More Ways to Win

61 thoughts on “More Ways to Win”

  1. tammer p jensen says:

    it really would be great to win 7000 a week and share it with others so I could finally buy that house I want someday

  2. Dave says:

    My Birthday is on February 25 ,would nth that be the most awesome B-day present EVER….winning $5000 a month forever , keep my prayers right up to the time a winner is drawn

  3. Entering To Be Blessed So I Can Bless Others Along The Way……..Praying for It ToBe On The Way….. !!!!!!!! …MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY ONE !!!!!!!!!!

  4. I would love to win $7,000.00 a week for life!

  5. says:

    thank you Jesus and P.C.H for giving me this chance to win

  6. Pearl S. Breakthroughs Are On The Way. says:

    I Talked With Someone Whom Won 3Years Ago, They Said A Million$$$$$ , They Said Chances Are Slimmer Than The Lottery… We Only Talked Briefly, They Said To Just Keep Entering, They Didn’t Give Me Any Pointers. 😊. I’ve A Very Informative Health Book, It Says Eat Broccoli & Olive Oil To Fight Breast Cancer. Check With Dr. Oz, He Seems To Carefully Give Great Life Saving Advice, Next Check The National Cancer Institute .com For Cancer Fighting Tips & Prayer Is Powerful, Speak Healed Of Cancer Into Your Life, Believe It To Receive It In Jesus Name. Its Awesome That PCH Is Giving A Large Donation To Cancer Fighting Research. 😊😊. Be Safety Focused, Give A Kind Word,Etc. Be Blessed😊. Keep Warm , A Hood & Layers Of Clothes, No Time To Be Cute. 😊😃😊😃

  7. Yes I would love to win $7,000.00 a week for life! on October 23rd gwy 4900 and$1,000.00 gwy 5035, oh my thank you Jesus and P.C.H for giving me this chance to win, god bless Todd Sloane And the lovely Danielle Lam, and the man Dave Sayer also Deborah Holland, the lord will surely bless you, praise the lord. I will keep the faith.

  8. Jocelyn says:

    I would just like to know if anyone out there (or if anyone out there even knows of anyone) that has actually WON Anything at all thru PCH cuz as long as iceberg playing the games and submitting chances and entries I’ve never even came close to anything REAL and don’t know of a single person that’s has…. Strange huh?

  9. Shirley Saldivar says:

    I have had breast Cancer , I worry about my health and I would want nothing more than to leave my daughters set and I would love to help less fortunate people as well, it would be nice to actually win.

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