$10,000 Sweepstakes Winner Saw Good Luck Coming

On the morning of November 3 Colette Wallace, the newest $10,000 sweepstakes winner, saw a brown moth fluttering around her Texas home. It didn’t bother her – as it might some folks – because in the Philippine Islands, Colette’s native land, this particular sight is a sign of imminent good luck. Still she didn’t think much […]

The Cam’Pay’N Cashout Instant Win Opportunity on PCHlotto!

Cam’Pay’N Cashout – Will you count-up a cash payout this election season? Selecting who to vote for has always been a challenging process for me. First I think about the issues that matter most to me and list them by importance. Then I conduct some research and match the politicians that are most aligned with […]

A Big Check and Balloons From PCH – The White House Wish

Distributing Big Checks is second nature to the PCH Prize Patrol. But in a recent White House press conference, spokesman Robert Gibbs was asked his opinion on how the Obama administration’s tax cut was actually delivered to Americans. In describing how such a cut might have been improved he expressed with a twinkle in his […]

Free Sweepstakes From PCH Are Easy to Enter

In the movie “Parenthood” the Keanu Reeves character says “You need a license to catch a fish, but anyone can become a parent.” The ironic implication is that, in actuality, it takes careful preparation and loving dedication to successfully raise a child; but one can simply drop a fishing line in the water and pull […]

An Exciting Prize Day on PCHSearch&Win – Enter to Win 1 of 5 Ebay $100 Gift Certificates!

PCHSearch&Win is hosting an exciting prize day where you can enter to win 1 of 5 $100 Ebay gift cards! Job reports on the news have been changing lately. Have you noticed the new job trend where traditional jobs are fading away? These days’ job hunters are looking to online auction sites, where they can […]

Sweepstakes Winners Get the Spotlight in PCH Commercials

Our recent TV campaign showed dozens of sweepstakes “winning moments” culled from our vast archives of videotaped Prize Patrol visits to winners’ doors. Some of my friends complained to me that they really didn’t see me; they only saw the back of my head. “Why didn’t they show your face, Dave?” they asked, referring — […]