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Did You Know: All About the First PCH Prize Patrol Delivery!

1ST Prize Patrol Delivery

Greetings, fans and friends! Boy, do I have a super-duper behind-the-scenes PCH story for you!!!

Everyone knows about the world-famous PCH Prize Patrol. And you’ve all seen those fabulous PCH Winning Moments – when the Prize Patrol awards unsuspecting winners their life-changing SuperPrizes – either online or in our TV commercials.

But there’s a whole amazing story behind the very first PCH Prize Patrol delivery 28 years ago that involves Prize Patrol Elite member Todd Sloane … a video camcorder … and some quick and creative thinking!

That video above is the first PCH Winning Moment, shot on Todd Sloane’s camcorder! Here’s what Todd had to say about it:

In January of 1988, we awarded our first-ever $10 Million prize,”  Todd explains. “The way we awarded prizes back then was a little different. Typically, we would select the winner here at PCH and someone would call them on the phone. Starting that January, we decided to promote that we would announce the winning SuperPrize number on TV.”

Todd continues, “When we picked the winner for the $10,000,000, as luck would have it, they lived right across the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey. We showed up the enxt day while they were watching the winning number announcement. Dave Sayer and a couple of other people waited outside their house, and after the announcement ran on TV, they knocked on the door.”

First Prize Patrol Delivery

The PCH Prize Patrol back in the day!

Todd explains that Dave came back the next day and told him the story of how the winners were jumping up and down and screaming. “My first question” says Todd, was “Did you videotape it?” Camcorders were just beginning to get popular back in 1988, but, alas, there was no videotape!

“With all of that in mind,” Todd relates, “the following August we were set to announce another winner — this time for $1 Million. I suggested we do the same thing, but this time, we’ll wait outside and I will videotape it.”

Knowing that the world was ready to see a PCH Winning Moment, Todd went to a local electronics store and bought a new camcorder (which he thinks is still sitting somewhere in PCH headquarters) for the company, for what was the going price at that time … $1,400!

“Once the winner was chosen at random (John and Julie Yancy of Austin, Texas), we flew to Texas, and waited outside their home with a portable TV set, so we could hear when the winning number announcement ran on TV and then run down the driveway to knock on the door,”  Todd says. “And I was the cameraman!”

Good thing Todd was able to capture that PCH Winning Moment … because just as the Prize Patrol was running down the driveway, the camcorder battery started to die!

Todd’s idea was a success: the Yancys went crazy, Todd returned to PCH with a ton of footage, which he thought would make terrific TV commercials … and the rest, as they say, is history!

I really have to thank Todd for going into such great detail on this fascinating story about the first Prize Patrol delivery! It really shows how Publishers Clearing House loves giving away prizes!

So, how would YOU react if the PCH Prize Patrol came to your home and recorded you winning the giant SuperPrize? Would you scream, cry, jump up and down, or stand there in complete shock? One thing’s for sure, you’ll never know if you don’t enter now!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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Be Sure To Honor Our Military Heroes This Memorial Day


 We want to wish all of our PCH fans a happy and safe Memorial Day as we kick off the official start to the summer of 2016!

Memorial Day is traditionally a day for parades, barbecues and picnics, or even for venturing out to the beach or lake with the family for the first time all year.  For many it’s a joyful celebration.

But we cannot neglect the true meaning of Memorial Day.  We at Publishers Clearing House want to remind all of our fans to please take a moment to honor those brave service men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country.  It could mean going to your community parade and saluting the marching veterans … volunteering to help decorate soldiers’ graves … even just raising the flag.

Here’s an interesting fact. As a way to remind Americans about the true meaning of Memorial Day, the “National Moment of Remembrance” resolution was passed in December 2000. It asks that at 3 p.m. local time all Americans “voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a Moment of Remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence or listening to Taps.”

Now that’s something we can all take part in.  So how about it? Are you with us?

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

Have You Turned On Your Notifications for the PCH Fan Page on Facebook?

Want to stay up-to-date on all things PCH and make sure you receive our posts on your newsfeed in real-time? Well, luckily, we’ve got the fix for you! If you are an avid follower of the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, but don’t often see our posts right away when you log on and check your news feed, here’s a trick to help you out.

All you have to do is make sure you turn on your notifications! That’s right everyone. You see, Facebook is constantly changing its format to try to make things easier for you, the user. And we’re super excited that there is now a way to customize your notifications and news feed.

Simply go to the Publishers Clearing House Fan Page on Facebook, and click the “Liked” button that resides at the bottom right hand side of our cover photo. Once you click “Liked”, a drop down will appear with the title, “IN YOUR NEWS FEED”. From there, you can easily click “See First”. By clicking “See First”, you are telling Facebook that you want to see OUR PAGE first in your news feed! Pretty simple, right? And what’s more, you can even get notifications anytime we post something on our Fan Page! Just click “All On” under the notifications portion of the drop down, and you’ll never miss another beat when it comes to Publishers Clearing House!


We hope you find this process simple, and benefit from turning on your notifications and newsfeed! I’d love to know…how do YOU feel about this awesome feature on Facebook? Tell us in the comments below!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

Welcome To The Brand New PCH Official Instagram Page!

Hey PCH fans! For all of you who love following us on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve got very exciting news! The PCHofficial Instagram page is finally here, and we already have 1.6k followers since our April 5th launch!

What can you expect from our brand new page? Well, our Social Media Department has been busy making sure we have tons of informative posts to highlight previous winners, give fans behind-the-scenes fun, and keep up the ongoing theme of PCH “winspiration” for our fans who are “in it to win it!”  We’ll also be posting must-see #ThrowbackThursday and #WinnerWednesday posts, a few informative consumer protection posts and more!

When I first heard about our new Instagram page, I immediately grabbed my phone so I could check it out for myself. WOW, is it filled with some really cool stuff! Oh, and of course I immediately hit “follow” so that way new posts will show up right in my feed every time I sign on!

I clicked on some of our most recent posts and found a “behind-the-scenes” post of our Social Media Coordinator Giselle posing by our PCH sign! She helps run our page, so keep an eye out for more posts from her!


There was also a post educating our loyal fans about the many PCH scams out there and the dangers of interacting with fake PCH pages!


What else will you find on our new Instagram page? Why don’t you head on over and check it out for yourself? If you don’t have an account yet, now’s a great time to create an account for free! Start following “PCHofficial” today!


Victoria P.
PCH Creative

Behind The Scenes At PCH, Meet Maryann Carter!


Hello, everyone. As Publishers Clearing House fans know, awarding prizes is what we do best! So today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to someone who plays an important role in making it all happen behind the scenes at PCH: Maryann Carter, our Senior Contest Manager. Maryann and her team are involved with many aspects of our contests, from setting up sweepstakes to overseeing drawings — our winners are always chosen at random —   and everything in between!

In her 21 years at Publishers Clearing House, Maryann has overseen many, many drawings. Of course, there have been the random drawings for our Millionaire-making SuperPrizes, but did you know that drawings for smaller prizes are held at PCH all the time? Explains Maryann, I run drawings on a daily basis, then I send the winner information to our Contest Analyst so that the prizes can be fulfilled.

While all our PCH prizes are exciting, Maryann is aware that the BIG SuperPrize drawings are Super-Special! Its thrilling to know that someones life will change when we select a big winner of $1 Million or more. I think about what the winner might feel like when they see the Prize Patrol standing at their door. If it were me, I would jump up and down,  she exclaims.

One of Maryann’s favorite promotions was the Prize Patrol blitz that took place several years ago. We sent out numerous teams of Prize Patrol deputies to deliver $10,000.00 prizes all across the country in a 3 day timeframe. It was exciting to hear all of the experiences the deputies had and how wonderful our winners were. So many winners in three days was certainly a tall order for Maryann and her team – but all those happy winners were worth it!

When she’s not running drawings (and changing lives) here at PCH, you can often find Maryann in her yard, as she is an avid gardener. Her other interests include making jewelry and doing traditional needlework.

I hope you enjoyed your peek behind the scenes with Maryann Carter, who is just one of the PCH folks who work together to make dreams come true, every day.

All the best,

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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PCH Goes Green And Celebrates Earth Day In A Big Way!

PCH Celebrates Earth Day

This year Publishers Clearing House went the extra mile to celebrate Earth Day. While it’s officially recognized on April 22nd, PCH goes green all year long! That’s because Publishers Clearing House has always recognized the importance of being a good corporate citizen. Part of that responsibility is doing business in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment.  Let me show you how.

PCH Earth Day

PCH Reduces, Reuses and Recycles
They call themselves “The Green Team”, and they’ve been hard at work since 2007 to establish company-wide policies that save energy, reduce office paper, and ensure that we are buying paper and packaging that is produced in an environmentally responsible way. They’ve come up with simple and easy ways that can really add up to big energy savings, like reminding us to shut down our computers each night, turn off lights when we leave our office, and to set our copiers to automatically copy on both sides of the paper.  We also have different wastebaskets for paper only and for non-paper office waste, like pens and food, plus special recycling containers for metal, glass and plastic.  PCH goes green with simple, easy steps that work!

Publishers Clearing House Goes Green

Book, Battery and Cell Phone Drive
It’s important to dispose of electronics in a responsible way, and the PCH Green Team has set up collection bins so everyone can donate old or unused batteries for recycling.  This ongoing effort has been a big success!

The same goes for gently used cell phones.  Donations were collected for “Cell Phones for Soldiers”, a national nonprofit serving troops and veterans with free communication services and emergency funding. They also recycle tablets and MP3 players. Proceeds from the donated phones are used to send prepaid international calling cards to our troops to use with their approved phones. What a great way to help out our troops and vets!

PCH has also accepted the “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island Book Drive Challenge”.  Our goal is to collect 2,000 gently used books. Once we meet this goal, Big Brothers Big Sisters will have the necessary funding to match up an “at risk” child facing adversity to a caring, screened Big Brother or Big Sister.  Those books are piling up fast, and we are so proud to support this incredible mentoring program for children in need!

PCH Goes Green

File Clean Out Week
We were also able to do our share for Earth Day by throwing out unwanted and unneeded paper files in an earth friendly manner during one whole week of office cleaning. Was it ever a good feeling to shed that paper and free up some valuable office space (and to finally see our desks)!  Can you believe that we shredded 2.25 tons of paper and recycled 6.31 tons of paper? Amazing!

Earth Day Celebration
We had a full day of planned activities here for Earth Day on April 22nd.  Free, reusable water bottles (featuring the PCH logo of course) were distributed to all employees to help cut down on our use of wax coated cups in the cafeteria and the amount of waste going into our landfills. (Most of us already use our favorite travel mugs at work for our coffee.) There were fun festivities held outside on the lawn in front of PCH headquarters, including volleyball games, bicycles for riding, and healthy earth day treats!

I’m sure you all had your own Earth Day events in your local communities, too. So tell us in the comments section below, how did you celebrate, and how do you plan to help the environment?

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

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