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Do Real People Win PCH Prizes?

Greetings, fans and friends,

“Do real people win PCH prizes?

“Those people I see on the PCH TV commercials are actors!

“No one really wins from Publishers Clearing House!

If I had a dime for every time I heard a comment like one of those, I’d probably be as rich as one of our SuperPrize winners!

Of course, real people win PCH prizes! Those people you see screaming and jumping as the Prize Patrol presents them with a Big Check certainly are not actors! And loads and loads of people – of all ages, from all parts of the country, and from all walks of life – really do win from Publishers Clearing House all the time!

As a matter of fact, to date, PCH has given away $263 million! Pretty cool, huh?

We’re talking big prizes, small prizes, in-between prizes … cash and gift cards galore! Prizes that have been awarded to lucky folks like these …

Real PCH Winner

Marymae A. (pictured above) is living proof that playing at PCH pays off! This super-lucky lady has won – drumroll, please! – a total of $5,060 to date, from 20 different prizes. Most of these prizes are the Token Leaderboard and the Daily Games Tournament.

“I am proud to be part of Publishers Clearing House,” Marymae happily states, “and excited to introduce my friends and relatives, with your free entry, free games, more fun and more chances of winning. I love it!”

Nichole K. won twice by playing PCH Superfan games on Facebook“I will not give up,” she wants you all to know. “I play all day, every day, making sure I have all of the games played and my entries in. I love playing PCH games. I believe a miracle will occur for my son and me someday!”

Darlene D. is thrilled to win an Amazon gift card from PCH. She says, “I believe PCH is real and I am in it to win it. I feel that one day my dream will come true to win the big prize, so I will keep calm and wait for my time to win big.

Aaron M. seems to be on a PCH “winning streak.” Since we featured him on the blog back in April, Aaron has won his biggest prize to date … $1,000. “One day I feel I’m going to meet the Prize Patrol here in South Carolina. Who knows? It may be October 23rd for the $7,000-A-Week-For-Life. Gotta keep entering today and every day if you want to win the big one!!!”

Last but not least, Teresa E. certainly showed ‘em that PCH is the “real deal.” She tells us, “I recently won from one of those instant win games. When I took the check to the bank, they thought it was a joke. It was real, though. I gotta say it gave me hope for someday wining the BIG one! Thanks, PCH!

Are you a believer yet? I sure hope you are because real people win every day at PCH!

Best of all, you could, too! All you’ve got to do is enter!

Good luck,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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What Does Being “SET FOR LIFE” Mean To You? We’d Love To Know!


Have you ever taken the time to look up at a perfectly blue sky to watch the clouds floating by? Doesn’t it make you feel incredibly free? You can let your imagination roam wild and feel as though you don’t have a care in the world and nothing to weigh you down.

Ready? Now picture the PCH Prize Patrol van pulling up to your home to deliver a BIG check — holding balloons, a bouquet of roses, and champagne to help you celebrate your incredible good fortune!

Set for Life

Come on … let your imagination really go wild with thoughts of a really Huge Prize. Imagine you’ve just become the “SET FOR LIFE” winner in our Special Early Look prize event on October 23rd! The PCH Prize Patrol would be there to tell you in person that you’ve just won SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS EVERY SINGLE WEEK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Imagine the incredible sense of security and freedom that would bring to YOUR life and to the lives of your loved ones!

We would love to know, “What does “Set For Life” mean to you?” Is it waking up every day knowing that you’ve got the money coming in every week to take care of every bill coming in? Is it having the money to finally get rid of the debt hanging over your shoulders? Is it the ability to help out family members and friends in need? Or would you spend it on travel and entertainment, and just enjoy yourself?

First Things First
Obviously, what most of us would do right away is to pay off that pile of bills. Get out from under the weight of worrying about getting out of debt. What a great feeling to wipe the slate clean and start out fresh again!

But then what?
This big prize of $7,000.00 A Week For Life would certainly be a life changer, with plenty of money coming in every week so you could pay off your bills AND have plenty left over to do whatever you please. So, what is your personal dream like, the one where you finally have that kind of financial freedom? What does “SET FOR LIFE” mean to you? Please let us know in the comments section below! And, of course, be sure to enter to WIN!

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

P.S. And don’t forget to enter to win, both online and through the mail! You should do it every chance you get online at our websites like, PCHSearch&Win, PCHGames, PCHlotto, PCHFrontpage and more. Don’t miss out on so many opportunities to change your life — for the rest of your life!

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Watch Danielle Lam of The Prize Patrol Read & React To Your Fan Comments!

Hi blog readers!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…we LOVE when fans like you comment on our blogs. And I promise, we DO take the time to read everything you have to say! In fact, I can prove it to you! You see, just recently, we picked out some of your funniest, most interesting, and sweetest comments, and showed them to everyone’s favorite Prize Patrol gal – Danielle Lam!

Her reactions were completely unrehearsed…100% un-staged…and a total must-see! Watch the video below now.

So what did you think? Do you agree that Todd looks like the dad from the TV show The Full House? Do you love Dave’s hair, too? Were you wondering some of those same things yourself? If so, let us know!

And if you’ve got any more questions or comments for Danielle, Todd or Dave, comment below and share them with us, too. Who knows, they might just wind up in our next video!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

Make Today A Play Day & Celebrate National Video Games Day with PCH

Today, Saturday, Sept. 12, America celebrates one its youngest, but most fun, holidays – National Video Games Day!

In just a few decades, video games have gone from a small fascination to become part and parcel of the American experience, with tens of millions of loyal fans. Here at Publishers Clearing House, we understand exactly what that’s like.

I still remember that day in March 1982 when my mom let me stay home from school so I could go to Woolworth’s and be one of the first to buy Pac Man™ for the Atari system we had at home. And I can’t possibly count the number of quarters I’ve pumped into arcade games over the years!

Publishers Clearing House already is the recognized leader in sweepstakes, not to mention our magazines and merchandise, and we’re also becoming famous for our amazing array of video games – all of which are 100% FREE.

National Video game day

That’s right! You can play every day in every way – desktop computer, mobile device, tablet, and via the Play&Win app for Android and iPhone. Even better – not only is every game FREE to play (no expensive game consoles or cartridges and no software to download) – but PCH’s video games could actually PAY YOU FOR PLAYING!!!

It’s true – PCH really does award CASH PRIZES every day! And we award millions of TOKENS every day that can be redeemed for chances to win CASH, gift cards, and other valuable prizes.

Start at the Token Games tab on the PCH home page and instantly you’ll have an arcade’s worth of great games at your fingertips. Play in one of our daily tournaments, try our arcade games, get matching with mahjongg, or dive deep for Sunken Treasures.

There’s always time to play one of our Minute Mania games, and every time you complete 10 games you’ll get a chance to win $500 with the Briefcase Bonus!

Briefcase Bonus

I would ask, “What’s not to love about playing free video games at PCH?” but we all know the answer is that it’s nearly impossible not to love playing free video games at PCH!

Come enjoy some of the love today and celebrate National Video Games Day with Publishers Clearing House. You’ll always be a winner in our eyes, but with our games you also could win some CASH!

Happy gaming!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. What’s your all-time favorite video game?

September 11, 2001 – PCH Never Forgets

Never forget

How Well Do YOU Know Our Prize Patrol? Take the Quiz!

Prize Patrol Trivia

Sharpen your virtual pencils, guys!  Just for fun, we’re going to test your “Prize Patrol Trivia” with a little quiz.  Answer the following questions … then check your answers at the bottom of this blog.

Prize Patrol Trivia_1Prize Patrol Trivia_2Prize Patrol Trivia_3 Prize Patrol Trivia_4

Okay, time’s up!  Did you answer all four Prize Patrol Trivia questions?  Good! Now check your answers below …

Prize Patrol Trivia Answers

Did you “ace” our test?  I bet you did – you KNOW your Prize Patrol Trivia!

Could you do us a favor?  Could you please jot down your results in the “Comments” section below? We’d really appreciate it!

Actually, you could get to know the PCH Prize Patrol even better – if you drop everything now and enter to win a HUGE prize in our Special Early Look “SET FOR LIFE” Prize Event.

$7,000 A Week For Life

Imagine: if you win next month,  you could ask the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol some of your own Trivia questions — in person!

Don’t wait – ENTER RIGHT NOW!

Sincerely, your Blog pal …

PCH Creative

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