PCHSearch&Win Winner Profile: Cynthia M.

Cynthia M. is a winner of an Amazon Gift Card. She won during the PCHSearch&Win “Week of Winners” on the day PCH rewarded 5000 searches with instant win prizes.

I first noticed this PCHSearch&Win winner through an e-mail she sent to the Winner Outreach Program. In the e-mail Cynthia M. told us that she had been having a horrible day and never won anything in her life – she even believed that she was one of the unluckiest people alive!

My how PCHSearch&Win turned that around! In fact, her words of happiness are so powerful; I would rather have Cynthia M. write this blog post herself! But realistically, I’m just going to have to try to give you as many quotes from Cynthia M. as I can.

As far as Cynthia M.’s searching habits go, she said “I’m loving this search engine!!!! Not only do I use it for work and home, mostly work, once I’m home I’m fried from work, my eyes can’t handle it, but now every computer at home is gonna have PCH Search and win as a home page.”

When she is on PCHSearch&Win she says she searches for: “Everything, especially at work, I search engineers, companies, addresses, info on things of personal interest to me, like I said everything!!!!!!! I’m usually searching every 10-15 minutes.”

She likens her winning moment to her favorite movie by quoting two lines in the email she sent us. That movie is A Christmas Story and that her favorite lines include: “It’s a Major Award!!!!!!!!” and “Fragile, Hmmm must be Italian.” Cynthia must like Christmas very much because she also said that winning on PCHSearch&Win is “like waiting for a Christmas present.”

And what will she do with the Amazon Gift Card? Cynthia M. said that she will use the Amazon prize “to purchase a new book. I love Anne Rice.”

To finish this winner profile, I want to leave you off with a quote from Cynthia to PCHSearch&Win:

“Thanks soooo much!!!!!!”

The “Prize” Queen

11 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win Winner Profile: Cynthia M.”

  1. Cindy Mahr says:

    HI, Cindy M, I am thrilled for everyone who wins. And I like winning too. So many ways to do it on PCH. they have helped a lot of people over the years. It doesn’t matter to a lot of people if it’s big or small so much as that it was them that won. It’s a special moment. Now of course we all like big prizes, but that’s the hope. A part of us doesn’t really think we’ll be the winner of anything. And then it happens WINNER. God bless U all & good luck. Who knows, the next winner just might be U. bye for now Cindy M

  2. Cynthia McDaniel says:

    boy i wish i could win somthing I would buy my unselfishly 76 year old mom a house she deserve it for all she’s done for me and my siblings ,we have never won nothing

  3. cynthia m. brogdon says:

    wooow thats nice

  4. Maxima Shuck says:

    One thing is that often one of the most typical incentives for using your credit cards is a cash-back or maybe rebate offer. Generally, you’ll receive 1-5% back for various expenditures. Depending on the card, you may get 1% back on most purchases, and 5% back again on expenses made from convenience stores, gasoline stations, grocery stores along with ‘member merchants’.

  5. cynthia chrast says:

    thankyou so much i have never won anything!

  6. ln11 Lisa eNters says:

    Hii & special tks to The “Prize” Queen!!

  7. Doris Knott says:

    What do you in a password.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Doris,
      If you’re having trouble with your password, you can reset it by clicking here. All you have to do is enter the email address you used while registering with PCH Search & Win, and that will send a request for a password reset link. I hope I helped answer your question. If not, feel free to contact our Customer Service by visiting the PCH Customer Service page. Happy searching!
      Liz Allen

  8. Cindy Lusk says:

    I will be a Winner I know I will

  9. nancy fitzgerald says:

    Ever since I lost my full time job things have been so emotionally tough. I have acquired PT Jobs to hold onto my house for my daughter & grandson, but I just don’t know what to do at this point. I know have a Ft time job and feel becuse of struggling so I can’t do a great job. I’m in sales and I’m not sure if I’m cut out for it anymore. I have been on PCH for sometime, but feel it may never work for me. I just need a break! I am 60 and have been working all my life, raising 2 girls by myself and have given them, love, support and a good religious upbringing. We love eachother so much. Most of all I am proud to be a mother of 2 great girls and a grandson.

  10. Cynthia M. says:

    Yeah Baby, I got My 15 Minutes!!!!!! Sweet, Now I’m Famous!!!!!!! Thanks sooooo much, my kids can’t doubt me now that their Momma isn’t such a “LOOSER” anymore. Everyday we check the blog with the hopes that my name would be up in lights, I can’t wait till they get home. PCH, keep pumping out those prizes and I’ll keep searching & playing!! Oh, and GOOD LUCK TO ALL- If I can win a prize, there’s definetly some hope out there, anyone can win, but ya gotta work for it baby!!! Not hard to do, just search like you do everyday, but make sure you use the PCH search engine. Quick and Easy!! Loving it!! Instead of the famed “A Dollar and A Dream” we’ve upgraded to “A SEARCH and A Dream!!!

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