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Are You a Believer in PCH?

Hello PCH blog readers, Just a few weeks ago, I started seeing a different doctor for a check-up. As we talked, the normal topic of, “What do you do?” came up. I smiled and said that I worked for a local company, and that I also worked for Publishers Clearing House. “NO WAY!” he exclaimed. [read more...]

Millions Of Dollars In The Race

You can enter the race for the next Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize worth millions of dollars without spending a single penny.

Publishers Clearing House Winning Tweet Takes Over

You would think that people Tweeting about Publishers Clearing House would be spreading the word about our big cash sweepstakes, online instant win prizes, and many more winning opportunities. But surprisingly, the PCH-based phrase that has been travelling through the Twitterverse for months has nothing to do with any of those. Instead, it’s about hair.  [read more...]

PCHgames Online Tournament – $1,000 Solitaire Cash Prize Event

Today’s an important day, PCH Blog readers, because today PCHgames is hosting its April online tournament featuring the king of all solitaire games, Spider Solitaire!  Eliminate 10 columns of cards by forming same suit sequences in descending order from King to Ace in order to win the game.  Do this quickly and earn a time [read more...]

Online Search For April Fools’ Day

An online search for information about April Fools’ Day revealed theories about its origin, ideas for pranks and offers for e-cards to mark the occasion.

Publishers Clearing House Winners 2011

It may be a little premature to “look back” at Publishers Clearing House Winners of 2011, but who couldn’t use a dreamy pick-me-up to remind you PCHers that miracles do happen and that PCH dreams come true?! When I heard that the latest PCH Winner of 2011, Veronica Trombino, was a nurse, it was especially [read more...]

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