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PCHSearchandWin lets you find what you want, when you want it. And, you could win prizes instantly simply by searching – every single day!

Now, since Father’s Day is almost here and you’re looking for unique gift ideas for Dad, start searching at PCHSearchandWin. How about new running shoes, a fishing rod, a golf tee set, a new recliner, a pair of fuzzy dice for his 1969 Corvette, the latest mobile device, a new computer monitor, a designer suit or a book on I.M. Pei – if your Dad’s the artsy type, of course — look for it all on PCHSearchandWin — read about it, find out where to purchase it and much, much more.

Exploring the endless possibilities of what you can search for and find on PCHSearchandWin is really a unique experience in itself. Why, you ask? Well, with a powerful search engine like PCHSearchandWin you can find whatever you want, whenever you want. Plus, you have the opportunity to win prizes instantly simply for doing what practically everyone does anyway during the course of a day – search the internet! Instant win prizes are awarded every day and you could win instantly, plus you have the opportunity to enter for a Publishers Clearing House life-changing SuperPrize with your first search every day. You can’t beat that!

When I think about everything PCHSearchandWin has to offer, I understand why so many people choose to use it. It simply makes sense – and it could make you a lot of cents – and some dollars, too! Remember to take us with you when you’re out and about – even when you’re out searching for great Father’s Day gifts – because maybe the store you just went to is out of the gift you want for your Dad –just search PCHSearchandWin and maybe you’ll find another store that has the gift. And, you could win some instant money, too. Then you could search for a great place to eat and have a nice meal on PCHSearchandWin, if you are selected the winner!

For faster, easier searching, make PCHSearchandWin your homepage or just bookmark us! Good luck with your gift buying. And, remember to leave your comments below and let me know what you bought your Dad for Father’s Day. Did you find anything unique using PCHSearchandWin? Did you win a prize? Did you search us on your mobile device? How did that go? And, remember to stop by our Fan page on Facebook!

Keep search, search, searching!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

25 thoughts on “PCHSearchandWin – Search for Unique Gifts”

  1. Luis says:

    Hi pch I just wanna say a really need change my life still I Ben for to much stress sometimes I fill so bad I wish start allover end change many things in my life end stand up bu always something doesn’t work but I can’t give up I need to get stronger for everything is came in need to be stand still!

  2. naheed khan says:

    well it is a great chance can my life

  3. what does the ticket to endless possibilities mean?

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Jessica,

      It means that you can search for anything on PCHSearch&Win. The possibilities of what you could learn are endless! And you might also win a PCH prize! So PCHSearch&Win is your ticket to endless possibilities!

      Victoria At PCH

  4. I have a ticket with 1848 and 1847 on it but I know I couldn’t win
    It is for advertisement isn’t it.

    1. PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Patricia,

      We would need more information to assist you further. Please contact our customer service team by using the “Ask Us” page at:


      Rod @ Search & Win

  5. sandra tien says:

    I always look fowards to all your company has to offer. I really have to admit that, your offers are quite exciting! Thanks PCH!

  6. kasasha hurtt says:

    My topic is about godly miracles there very amazing he sends them in rain wind all types of ways. U can talk 2 him an he always talks back, u can ask an do right all the time an he favors you the lord is amazing and his miracles are too :-] lord send me a miracle



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