PCHSearch&Win Winner Profile: Cynthia M.

Cynthia M. is a winner of an Amazon Gift Card. She won during the PCHSearch&Win “Week of Winners” on the day PCH rewarded 5000 searches with instant win prizes.

I first noticed this PCHSearch&Win winner through an e-mail she sent to the Winner Outreach Program. In the e-mail Cynthia M. told us that she had been having a horrible day and never won anything in her life – she even believed that she was one of the unluckiest people alive!

My how PCHSearch&Win turned that around! In fact, her words of happiness are so powerful; I would rather have Cynthia M. write this blog post herself! But realistically, I’m just going to have to try to give you as many quotes from Cynthia M. as I can.

As far as Cynthia M.’s searching habits go, she said “I’m loving this search engine!!!! Not only do I use it for work and home, mostly work, once I’m home I’m fried from work, my eyes can’t handle it, but now every computer at home is gonna have PCH Search and win as a home page.”

When she is on PCHSearch&Win she says she searches for: “Everything, especially at work, I search engineers, companies, addresses, info on things of personal interest to me, like I said everything!!!!!!! I’m usually searching every 10-15 minutes.”

She likens her winning moment to her favorite movie by quoting two lines in the email she sent us. That movie is A Christmas Story and that her favorite lines include: “It’s a Major Award!!!!!!!!” and “Fragile, Hmmm must be Italian.” Cynthia must like Christmas very much because she also said that winning on PCHSearch&Win is “like waiting for a Christmas present.”

And what will she do with the Amazon Gift Card? Cynthia M. said that she will use the Amazon prize “to purchase a new book. I love Anne Rice.”

To finish this winner profile, I want to leave you off with a quote from Cynthia to PCHSearch&Win:

“Thanks soooo much!!!!!!”

The “Prize” Queen

20 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win Winner Profile: Cynthia M.”

  1. Cindy M says:

    Hi PCH. I’m putting what I hope to win: Prize # 4650 – There are many prizes with this #; “like” $ 1 Million Dollars + $5,000.00 a Week For Life. “Set For Life”, “Forever” “Like” Power Player Doubles prizes from $20,000.00 To $1 Million dollars. (Thank – You)
    Super Searcher, Super Fan.
    If not that, then maybe Prize #3080, #4900-$7,000.00 a Week for “LIFE”, “Forever” “Win it All” or other prizes from #4950, # 4561-Backyard, # 2225-Local TV Area-Orlando/Daytona. ( That might be # 5030 ) The # keep changing. #5760-Truck (or car if not truck. Can drop either if weekly prize.) #1830 $5,000.00 a week for “Life” “Forever”. CM are my…seizures. I must stop. I know PCH has seen all the possible prizes before. I want to win.
    Very late for me. Some Activation Codes–W-07, W17, W71 SW269, pc268, pcW17, pc252. I’m sure there are more. I just can’t search for them now. God Bless All at PCH. Good luck to my Fellow Searchers. Congrats to All Winners. Cindy M

  2. Cindy M says:

    Been trying all morning to read Frontpage, but it’s hard. T many partial seizures all day. I truly hope this get to PCH. “I WANT TO WIN IT ALL” However, I hope it makes it to PCH. CINDY M

  3. Cindy M says:

    Hi. Got some script writers out there. LOL But I am happy about any prizes I win. Hope my Fellow Searchers are having LUCK too. God Bless All of you & God Bless All who work at PCH.
    So many ways to win at PCH. Win or lose. PCH is FANTASTIC & NOT A SCAM!! Bye for now, Cindy M

  4. Cindy M says:

    AH- JUST Remembered I want to win the Prize of my “Rolling Wheel” Prize.
    I am trying a new tactic to win money. Many smaller prizes = a BIG prize. MS cancelled appointment due to I was sick. ( INCREASE Seizures too.) I’ll have to be patience with my body. GOD BLESS All Of You at PCH.
    Cindy M

  5. Cindy M says:

    Praise GOD & PCH ! I won an instant win -Double win.
    Daily winner in lotto. I just don’t know where to get it approved?

  6. Hi Prize Patrol .
    Yes I Want to Win the SuperPrize gwy ” Win It All ” giveaway
    Number.4900 and plus more. Thank you.

  7. Cindy Mahr says:

    Thank-You for the encouragement. God & PCH Computer willing, I’ll keep trying. Maybe Notice #WO9-101. Bye for now CINDY M

  8. CINDY MAHR says:

    Cindy M. So happy I won the Card. Maybe My luck or God’s Blessing is staring to flow my way this time. Not to imply God hasn’t been Blessing me & my family all along. But this time He is using PCH. Try for everything great or small. They are ALL Blessings. Good Luck to all my Fellow Searchers & God Bless them ALL. Bye for now. CM

  9. Yusuf Nasir says:

    Ready to Win in 15 Minutes hopefully You Will Select Me the next PCH of the Winner Forever life Prize for February 27th Dream Come True from PCH thanks for the opportunity

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