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The Winning Never Stops At PCH! PCH BLOG PRIZES TODAY!

Blog Prizes


First and foremost, we want to congratulate yesterday’s SuperPrize winner, Neil Kroll from Castle Rock, WA! Neil won an incredible One Million Dollars from the PCH Sweepstakes! We couldn’t be happier to have awarded this prize to you, Neil, and we hope all our PCH fans will join us in wishing you a big CONGRATULATIONS!

Even though the June 30th SuperPrize event is over, we don’t want you all to forget that there are still PLENTY of chances to win EVERY SINGLE DAY here at Publishers Clearing House! And today especially, we wanted to do something really special to show our appreciation to all of you for being the BEST FANS EVER.

That’s why we decided to give away 5 (that’s right, 5!) random $100.00 prizes to fans who comment on today’s blog! All you have to do to be eligible is comment! It’s SO easy. You can leave any type of comment you want, maybe you’ll just stop by to say “Hi”, or maybe you’re in the mood to tell us why you love PCH! Or maybe you want to explain to us what winning could do for you! Whatever you decide, just make sure you comment during the hours of 12 AM, E.T. and 11:59 PM, E.T. on today 7/1/14, and YOU could be one of the 5 people in the running to win $100.00!

See – we told you the winning wasn’t over yet! Best of luck to you all – and don’t forget, COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

P.S Remember, there are tons of other chances to win too, at, PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, PCHgames, and MORE!

Will The PCH Prize Patrol Surprise You With One Million Dollars Today?

Win One Million Dollars

It’s finally here! Today is the day of our June 30th PCH Special Early Look Prize event and the number one question on everyone’s mind is: WHO will be revealed as the June 30th PCH SuperPrize winner?!?! We already know the prize on that Big Check is going to be One Million Dollars (WOW!) — but who is going to be the lucky guy or gal holding it??? Only time will tell — but the good news is, we’ve got FUN and EXCITING clues here on the PCH Blog to help you figure it out! So keep checking back because they’ll be updated all throughout the day!

***12:00 AM UPDATE – Here’s your first clue***
The winner’s state name has more than 5 letters.

***8:15 AM — NEW CLUE***
The winner’s state has a very famous piece of architecture in it.

***9:35 AM — NEW CLUE***
The Prize Patrol hasn’t been to this winner’s state yet this year.

***11:05 AM — NEW CLUE***
Today’s winner has 2 or more vowels in his/her name.

***1:10 PM — NEW CLUE***
The winner’s state is on the outer border of the United States and the Prize Patrol boarded a plane to get there.

 ***3:50PM — PRIZE UPDATE***
Big news: we can finally reveal that today’s winner lives in WASHINGTON state! 


Congratulations to NEIL KROLL of CASTLE ROCK, WASHINGTON who was today’s winner of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! We’re so happy for you and hope all our PCH fans will join us in wishing you CONGRATULATIONS! 

And thanks to all of our fans for following us today. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog, because the winning isn’t over yet! There may just be BLOG PRIZES TOMORROW! :)

And remember, if you want MORE clues, be sure to check out Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook . She’ll be posting hints there all day long, and maybe even some behind the scenes photos and videos too!

So tell us…who do YOU hope the Prize Patrol surprises today? Who here wants to be the one holding that Big Check? What would YOU do with One Million Dollars? Comment below!


We’ll be crossing our fingers for all of you :)


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. For more ways to have fun today (and possibly win big), check out today’s Play&Win blog!

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SPECIAL UPDATE: What Prize Will Be On The Big Check On June 30th?

Find Out How PCH Winners Are Selected

Hi Everyone!

Whenever we get a question from our PCH fans we always do our best to answer it! One way we answer questions is by enlisting the help of Howie from Publishers Clearing House. In the past Howie has been able to answer all sorts of questions such as, “what is a special early look?” or, “how many times can you enter the SuperPrize each day?” or, “is it true that someone with my initials will win?”. Today we are answering the question, “how are winners selected?”

This is a GREAT question that has come up a lot, and with our next prize event just days away, we decided to turn to Howie to get the scoop!

As you can see, it really is just the luck of the draw! The PCH giveaway supervisors randomly select a winner from the pool of entries. The winner is always a surprise, even to us! What does this mean for you? It means that it doesn’t matter what state you live in, how much money you make, what ethnicity you are, how old you are, or if you live in a house, apartment or trailer. Publishers Clearing House winners are always chosen completely at random and as long as you enter, the winner could be YOU.

Keep sending in your questions and we’ll keep answering them!

Cara F.
Social Media Manager

P.S. Our Prize Event is just 3 days away! Do you hope YOU will become our next big winner? Comment below and let us know!

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How Many Times Can You Enter The Dream Life Prize Each Day?


6_24_Where Is The Prize Patrol

“Where in the world is Matt Lauer” was a long-running feature on NBC’s “Today Show” when he’d fly around the world to secret locations and keep viewers guessing.  Nowadays PCH fans on Facebook get to play “Where in the world is Dave Sayer?” (or some other Prize Patrol’er) as they try to figure out where we will surprise our next sweepstakes winner.

We send photo hints of our whereabouts from our smartphones to PCH headquarters for posting on the PCH Blog and the Danielle Lam PCH Fan Page on Facebook.  It’s not only fun for our fans to play along, but the shots help us remember where we are.  You see, when we have multiple Prize Patrol deliveries to make in the course of one trip, I sometimes have trouble remembering where I am. “Is this Atlanta?  Was I at home this morning? or was that yesterday?  Was I in St. Louis last night or was that Chicago?  Wait … here I am in Denver airport.  Whoops … this is Phoenix.”  After a while all the airport concourses, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls look alike.  It’s good to be in a place like Santa Fe with its distinctive architecture, or in New Orleans with its unusual food, or Florida with its palm trees so we can orient ourselves.

I don’t mean to sound blasé about traveling or put down places that are just wonderfully American.  We Prize Patrol’ers love flying all over the USA and presenting roses, balloons and – tah dah – Big Checks to winners of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  Every “winning moment” is special no matter where it is – and as memorable for us as it is for the winner.

I’m sure you’ve seen many, many of our surprise visits on TV, and you may be thinking “Enough of those other places!  I want the Prize Patrol to come to MY town and knock on MY door!”

Well, you never know!  You could be next – and soon too, since we’ll be hitting the road again next Monday, June 30th!  With some luck, you won’t be saying “Where in the world is the Prize Patrol?” but “WELCOME Prize Patrol!  I’m mighty glad you’re HERE!”


Dave Sayer                                                                                                                         Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Comment below and tell us what state YOU would like the Prize Patrol to deliver the next Big Check to!

What Do You Want To See In A Behind The Scenes Prize Patrol Video?

PCH Danielle Lam and Howie

Hi everyone, it’s me Danielle with the PCH Prize Patrol Elite team. As you know the next big PCH SuperPrize event is coming up – the highly anticipated Dream Life Prize event.  In honor of this awesome prize event, we’ve got something new and exciting in store for you the fans, and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

So many of you comment on my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook talking about how you like the new Howie Helps video series where Howie from PCH answers commonly asked fan questions. Well, we’re always trying to think of new ways to improve our videos and we’re going to take the Howie Helps video series to the NEXT LEVEL on June 30th!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes as the Prize Patrol gets ready to award a PCH SuperPrize?  What do we do once the winner is selected? How is the Big Check made? What’s it like traveling to the winner with that Big Check? Do people recognize us on the road? Well, in our new video, Howie is going to bring you behind the scenes to answer ALL your questions! Isn’t that exciting?

I’ll be posting sneak peek video snippets on my Fan Page on Facebook and Twitter pages on June 30th and soon after we’ll be posting an extended, never before seen video!  So what do you think of this idea? Are you excited to see what it’s like from that moment we find out the winner until after we award the prize?

In order to make this the best video possible, I want YOUR help! Please, comment below and let us know what YOU want to see in the behind the scenes video. We’ll do our best to capture everything you ask for :)

Thanks for your help!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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P.S. I can’t believe it, but our Dream Life Prize Event is almost here, and there are only 5 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER! Don’t wait a second longer! Enter NOW!


Is It True That Someone With My Initials Will Win?

YES, it’s true!  Someone with YOUR set of initials will definitely win a cool cash prize!

Is it true someone with my initials will win

The PCH Video Group recently put together a video to explain this contest. Watch it now!

As Howie explained, we call it our “Initials Giveaway,” where prizes of $100 are awarded randomly from all 676 unique two-letter combinations of the alphabet.

Let’s see …  676 two-letter combinations multiplied by $100 adds up to a whole lot of cash – yep, $67,600 – that we’re definitely giving away!

So whether your name is John Doe (J.D.), Valmont Questar (V.Q.), Inez Carstairs (I.C.) or Korinna Irrawaddy (K.I.) – someone with YOUR initials is going to become a winner!

Don’t let some other guy with your initials get that
$100 cash – enter our Initials Giveway whenever you get the chance!

Could you do your friends here at PCH a favor? Could you let us know whether I’ve answered any questions you may have had about our Initials Giveaway? Please post an answer in the Add your Comments: section below.

Don’t miss out on all our other amazing Giveaways, too!

Go for ALL our exciting prize opportunities – including our tremendous Sweepstakes (see my “P.S.” below) – every chance you get! Respond to our mailed Bulletins and to our online “prize ops” at, PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames and PCHLotto.

Good luck!

PCH Creative

P.S.  ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! There are only 8 days left to enter to win our amazing Dream Life Prize event!

Be sure to activate an entry each and every day through Monday, June 23rd.


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