You Receive a “Winning Number Notification Plan” Bulletin From PCH?

An important PCH “Winning Number Notification Plan” Bulletin is scheduled to arrive in mailboxes across the country tomorrow — will you be one of the recipients?

If you receive one of these Bulletins and are wondering: “what’s a Winning Number Notification Plan?” let me explain. It’s the plan that will take place following the drawing for winner selection for our August 31st Special Early Look Prize Event — $5,000 A Week “Forever”.

Here’s what the Bulletin looks like:

It’s white with a bright green and silver label that says “Winning Number Notification Plan”.

The Winning Number Notification Plan has two steps:  In Step 1, if a matching winning number is timely returned, we will notify the PCH Prize Patrol immediately so they can prepare to award the $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize to a winner on August 31st. That means if YOU have and return the matching winning number by the deadline, the Prize Patrol will come to YOUR door in weeks and tell you you’ve won THIS prize:

Special Early Look prize event

However, if the matching winning number is NOT returned, the Plan will go to Step 2, and an alternate winner will be selected to receive a smaller base prize instead. Note: if it is necessary to go to Step 2, the identity of a person who threw out what turned out to be a winning number will not be revealed.

Why is it important to have a Winning Number Notification Plan?  Well, first of all, we need to make sure everyone here at PCH who is involved with the winner selection process knows what to do depending on the outcome of the drawing, so that we can make sure a winner is identified as quickly as possible in accordance with Official Rules.  We need to give the information to the Prize Patrol so they can make travel arrangements to award the prize on the scheduled date.  There’s not much time between the drawing date and the prize award date, so we can’t afford any delays.  The Contest team needs to know what to do if a matching winning number is timely returned, or if it’s not.

Secondly, it’s very important to protect confidentiality.  Only a few specially trained associates have access to information about prize drawings and the winners.  We wouldn’t want a winner to find out ahead of time, before the Prize Patrol shows up, because that would spoil the surprise of the televised winning moment! And, in the unfortunate case when someone who had a number that could have become a winner but failed to enter by the deadline, we would not want that personal information to be revealed either.  Imagine the disappointment and embarrassment it might cause! That’s why we encourage folks not to throw out their entries — so they’ll avoid the risk of accidentally discarding a number that could end up becoming a winner!

Don’t risk letting that happen to you! If you want the chance to become our fourth $5,000 a week “Forever” prize winner, we urge you to open up your Winning Number Notification Plan Bulletin as soon as it arrives and mail in your entry as instructed. A green Official Entry label has been provided for your use – it’s on the bottom of the Maryann Carter letter.

PCH Winning Number Notification Plan Label

Please transfer it to the Official Entry-Order Form enclosed and return it right away.

Winning Number Notification Plan Entry-Order Form

Now, for you folks who DIDN’T receive this package in the mail, FEAR NOT! YOU can activate a valid Prize Number – covered by our Winning Number Notification Plan – by going to, PCHSearch&Win, PCHGames, PCHlotto, PCH TV, the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, or the PCH Play & Win App. Rest assured, there are SO many ways to enter to WIN in just weeks.

YES, the Prize Patrol could make you the fourth member of Publishers Clearing House’s “Forever” Prize Winners Club on August 31st – but ONLY if you have and return the matching winning Prize Number on time. So please, no matter how you do it, take every chance you get to ENTER!

Best of Luck,

PCH Creative

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43 Brand New Winners From The PCH Token Exchange!

Greetings PCH Fans!

It’s finally summer! Time for warm weather, beach days, vacations and more! Time to kick back, relax and enjoy the world around you! Do you know what would make summertime even more special? Well, how about the chance to WIN BIG? Here at PCH we LOVE nothing more than making our loyal fans BIG WINNERS!

I am so excited to announce that we have 43 brand new winners from the month of June from the PCH Token Exchange!

Token Exchange Winners

So how did these lucky fans become winners? That’s easy! They racked up tokens playing our amazing games and exchanged them for the chance to win even more amazing prizes in the PCH Token Exchange! And amazing they were – everything from gift cards to kitchen appliances, tote bags and more! I have to admit, readers — the selection of prizes available is pretty unbeatable!

So, do you want to start earing tokens just like our winners below? If you haven’t already gotten started, what are you waiting for? It’s so quick and easy to sign up and start playing the fantastic token games on or!

Do you want YOUR name added to our winners list next month? Well then run, (don’t walk!) over to your phone, tablet or desktop and log in (or register if you are a first time user) and start collecting tokens RIGHT NOW! Then be sure to redeem your tokens for the chance to win any of the spectacular prizes available in the Token Exchange!

Good Luck To All!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

Look for a Bulletin — you could win FAST CASH!

A Bulletin might arrive in your mail as early as TODAY … and it could score you one of the 50 FAST CASH prizes we guarantee to award immediately.

Here’s what it will look like – with YOUR NAME on it!actnow Postcard

Open it up … and DO THIS:actnow post card activation code

(You can ALSO get to the web page simply by clicking this link.)actnow activation code

AFTER THAT, you’ll fill in a bit of registration information … then hit “SUBMIT CODE”!

And then … CONGRATS!  You’ll be “in” to go for one of the FAST CASH prizes we’ll definitely award to 50 people receiving these Time Sensitive Bulletins.

By “TIME SENSITIVE,” I mean “you’ve got to Act IMMEDIATELY” to take advantage of this limited-time FAST CASH opportunity.

Be sure to be watching your mail, my blog pals.  Not everyone is getting this FAST CASH opportunity … so DON’T MISS OUT! Tear open your Bulletin and go for the cash ASAP.

Don’t snooze and lose – act now and you could WIN at!

Your friend,

PCH Creative

P.S. We aren’t sending Bulletins to everyone, so if you don’t get one, there’s no need to worry! There are still SO many ways for you to become a FAST CASH winner at Publishers Clearing House. Head over to, PCHSearch&Win, PCHFrontpage, PCHgames, or PCHlotto  and play away!

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