PCHSearch&Win Winner Profile: Barbara Z.

Barbara Z. is a $100 Cash Prize winner from PCHSearch&Win.

PCHSearch&Win winner Barbara Z. has been a PCH Customer Since 1984 and her $100.00 cash prize from PCHSearch&Win is her very first Publishers Clearing House win!

The March 2011 winner searched on the day that PCHSearch&Win was giving away 5 $100 iTunes Gift Cards, but opted for 100 big ones totally free to spend on whatever her heart desires.

Even though she was beginning to think it would never happen, Barbara Z. stuck to the Publishers Clearing House instant giveaway engine because she says PCHSearch&Win “has already become the search engine I use most often.”

Imagine the rush Barbara Z. felt as she searched and won $100. Right after the winner claimed her cash prize, we received her feedback at around 10 AM, so I think it’s safe to assume that she was a morning winner. Barbara’s day must have shined like the sun for the rest of her day, as $100 could brighten just about anyone’s day!

Since she won the PCHSearch&Win prize, Barbara Z. has taken charge and been on her cell phone letting family and friends know about her Publishers Clearing House win. Despite her excitement for winning from PCHSearch&Win, Barbara Z. told us that she was not sure what she’ll do with her $100 prize. What would you advise Barbara Z. to do with her PCH cash?

While Publishers Clearing House has their winning moment and an oversized check, Barbara Z. got her own very PCHSearch&Win check, which she proudly holds up in a photo she sent the PCHSearch&Win team…which is coming soon!

The “Prize” Queen

107 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win Winner Profile: Barbara Z.”

  1. says:

    God bless everyone.

  2. Kimberly Weeks says:

    God bless everyone. Love all the help and guidance 4900, 4950, Cash Win. 5035

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    GOD BLESS AMERICA! Jerald Johnson

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  6. Mario Echeverria says:

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    GOD BLESS AMERICA! Jerald Johnson

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