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How Do You Inspire Others To Keep Trying?


Maybe you’re not an inspirational team coach or a professional motivational speaker, but sometimes you may need to show your support for someone you know by helping him or her “keep the faith” and “stick with it”, especially when that person may be facing a particularly tough challenge.

It’s not always easy, especially when you might be going through a rough patch yourself!  So how do you inspire others to keep trying? I would love to share a few ways I can think of that have worked for me in the past.

Sometimes It’s Enough To Just Listen

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to just listen to what the other person has to say. And keep in mind that sometimes they may not need, or want, to hear any advice just yet. Sometimes all they need is to have someone else to listen and empathize. Sometimes just saying something out loud can help to unburden someone’s troubles and give them the strength to carry on.


Tell Them An Inspiring Story

Nothing worth winning is ever easy. How many of us have heard that? I’m not suggesting you shower them with age-old clichés, but sometimes relating a true story about yourself or someone you know can inspire them to keep trying. I know I’ve been truly inspired by watching the videos of some of our past PCH Sweepstakes winners. There have been so many touching stories about people who kept on entering no matter what, just knowing in their heart that someday they would win. Some even called it a “miracle” when they finally held that big check delivered by the PCH Prize Patrol!

 Make Them Laugh

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. And sometimes being able to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves so seriously can help us to overcome obstacles and approach life from a whole new perspective!

 Set A Good Example

Keeping a sunny disposition and a positive attitude is contagious! Just by living your own life as someone who “sees the glass as half full” can inspire others, who will want to be around you just because of the positive energy you exude! You’d be amazed at how many lives you can touch just by setting an example as someone who faces each day with an unshakable faith that things will always work out!

 Break It Down For Them

Any project or challenge can be broken down into small steps. Just taking it “one step at a time” is a great way to stay motivated. Help them to figure out what that first step needs to be, and how the rest will follow, to make any goal seem more attainable. Help them to celebrate each step of the way as an accomplishment, and pat them on the back!

It’s been fun sharing my thoughts, and I hope you’ve found it helpful. But I would really love to know how you inspire others (or even yourself!) to keep trying to win our Sweepstakes, no matter what. We’ve seen how positive you all can be in our comments section, and we admire your dedication. So please share your thoughts below – we’d love to read them!

Jane M.

PCH Creative Dept.

P.S. Do you love entering our Sweepstakes in as many ways as you can, but can’t find the time to get it all done? Be sure to check out today’s PCH Play&Win blog for some helpful tips on how to get your entries in even if you’re busy!

Join Us For A Live Q&A With The PCH Prize Patrol TONIGHT!

The day is finally here!!!

PCH Secret Sweepstakes Reveal

We’ve been talking about it for weeks, and it’s finally here! Tonight, you can visit PCH Sweepstakes Reveal and engage in LIVE Q&A session with Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer, and Todd Sloane.

The members of the Prize Patrol Elite love their fans so much and cannot wait to speak with you all in real time! The chat starts at 7PM E.T. and ends at 11PM E.T. and you can join in anytime!

If engaging with your favorite Prize Patrol members wasn’t enough of a draw, don’t worry because we have even more fun in store! At some point during the live Q&A session, the Prize Patrol will be revealing a very big Sweepstakes secret! Knowing these dream makers, it could be ANYTHING, so you definitely won’t want to miss it!

Can’t wait until 7PM ET tonight?! Us either. That’s why you can visit PCH Sweepstakes Reveal and get a head start! Feel free to leave questions or comments for the Prize Patrol in the live thread, and don’t forget to enter for the chance to win $10,000 in the meantime.

Cara F.
PCH Social Media Manager

P.S. Are you fans of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite on Facebook? “Like” their fan pages on Facebook today!

How To Change Your Name & Address At Publishers Clearing House

Hello PCH Fans!

 How many of you have ever had to change your name or address in the past and felt the hassle of making sure all your accounts were up-to-date? (I had such a struggle with this when I moved into my apartment a few years ago!) Well, never fear loyal fans! I am here today to tell you that changing your name or address at Publishers Clearing House is SUPER easy!

 In the past few weeks, we’ve seen numerous questions from our fans asking us how they can update this information, so we figured what better way to spread the word than on our blog! And this is word we definitely want to spread – after all, we want to make sure all of you can continue to enjoy the winning opportunities here at PCH!

 So how do you change your name and address at Publishers Clearing House? Well, that depends if you’re talking about promotional emails or postal mailings. Let’s take a look at promotional emails first.

How to change your name & address for promotional emails:

To change your information online, please visit our website at To view the information we currently have on file, log in using the “Sign In” option at the top of the page, then click on “My Account”. Once you click on the link above, log in and use the “My Account” button to edit your information! Simply enter your changes in the appropriate fields and click on “Update” to save your changes.

Since our promotional emails are prepared in advance, please allow up to 10 days for your any changes to take effect.

How to change your name & address for postal mailings:

how to change your name and address at Publishers Clearing House

I’m happy to report that this is also very easy to do! To change your name or address for Publishers Clearing House correspondence (sent via the United States Postal Service or Canada Post), please provide us with both your old and new address information using our “Ask Us” form.

 Because our mailings are prepared in advance, please allow approximately 6-8 weeks for your new address to take effect.

 So PCH fans, we hope we have answered the question “How do I change my name and address information at Publishers Clearing House?” If you have any other questions, please let us know. It’s very important to us that we have the most current, up-to-date information for each and every one of you so you’ll never miss an opportunity to win!

 Victoria C.

PCH Creative

The PCH Millionaire Hall of Fame is About to Get a Lot Bigger!

At Publishers Clearing House, we’re all about celebrating our history! From the days of when we were a small little company being run out of a neighborhood garage to back when we first created the world-famous Prize Patrol, we love to remember all the good times that got us where we are!

One of our favorite things to remember is all of our millionaires from over the years! Why, there’s been over 75 of them! In fact, there is a conference room around the corner from me that is COVERED with photos of lots of our smiling millionaires, and we couldn’t be happier to have them there!

PCH Millionaire Hall of Fame

Well I don’t know if there will be room enough on the walls of that conference room, but our “Publishers Clearing House Millionaire Hall of Fame” is about to get a lot bigger in the coming months!  You may have heard, but we’re right in the middle of our 4 Months of Millionaires Event!

It all started with Mr. Brian Willis of Lexington, South Carolina who just won $1,000,000.00 on November 25th! He couldn’t believe it when the real-life Prize Patrol showed up at his door and said, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?…PRAISE THE LORD FOR THIS!

Sure there have been a lot of famous Millionaires in TV & movies. From Scrooge McDuck to Daddy Warbucks, from JR on Dallas to Tony “Iron Man” Stark, they are all worthy of being in their own hall of fame, but the PCH Millionaire Hall of Fame is filled with only REAL DEAL millionaires…and we’re about to add 3 more in the coming months!

Here’s what’s coming up:

PCH 4 Months of Millionaires

December 16, 2014

Guaranteed to be awarded on December 16th, we’ll be giving away a $1,000,000 SuperPrize, making one lucky winner very merry indeed! The winner of this SuperPrize Event (Giveaway #3148) will be announced during NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. That sure is one way to end 2014 with a bang!

January 20, 2015

We’re kicking off 2015 with ANOTHER millionaire-making prize! That’s right, on January 20th another lucky person will definitely become a millionaire, this time from Giveaway #3577. Now that’s one way to make a few New Years resolutions come true in an instant!

February 27, 2015

The perfect end to our 4 Months of Millionaires Event – on February 27, we are DEFINITELY going to give away $5,000 A Week “FOREVER”! That’s $5,000 a week for the winner’s life, then after that, the $5,000 payments will continue on for the life of a special someone the winner chooses!

So what are you waiting for? Enter today at so you have a chance to become an elite member of the Publishers Clearing House Millionaire Hall of Fame!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you could have any special food served at your dream Hall of Fame induction ceremony, what would you have? Tell us in the comments below!

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Introducing The New PCHRewards Token Exchange

PCHRewards Token Exchange

Hello Blog Team,

We know you just love going for Big Prizes in our Redemption Center — that’s why I couldn’t wait to tell you that our “Redemption Center” just got even better with the BRAND NEW PCHREWARDS TOKEN EXCHANGE!

So, I hope you’ve been earning those Tokens because what I’m about to show you is going to make you want to use them right away!

You see, not only have we taken the Redemption Center from this…

PCH Redemption Center

To This…

PCH Rewards Token Exchange

But we’ve made it even more exciting by putting a daily giveaway countdown clock right at the top of the page!

PCH Token Exchange

And we’ve made our entry page even sleeker with multiple photos and details that are so easy to view!

Rewards Token Exchange PCH

Plus, it gets even better — even though we know you love reading our blogs, you won’t have to wait for them to post to see who the winner is with the new PCHRewards Token Exchange Winners List!

PCH Rewards Token Exchange Winners List

And if you become a Winner, you’ll get your name on there, too!  So don’t wait — click “Redeem Tokens” from the homepage to check out the all new PCHRewards Token Exchange today — and let me know what you think below!

Happy Token Exchanging! :)

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Happy Thanksgiving! What Are YOU Thankful For?

Greetings, fans and friends … and Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, all of us at Publishers Clearing House want to wish all of you, our dear fans and friends, a very happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for – our families, our friends, our freedoms – the list goes on and on! If you have your health, if you have a roof over your head and food on the table – if you got out of bed this morning and took a breath, then there’s a lot to be thankful for!!

To express our thanks here at PCH, the blog group decided to make signs expressing what we are thankful for, and then take a fun group picture.

What are you thankful for

Each PCHer had a different sentiment: Danielle Lam was thankful for her fans (her Dan-yellers!). Deborah Holland was thankful for SUPERFANS! Laurel was thankful for PCHlotto. Amanda was thankful for Lucky the PCH Big Check. Victoria was thankful for her friends and family. Jane was thankful for each new day. Elaina was thankful for our adorable PCHSearch&Win mascot, Edwin. Tom was thankful for his family, friends and girlfriend … and Jonathan was thankful for the exact same thing (although not the same girlfriend!). I am thankful for my mom because I think she’s the best mom ever!

You can be sure that our November 25th SuperPrize winner, Brian Willis  is certainly thankful that the Prize Patrol came to visit!

And if you become our next lucky millionaire on December 12th, I’ll bet you’d be thankful, too! Enter today! 

So, I turn it over to you, PCH friends — what are YOU thankful for? Please let us know by commenting below! We’d love to hear from you!

From the PCH Family to your family, have a wonderful, safe and festive Thanksgiving!


Debbie K.

PCH Creative

P.S. Never forget … WE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOU!!! Thank you for being our fans! We love it that you read and comment on our blogs! You inspire us every day!


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