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Dan-Yellers: How Would You Celebrate if You Won $10,000 A Week For Life?

How would you celebrate with the Prize Patrol

Hi Dan-Yellers!

It’s me Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite! I am SO, SO excited for our upcoming SuperPrize event. I’ve already started thinking about who our big winner will be and where the winner will live…maybe it’ll even be one of you! How cool would that be?

But today I wanted to ask you…if you won, how would you celebrate? Would you pop open the champagne? Throw an impromptu party with all your friends and family? Go out for a fancy dinner? Maybe you’d book first class tickets to leave for the vacation of your dreams right away!

It’s all so exciting to imagine…but I want to hear what YOU would do. So please comment below and let me know!


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team

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P.S. By the way…I’ll be BACK on the blog TOMORROW to announce the results of our Special Early Look Event. That’s right, tomorrow everyone will be finding out whether we’ll be giving away $10,000 A Week For Life or a $1,000,000 SuperPrize. Either way, it’ll be a HUGE win for one lucky winner. Don’t miss tomorrow’s blog!

PCH Donates $200,000 To St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®!

The 2014 PCH Giveback has officially ended, and it was a huge success! With the help of all of you, we were able to make an amazing donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases, and we were thrilled to have them be the focus of The Giveback this year!
PCH Giveback donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Monday morning was a very special day for us at PCH because the Prize Patrol traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to visit St. Jude. Dave, Todd, and Danielle were greeted by the St. Jude staff and then presented not one, but TWO big checks to St. Jude! We presented them with a check for $150,000 from the PCH Giveback, plus an extra surprise of another $50,000 donation on top of that!

PCH Prize Patrol with St. Jude

Check out the video below to see the donation!

After presentation of the checks, St. Jude took the members of the Prize Patrol on a tour of the hospital. Although it is a hospital, St. Jude works hard to make every room and every detail warm and inviting for a child. The waiting rooms are decorated to look like you’re sitting in a park, the walls are covered with children’s artwork, and the best part for parents… you never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food – so they can focus on what matters most, helping their child live!

St. Jude artwork

The Prize Patrol also got to visit a St. Jude research lab and meet with one of the scientists. When Danny Thomas started St. Jude, the overall survival rate for a child with cancer was 20 percent. Now, with the hard work of St. Jude researchers, the survival rate is 80 percent (and St. Jude has set a goal of increasing the overall childhood cancer survival rate to 90 percent in the next decade!).

It was such an incredible day and we have YOU, our fans, to thank for it. Thank you so much for participating in The Giveback and helping our $100,000 guaranteed donation grow. We are honored to help such an amazing organization, and we couldn’t have done it without you!


Cara F.
PCH Social Media Manager


P.S. Don’t forget … there are only 4 days left to enter to win $10,000 a Week for Life in our Special Early Look Prize Event! Now, think of all the memories you could make if you won a prize like that!!!


What Is Your First Memory of PCH?

Hello, fans and friends,

I would venture to say that throughout the years, PCH has become part of our culture! People all over the country – and maybe even around the world – have heard of the one-and-only Publishers Clearing House … our life-changing sweepstakes … and our famous Prize Patrol.

first memory of PCH

A framed old-fashioned PCH Stampsheet hangs on the wall at company headquarters in Port Washington, New York. Do YOU remember these big sheets of Order stamps?

I personally find that I don’t have too much explaining to do when I tell people where I work. The first thing they usually say is, “Oh, can you help me win?” (Sorry, folks I can’t!) Then they tell me how they remember receiving PCH mailings as kids (upon which I explain about all the cool things PCH is doing now!).

I’ll bet lots of you have memories of Publishers Clearing House that go back to childhood. I can recall those oversized envelopes arriving at my house when I was a little girl. I would open them up to find colorful magazine flyers and big sheets of order stamps. I actually think this is where my mother might have ordered my first magazine subscription  to Humpty Dumpty!

So, I decided to ask my PCH friends what their first memories of PCH were.

Amanda C. told me, “My first memory of PCH was hearing stories from my grandmother who worked at Publishers Clearing House before I was born! She worked in the Customer Service Department and always loved reflecting back on her PCH days, especially how much joy she had talking with customers on the phone! I guess I inherited my PCH gene from her!”

Jane M. said, I remember my mom getting great deals on her favorite magazines from PCH, and now that I work here, I can help carry on that same money-saving tradition for our new customers!

And Marybeth H. replied, “I remember watching the commercials where the PCH Prize Patrol awarded an unsuspecting person the enormous SuperPrize. I always wondered if it was real, but now that I work at PCH, I can tell everyone it is VERY real!”

So, now I turn it over to you, fans and friends!

What’s Your First Memory of PCH?

• Do you remember going through our colorful mailings with your parents or grandparents, and tearing off and affixing those stamps?
• Was your first PCH memory watching a thrilling Publishers Clearing House “Winning Moment” commercial on TV?
• Or, was your first memory of Publishers Clearing House playing one of our fun, free-to-play online games … or maybe using another one of our engaging sites like Search&Win?

Whatever it is, tell us your first PCH memory! We’d love to hear it. And if you can’t recall your first memory, then tell us how you’re making new PCH memories now with your family!

Thanks for the memories!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. The clock is ticking! There’s only 5 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER!


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Like thousands of others I am reading the best-selling book “The Boys in the Boat,”  the true story of a Depression-era University of Washington crew team who against all odds rowed themselves to victory in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany.  It’s an inspiring saga of how eight unprivileged young men, under the guidance of passionate coaches, dedicated years to becoming the fastest team of rowers in the world.   You don’t have to know anything about the sport of crew to enjoy the book and appreciate what an exciting movie it will become.  It’s simply a thrilling tale about persistence, practice and the pursuit of a goal.  In this case the gold medal could not have been achieved without an almost super-human effort by a team.

Far be it from me to downplay the importance of teamwork in virtually every human endeavor.   But there’s one thing that one person – like YOU — can do that could produce a life-changing result: Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  That’s right: You don’t have to rally an eight-man crew in a racing shell or lower your oar into the bone-chilling water for a pre-dawn practice run.  No sir: you can go for this gold and win the sweepstakes all by yourself – from the comfort of your own computer desk chair or mobile device — any time you want.

Entering to win the sweepstakes at is simple, and you can enter every day for another chance to win.

And what might the results be?

How about $10,000 a week for life? That’s DOUBLE our standard weekly $5,000 a week for life prize, and it would certainly provide a lifetime of financial security for you and your loved ones!  It could happen.  You’ve seen our Prize Patrol surprise many Big Check winners on TV.  As thrilling as those “winning moments” are, I’m sure you would agree: YOUR “winning moment” would be the absolute best by far!

Win $10,000 A Week For Life

So go for it and enter!  No teamwork required.  You could win the sweepstakes all by yourself! But hurry… our “Double the Cash” Special Early Look Prize Event is coming up real soon — on November 25th!

Wishing you the best of luck,


Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

What Is the PCH 4-Part Payment Plan?

Greetings, fans and friends!

Do you love to shop? Do you enjoy surrounding yourself with pretty things … purchasing items that make life easier … and buying gifts for those you love?

Shopping at PCH

Then shopping at PCH is for YOU!

Both online and in our colorful bulletins, you’ll find everything from the newest “as seen on TV” products and must-have kitchen items, to gorgeous jewelry and tasty treats! You’ll find an incredible assortment, amazing savings, and even FREE gift offers – all available for you to order risk-free from the comfort of your home! (Hey, and don’t forget our unbeatable magazine deals, too!)

But there’s one thing that sets shopping at PCH apart from other companies – and that’s our easy 4-part payment plan (or 5-part payment plan, if you live in Canada).

Our 4-part pay plan is simple: When you order from PCH, you won’t have to send any money at the time you order. Rather, you will be billed in 4 equal monthly installments.

Let’s take a look! The sample page below from one of our colorful bulletins shows a great deal: Buy 2 Scrub Brushes, Get 1 FREE! At the bottom right of the ad, you’ll see that the price is 4 payments each only $2.99. Plus, when you look at the order stamp at the bottom right corner of the page, you’ll notice that “your price” is only $11.99, but you pay “4 payments each only $2.99”. Wow! Now, that’s what I call affordable!

PCH 4-Part Payment Plan

And here’s the other cool thing … even though your payments are over the course of 4 months, we won’t charge you any interest if you make the minimum payment by the specified due date! (Compare that to when you buy something on layaway and have to pay a fee!)

As a person who loves to shop, I understand how bills can pile up! But thank goodness, PCH understands, too. The quarter-part payment plan gives you more time to pay, and makes your payments smaller and more manageable! What a terrific idea!

Do you have other questions on shopping at PCH? Our Frequently Asked Questions page on our Customer Service website has all information you need on ordering and billing – and the answers you want to questions about our famous PCH Sweepstakes – even on our free-to-play games!

So, whether you shop online or through our fun-to-read bulletins, take advantage of our 4-part pay and our other awesome customer benefits today!

Happy Shopping!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What do you like best about shopping at PCH? Comment below!

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How To Prevent Friend Requests From PCH Scammers

It’s a story I see all too often when interacting with PCH fans in the social space. A fan will leave a comment on our Official PCH Fan Page on Facebook and less than 5 minutes later, they will get a friend request from a scammer claiming to be a PCH employee. Generally, these scammers pass themselves off as Dave, Todd, or Danielle with the intention of tricking our fans into believing they’ve won. I could go more in depth with the explanation, but here’s a video that covers how the scammers target PCH fans on Facebook.

Over the past few months, our Community Managers have noticed a pattern. A fan usually receives “friend request” shortly after leaving a comment. Generally scammers watch the PCH page closely and contact the first person they see that’s left a comment. We’ve heard from fans that this often makes them uneasy and many times, annoyed. Some of our fans have told us that they will sometimes accept the friend request just to be able to say “GOTCHA!” to the scammer and let them know they’re on to their game, although we highly advise against this.

Our Consumer Affairs department works closely with Facebook and local authorities to help identify and try to catch these PCH scammers, by sharing data reported to our Fraud Division. Unfortunately, though, this is a process that takes time, and we can’t stop them straight off the bat. But there is something you can do to protect yourselves – and it’s much easier than you think.


Facebook privacy settings allow you to limit the amount of contact that strangers have with you on Facebook. This means that if you leave a comment on a PCH post and a scammer clicks on your name, they will not be able to send you a private message or even send you a friend request. Here’s how to check your privacy settings on Facebook.

How To Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings
1. Log into Facebook from your desktop computer.

2. On the top right hand side of the page click the small icon that looks like a padlock. These are your privacy settings.
3. Click on “Who Can Contact Me.”

4. Look at the settings beneath the question “Whose Messages Do I Want Filtered Into My Inbox?” Selecting “Strict Filtering” will make it more difficult for scammers to chat with you.

5. Then look at the settings beneath the question “Who Can Send Me Friend Requests” and make sure that it is set to “Friends of Friends.” Leaving it set to “Everyone” may be a personal preference, but keep in mind that scammers can then send you friend requests.


So please, consider taking these steps to help prevent friend requests from PCH scammers. Interacting with us should be a fun experience for all of our fans, but most importantly we want to make sure you stay safe! Don’t let PCH scammers ruin the fun!

Stay safe everyone,

Sarah S.
Social Media

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