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Catching up with PCH $1 Million Winner Karl Jonsson!

$1 Million SuperPrize-winner

Just a few days before Christmas, the Prize Patrol arrived in spacious Wisconsin, armed with a Big Check to the tune of $1 Million, plus a sweet “live check” of $25,000.00 to get $1 Million winner, Karl Jonsson, started off right!

As they headed over to the lucky winner’s home, there was just one question they didn’t anticipate: did they have the right Karl Jonsson. You see, both Karl and his father, also named Karl, are PCH entrants! So when Dave Sayer and the Prize Patrol showed up at Karl Jonsson’s house, the Karl Jonsson that answered the door had to know one thing: what was the middle initial on the live check?

Thankfully it turns out, the right Karl answered the door! Watch his stunned reaction below and then read on to hear how he’s doing today!

As you can see from that video, Karl is very grateful for this amazing blessing. Coming into this huge $1,000,000.00 windfall isn’t something Karl takes lightly. He’s given his future a lot of serious thought.

Going from having literally negative moneyI dont want to look back and ask, where did it all go? I want to be a good steward, as they say.  With that in mind, Karl tells us he is doing his best to make sure that every cent is spent wisely.

When you win Publishers Clearing House, Id tell people you have to step back and look [at your life]. Slow everything downlive the way lived before [you got the money] until you figure things out. Dont be anxious!

While Karl wasn’t ever 100% sure he’d win, entering PCH is certainly something he stuck with throughout the years. Off and on I have probably entered since I was 18. Just about 26 years. Every time it would come to the house, I would fill it out and send it in. When the app and computer came out, I went online. [I figured] if I was online anyways, Id just do it!

Karl Jonsson PCH $1 Million Prize winner

I never doubted that it was real, Karl reassures us. You cant get that reaction from people on their doorstep. I never thought it wasnt real. But, my wife came in the room when I was talking with Dave Sayer and had to flat out ask, wait, youre trying to tell me this is real?’”

Times had been challenging for Karl and his family, so this was some money that they could really use.

 Im an injured electrician, and Ive been off work for a few years. So I was watching TV, my daughter was home sick, my wife was sick, so I was just hanging around tending to their needs. I was just doing my thing, walking around in just my sweatpants. Then my parents dog started barking, and my daughter looks out the window and says, hey, the money people are here for Grandma and Grandpa!  I saw Dave, so I ran over to [their side of the house where the main door is], threw on a sweatshirt and answered the door. Once we did the whole middle initial thing, my first thought was it should have been my parents.’”

As you can tell, Karl is a nice guy whose first thought it always for his family. In fact, his future plans for the money are all about his family!

My big plan is to eventually buy a nice sized chunk of land and divvy it up among my six kids so we can all have our own homes and help take care of each other.

Obviously Karl has a big heart, and he definitely describes himself as a “behind the scenes” kind of guy. We wish him the best of luck for the future, and we can’t wait to follow up with him again to see how his land investment goes!

But before we go, Karl had these last parting thoughts for his fellow PCH friends:

Keep entering andit works! Its real. 

Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. – What types of things give you the inspiration to keep on trying to reach your goals? Tell us in the comments below!

How To Contact Publishers Clearing House – The New & Improved Way

Today we’re excited to bring you our latest episode of the PCH Chat – starring our very own host, Howie, who is joined by elite Prize Patrol members Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam to explain How To Contact Publishers Clearing House!

As you can see, we’re all very excited about our NEW & IMPROVED Customer Service website, at your service 24/7 and so easy to use! Discover how simple it is to get the facts and information you need at the click of a button.  And you’ll love the new format! Just visit us at and you’ll see what I mean.

How to contact Publishers Clearing House

We’ve categorized the information to make it simple and easy to find what you’re looking for. At the top of the page you’ll notice 5 separate tabs labeled:, PCHsearch&win, PCHgames, PCHlotto and PCH APPs.  Just click on the tab that pertains to your question for a host of categories from which to choose.

The Number One Most Frequently Asked Question
You’ll notice the Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the right hand side of the front page. The No. 1 Top Frequently Asked Question is: How to Contact Publishers Clearing House.

Click on this link and you’ll find all of the different ways to contact us, either by mail, phone or e-mail. And there are separate e-mail links to click on, depending on whether your question or concern is related to PCHSearch&Win, PCHGames, PCHLotto, and more.

How to contact PCH

Featured Categories
We’ve broken it all down for you into sections that are easier to navigate, too. You’ll find answers you need listed under these five categories: General Information, Account Updates, Sweepstakes, Game Play Questions and Order-Related Questions. No more searching around to get the answers you need!

Think of it as self-service with a smile! 
Wow, you’ll learn so many things once you start searching. Everything from online PCH Sweepstakes entry processing and how to use your PCH tokens, to when you can expect your order delivered, how to become a PCHSuperFan, and how to manage your account. And if you don’t see a listing for your particular concern, you can always use the Search Feature at the top of the page to type in your question for the results you need.

I hope this blog has been helpful. After all, your questions and concerns are very important to us!

Jane M.
Creative Dept.

P.S. If you still need to speak to one of our specialized Customer Service Representatives concerning a general question about billing, order concerns or Sweepstakes entries call us at 1-800-459-4724 and we will be more than happy to assist you! If you have a website or technical issue you can call us at 1-800-476-4724.

Desktop and Mobile Token Leaderboards Now Separate on

You asked and we listened!

Part of my job working on the social media team here at PCH is to interact with fans, answer questions and collect feedback from fans like you! When we introduced the Token Leaderboard on last summer, everyone was so excited for more chances to win!

Every day we awarded the person with the most tokens earned from $100 cash! While this new promotion was well received by you, the fans, we heard your feedback and suggestions for how to make it even better.

You asked if we could create two separate Daily Token Leaderboards — one for computer and one for mobile devices — to give fans even more chances to win. Well, we listened, and now we have TWO Daily Token Leaders each day, which means we’re awarding even more cash!

PCHRewards Token Leaders

(Image from 1/13/15)

When you visit you will see the previous day’s winners on the right hand side. Below that is the Daily Token Leaderboard that lists how many tokens you’ve earned as well as your competition! You can toggle between computer and mobile to view the token amounts you’ve earned on each, and if you’re lucky, you may even see your name top the leaderboard!

PCH Token Leaderboard

PCHrewards Token Leaderboard

Now you have even MORE chances to win. Play every day on both desktop and mobile to maximize your chances of winning. (And if you don’t have a mobile device, it won’t hurt your chances of winning the desktop prize!) Remember, there are LOTS of ways to earn tokens and all our tokens are awarded completely at random.

Ready for a little competition?! Start playing now and see if you can get your name on either leaderboard!

Have fun :)

Cara F.
Social Media Manager

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What Makes You Smile?

Greetings, fans and friends,

 Our PCH Community has a lot to smile about! After all, WE are full of smiles because we have the opportunity to share our PCH stories with you and tell you about all the great things going on here. And YOU have a big reason to smile – because on February 27th our third $5,000 a week “Forever” Prize  is guaranteed to be awarded! Remember, if you win that would mean $5,000 a week for your life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone you choose!

So, while you get into practice for displaying those pearly whites, grinning from ear to ear, and of course, jumping for joy and screaming out loud, here are a few fun facts about smiles.

Why Smiling Is Good for You

  • Smiling is contagious: According to scientists, neurons in the brain have a synchronizing feature that works with the people you smile at. If they smile, you smile … and if you smile, they smile!


  • Smiling is the best medicine: When you smile really big it boosts your immune system by decreasing the body chemical cortisol.

    Smiling_best medicine

  • Smiling is our first facial expression: No one can resist a smiling baby! Did you know that babies start smiling in the womb?

    Smile first expression

  • Forcing yourself to smile when you’re sad will actually elevate your mood: You know the song, “Smile, though your heart is aching”? It’s true! Thanks to endorphins (those feel-good chemicals in your body), smiling actually makes you feel better!

     Smiling_elevate mood

  • Smiling makes you look prettier: Studies have shown that 70% of people find smiling faces to be better looking than those wearing makeup. So, don’t powder your chin … put on a grin!
  • Smiling can reduce blood pressure: Not only will those endorphins elevate your mood, but they will also lower your blood pressure – so essentially, smiles can be healthy!
  • Smiling can be a form of exercise: It takes 26 muscles to smile – it’s like a workout for your face!

    Smiling  exercise

  • Employers tend to promote people who smile more often: Smiling shows your boss that you are engaged and easy to work with. (And there are a lot of smiling faces here at PCH!)

    Smiling work

  • There are 19 different types of smiles: Scientists have determined that there are 19 different types of smiles, ranging from overjoyed to polite. But who’s counting … we like ALL of them!


  • It’s easier to smile than frown: While it takes more muscles to smile than to frown, it’s easier to smile since we’ve worked out those muscles more.
  • We can detect smiles from far away: Humans can detect smiles from more than 300 feet away. This developed out of a need to distinguish friend from foe.
  • Smiling is a universal sign for happiness: While it can be tough to distinguish a genuine smile from a phony one, all people – and even some animals – recognize a smile and what it means.

So, will you be ready to smile on February 27th if you’re our lucky $5,000 a week “Forever” Prize winner? Of course, you will! You’ll be smiling all the way to the bank!

Smiling back at you,

Debbie K.

PCH Creative


P.S. PCH Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle Lam always has a smile on her face! (I know this for a fact, I see her all the time around PCH Headquarters!) Smile along with her … comment below!

What makes you smile

PCH Merchandise Makes 2015 Amazing!

Hey Blog Readers,

I hope you’re having a great New Year!  I know I am, and for me, the best part of a brand new year is the idea of a fresh start!  That’s why I’ve been busy cleaning out my house and have resolved to “keep it clean in 2015.”  And there’s no  better way to get started than with some of my favorite PCH Merchandise!

Now, I have to admit that my house is an absolute MESS!  It’s like when you were a teenager and you mom said, “your room looks like a bomb hit it…”…well picture that… only EVERYWHERE.  I just can’t seem to find the time to get it fully clean and organized, but I’ve come a long way by getting my hands on some amazing PCH Merchandise. So, here’s a look at some of the must-haves that have gotten me off to a great start.

1) Tile & Tub Scrubber Plus 3 Free Sponges

Tub and Tile Scrubber

Oh, how I used to hate bending over to clean the tub!  And the worst part was, I’d feel like I was scrubbing for hours and getting nothing clean.  Well, not anymore!  With the Tile & Tub Scrubber we sell at PCH, cleaning down low and up high is easier than ever!  If you try just one item this year, I highly recommend it!

2) Store & Pour 10-Piece Container Set

Store & Pour 10-Piece Container Set

These five containers with lids have been such a big help in getting my kitchen organized!  I’ve used them for cereal, for pasta, for juice and even for leftover soup.  Plus, with this new set, I found that I could get rid of some of my older, stained storage containers so they helped me clean up even more!

3) Laundry Mate™ Easy Open Pop-Up Hamper – Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Laundry Mate™ Easy Open Pop-Up Hamper

I know we all have our laundry challenges, and for me, it used to be getting everything up and down the stairs in that giant laundry bucket.  But not anymore!  With the Pop-Up Hamper, I just grab the handles and go … it makes the job so much easier!  Plus, when I’m all done, the hamper folds down so I can put it away in the closet!

Pop-Up hamper

So, if you’re like me and you want to keep your house clean in 2015, check out our PCH Merchandise lineup  for these quick solutions and so many more great items I just know you’re going to love!  You can find the Tile & Tub Scrubber (Plus 3 FREE Sponges – A $14.10 Total Value) toward the bottom of page 2, the Store & Pour 10-Piece Container Set (Save 50% Similar Items Sell Elsewhere For $31.99) in the middle of page 2 and the Laundry Mate™ Easy Open Pop Up Hamper (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) toward the bottom of page 3.  Just so you know, if you haven’t already registered, you’ll need to fill in your information before you can see all of our exciting offers (it only takes a few seconds so don’t let that stop you)!

After you’ve seen the products first hand, let me know what you think!  Is there something else you would try to help combat the clutter … do you have any suggestions to help me “keep it clean in 2015″… please comment below and let me know!  I always appreciate your advice.

Thanks for reading & thanks in advance for your tips!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Introducing the ALL-NEW PCHRewards Loyalty Program!

Now more than ever, it pays to play at PCH every day because the more you play, THE MORE YOU COULD WIN!]

PCHRewards Loyalty Program Levels

Hey Blog Readers — I’ve got some great news!

PCH has recently introduced the PCHRewards Loyalty Program, which gives players like you special rewards for playing, winning and earning tokens!

That’s right!  You’re getting rewarded for doing what you love — scratching cards, playing games and going for sweepstakes prizes with PCH.  And the more you do these things, the more you can get rewarded!  You see, every Token counts toward your Loyalty Program Status – and the higher your Status, the better the rewards can be!  Let’s take a look at how the program works…

You can easily view your All-Time Token Totals and Status on the top right hand corner of the homepage:

PCH Tokens Total

And find out more details about your Status by clicking the arrow.

PCHrewards silver status

You’ll get even more specific details about your rewards when you click the [+] symbol, and you can find out about all our rewards when you click the “More about PCHRewards” link.  But before you go check it out, here’s a quick rundown of the details…

There are EIGHT Loyalty Program Statuses in all:

Black Diamond

The rewards grow with every Status you earn, and here’s a quick look at some of the amazing benefits:

First come the PCHRewards Welcome Tokens!

PCH Rewards Welcome Tokens

Loyalty Program Members get Extra Tokens Every Day just for visiting

Then come the “Thank You” Wheel Spins!

PCHRewards Thank You Wheel Spins

Each spin means more ways to win cash or earn Tokens – and you’ll get spins every time you elevate your status (Please note: you won’t receive a new spin every day, just every time you move to the next level).

Next up is the Token Leader Reward!

PCHRewards Token Leader

Earn the most Tokens for the day on before 11:59PM, E.T., and you’ll be the Daily Token Leader, which means you’ll score the cash prize for your Status AND get bragging rights with your name posted on the Daily Token Leaderboard!  We listened to what you had to say, so now there’s a Prize awarded every day to someone on Desktop AND someone on Mobile, so if you can, make sure you go for both ways to win!

Last, but not least, is the special opportunity you’ll unlock in the PCHRewards Token Exchange.

PCHRewards Silver opportunity

All of these examples I gave in this blog have been for Silver members. But the rewards only get better with every status you earn!

And remember, no matter what your Status, the best part about PCHRewards is that using your Tokens won’t impact your All-Time Token Totals at all.  So you can enter to win as many prizes as you’d like without impacting your Status!  Plus, winners in the Token Exchange get their name on the Token Exchange Winners List for everyone to see!

PCHRewards Token Exchange Winners List

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Oh – and one last thing … I want to make sure you Blog Readers know that PCHRewards is about more than just — you can earn Tokens to help elevate your Status on PCHlottoPCHSearch&Win and PCHgames, too!  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there, earn those Tokens and get rewarded today with PCHRewards!  And let me know what you think of our new Loyalty Program below!

Have Fun!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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