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What’s Your First Winning Moment? Tell Us!

Greetings, fans and friends!

Some of the best and most famous “Winning Moments”  in the world occur, thanks to Publishers Clearing House! For decades, we’ve awarded millions upon millions of dollars to lucky winners around the country.

And, with our upcoming Special Early Look Prize event just weeks away on August 28th, someone – maybe even one of you! – could have your own Winning Moment if the Prize Patrol knocks on your door and announces that you’ve won our incredible “Forever” Prize  — $5,000 a week for your life, and after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone you love!

 But until then, I have a question for you …


I’ll be brave enough to share my MY first winning moment if you share your first winning moment with us!

My First Winning Moment

Yes, that’s me!

The year was 1972 (can you dig the groovy midriff top and matching belted shorts?) and I won that huge stuffed tiger you see in the picture. How did I win it? At a carnival! There was a big spinning wheel with numbers on it, and I bet 25 cents on my lucky number, 26! Imagine how happy I was during my first winning moment! (Hmmm, I wonder if that tiger is still in my mother’s house.)

So, now that I’ve shared my first win, I’m pretty sure all of you can recall your first winning moment – I believe we all have them if we think back real hard.

Perhaps your first winning moment was …

• When you won your first sports game or trophy

• When you won your first board game or card game

• When you won your first school contest – like an art contest, a spelling bee or a talent show

Winning Moment

Or … maybe your first winning moment was more of a little victory, such as …

• When you got your driver’s license

• When you got your first job

When you finally retired

Winning Moment Driving

Or … perhaps your first winning moment was just a special happy day in your life like …

Your wedding day 

• The day you became a mom, a dad, or a grandparent

• The day you or someone you love graduated

Winning Moment Baby

So, come on! Comment below with “My first winning moment was …” because I believe that each of us, in some small way, is a big winner!

Thanks for sharing,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. While you’re sharing your first winning moment, don’t forget to enter to win our life-changing SuperPrize! The countdown is officially ON because there’s only 10 days left to enter!



I enjoy making movies on my computer: assembling photos and snippets of video, then adding music and titles and “special effects.”  It has taken practice, but it’s pretty easy to put something together to share with family and friends or to create a personalized DVD as a special gift.

Wow, how things have changed!  Twenty-six years ago when our PCH Prize Patrol started awarding our Sweepstakes prizes in person at winners’ front doors the process was far from easy.  We had to take along a professional video camera operator to capture the “winning moment,” then ship the raw tape back to a professional editing house in New York City, have it transferred to a cassette for our initial review and selection, then wait a few days for a “first cut” of a commercial, then make revisions (two or three at least), add an announcer, music track and titles, then go through several approval and technical processes to finish the spot, then transfer it all to a firm that reproduced and shipped tapes to the broadcasters, then wait another week or two to see the finished product on the air.  Phew!

Many of these steps still are taken; but with the giant leaps in technology a TV spot can be produced in minutes not weeks, and far less expensively than in the old days.  And that’s great!  Why?  Because it leaves us with more money for what YOU like best: Big Checks!   Let’s face it: Lucky The Big Check is still the star of the show.  That is what makes the winners scream, cry, get weak in the knees, jump up and down, and hug the Prize Patrol!

I am sure you agree with me: Show me the money! — as Tom Cruise exclaimed over and over again in “Jerry Maguire.”

Show me the Money

OK then!  Let’s get started! Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes now at  Remember, our $5,000 A Week “Forever” Special Early Look Prize Event is just a few weeks away. If you win “Forever,” you’d receive $5,000 A Week for your life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone you choose. Enter today and every day, and before you know it the PCH Prize Patrol could knock on YOUR door – with the video camera rolling – and announce, “YOU are a winner!”

Wishing you the best of luck.


Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

PCH Fan Shares Tips To Help Everyone Spot Imposter PCH Scams!

Keep an eye out for scammersGreetings, fans and friends,

One of my job responsibilities here at PCH is to read through the blog comments and spot ideas for future blog topics. It’s something I really enjoy doing. Sometimes, however, I read comments from good folks like you who have been scammed by people fraudulently claiming they are from Publishers Clearing House. When that happens, I feel bad for our fans who have been the victims of scams, and I vow to help all our fans avoid getting scammed.

Back on June 2nd, PCH posted a blog entitled “Watch Out! Scammers Are Targeting PCH Fans on Facebook!” At that time, we told you 3 super-important tips to help you stay safe from scammers. They are:

  1. You NEVER have to pay to claim a PCH prize. At PCH, winning is always free.
  1. The Prize Patrol will NOT send you a friend request or private message on Facebook. 
  1. The Prize Patrol will not contact you on Facebook if you’ve won.

One fan who commented on that blog, Lisa S., said that she got friend requests from individuals claiming they are from PCH “every other day.” Lisa writes:

“I’m so glad PCH cares about their fans to warn everybody about scammers. I’ve had a lot of friend requests just about every other day from scammers acting like Dave, Todd and Danielle. Thanks to PCH posting warnings of scammers, I knew not to accept these requests. PCH really cares about us, and they will never call or send friend requests, and especially never ask any of their fans for money to claim a prize!!”

Thank you, Lisa! We’re glad to know you’re avoiding the scammers … and you know what? We do care about our fans and friends, and we want all of you to stay safe!

For more information on scam safety, visit our fraud protection webpage.

And let me say it one more time …

Prize Patrol does not notify winners on Facebook

Stay safe!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. We’re counting down the days until our August 28th $5,000 A Week “Forever” Special Early Look Event. A “Forever” Prize winner would receive $5,000 a week for life, and after that, $5,000 a week for life for someone he/she cares about! Would you like to win money like that? Then what are you waiting for? ENTER NOW!

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Order Southern Living Magazine & Other Popular Magazines At PCH!

Order Magazines Online at Publishers Clearing House

Hi blog readers! It’s me, Donna, and I’m back with another blog about how you can order some of the most popular magazines here from Publishers Clearing House! Sorry it’s been so long, but I have been very busy with our new puppy, her name is Boo-Boo! Isn’t she cute?

Donna's new dog

For those of you who missed my first blog, did you know that in addition to shopping at PCH for fantastic merchandise at low, low prices, Publishers Clearing House also has dozens of terrific magazine deals? Well, it’s true!

Order Family Fun Magazine at PCH

Summer fun is in full swing, which means now is the PERFECT time to try something new with the family, right? Well, I have found tons of inspiration in Family Fun magazine. It offers great ideas for fun and creative family activities that everyone will love. You can find it listed in the “Parents and Kids” tab on our magazine site.


Order US Weekly Magazine at PCH

Order Star Magazine at PCH Order People Magazine at PCH

If celebrity gossip is more your thing, don’t worry! We also have all the hot celebrity titles like People, Star, and US Weekly check them out for yourself in the “Top Titles” tab. I always say they’re just what you need for a casual beach read!

Order Family Handyman Magazine at PCH

Summer is also a great time to get all those pesky home improvements and repairs done. And with Family Handyman magazine on hand, they’ll be A LOT less pesky! This magazine is FULL of advice that will help all your household fix-its go smoother. Take a peek at our “Men’s Interests” tab for more information!

Order Southern Living Magazine at PCH

But my personal favorite magazine for summer has to be Southern Living Magazine. I love to garden and grill – and this magazine has everything you need for both of those. Great gardening tips, yummy grilling recipes – you name it, Southern Living has it!

Order Travel & Leisure Magazine at PCH Order Backpacker Magazine at PCH

Perhaps you want to plan the trip of a lifetime. Why not try Travel and Leisure? Look for it under our “Travel/Regional” tab. Or maybe a camping trip is more your style…well then Backpacker would be a great choice for you! Check it out in the “Auto and Sports” tab.

WHATEVER you like to do, I promise we have a magazine that will help you enjoy it more!  So remember, you can order my personal favorite – Southern Living magazine – and over 100 more popular magazines online at PCH — the best place to do ALL your magazine shopping!

Have a great summer and happy shopping everyone!

Donna Z

Donna Z.
Senior Account Executive, Publisher Relations

P.S. What’s your favorite magazine to read in the summer? Comment below!

Behind the Scenes with the Prize Patrol – The Making of a Millionaire!

Everyone has seen our iconic winning moment videos. People all across the country opening their door to “Big Checks” and the PCH Prize Patrol. But what most people don’t get to see is everything leading up to that point…that is…up until now.

A few weeks ago I told you here on the PCH blog  that we were going to show you more of what goes into our prize deliveries than ever before. And now, it is with great honor that I present to you the first-ever full behind the scenes video – The Making Of A PCH Millionaire. You’ll see everything from the minute we find out who the winner is, until the moment we leave the winner’s home to return to PCH headquarters. I could tell you more here, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!  So without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show <3

I hope you’ve all enjoyed watching this video as much as we enjoyed making it. Did you “like” it? What was your favorite part? What would you want to see more of? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!



Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite
My Instagram Page
My Twitter Page
Danielle Lam PCH Fan Page on Facebook

Remember This One Scam Prevention Tip

PCH Scam Prevention PuzzleHey PCHers!

As you know, PCH is very active on Facebook. We love Facebook because it’s a great way to engage and communicate with fans like you! If you visit our PCH Fan Page on Facebook, you’ll see every day we post fun and engaging content like sweepstakes opportunities, trivia, puzzles and more! Let’s see if you can solve this riddle above!

Think you’ve got the answer? I’ll give you a hint, this one helpful fact could save you from being targeted by scammers! Take a look and see if you got the answer right:

PCH Scam Prevention Puzzle Answer

That’s right, PCHers! The PCH Prize Patrol NEVER sends friend requests on Facebook. Sure, we have fan pages on Facebook (you can visit Danielle, Dave, and Todd) whenever you want, but in order to interact with the Prize Patrol on Facebook, you have to LIKE their page. You will never have to accept a friend request from a member of the Prize Patrol.

Unfortunately, scammers try to take advantage of our Facebook fans by creating fake accounts impersonating Danielle, Dave, and Todd. But luckily, you know better! Never accept a friend request from a scammer and never chat on Facebook with someone who you think might be Danielle, Dave, or Todd.

Remember this scam prevention tip and we can have lots of fun engaging with one another on Facebook! Stay safe!

Cara F.
Social Media Manager

P.S. If you want to learn more about how to avoid being scammed, visit our new Scam Prevention tab on Facebook!

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