PCHSearchandWin Celebrates $10,000.00 Winner William Manee This 4th of July!

PCHSearchandWin online entry makes William Manee from Tennessee $10,000.00 richer! Talk about a 4th of July Celebration! Way to go William!

“I never won anything in my life!” shouted William, as the PCH Prize Patrol awarded him the $10,000.00 prize. Well, William has won – and so could you! Now, guess how William was able to win $10,000.00? You know it, folks by getting entry with a search at PCHSearch&Win, that’s how! William has vowed to continue searching and getting entries at www.search.pch.com, especially since our illustrious Prize Patrol reminded him that he could enter every day and be eligible to win even more PCH sweepstakes prizes – maybe even millions of dollars! Remember, folks: there’s nothing in the PCH Sweepstakes Rules that says you can’t win twice!

Can you imagine winning a PCH Sweepstakes prize and receiving the Big Check from the PCH Prize Patrol? Now imagine being awarded a big money sweepstakes prize like $10,000.00, $1,000,000.00 or even $5,000.00 a Week for Life, and the celebration you could have! Wow! Talk about fireworks! If you won big money like William did, imagine what a real blast you could have this 4th of July – and every day to come. So, what are you waiting for? Get over to PCHSearch&Win now and start searching! Get your PCH entry every day! You can find whatever you’re looking for, whenever you want, wherever you are! Plus, you have the opportunity to win cash and prizes instantly from PCHSearch&Win simply for doing what most everyone does all the time – search the internet. And, if you win a big money Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes giveaway prize, you might get a visit from the PCH Prize Patrol just like William!

What does William plan to do with his $10,000.00 prize money? Great things, that’s what! Some of his cash windfall will go to his daughter’s college fund, into his savings account and to his church. See, -PCHSearch&Win winners know how to share and help others. William’s faith in PCHSearch&Win paid off, and now he’ll continue to search at www.search.pch.com every day!

Let’s hear it for William – Yay! Let’s hear it for America – Happy 4th of July! Let’s hear it for winning a PCH Sweepstakes – Woohoo! Now let’s hear it for PCHSearch&Win – Yay! Remember to search, search, search for chances to win, win, win!

All of us at PCHSearch&Win wish you and your family a very happy and safe 4th of July. Enjoy the weekend and keep searching at PCHSearch&Win!

Happy 4th!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

272 thoughts on “PCHSearchandWin Celebrates $10,000.00 Winner William Manee This 4th of July!”

  1. PCH.. Hi there Big BLESSINGS TO ALL, PCH wouldnt we all like to win but only the one up above knows the answer best of luck to all contestants. And thank u PCH for a wonderful opportunity.

  2. Good Morning. PCH Team!!!!!

    Of course you know how much I WANT TO WIN this INCREDIBLE prize!!!!!!

    I am praying that you come to my HOME with your SMILING
    Faces bringing ME flowers, balloons and this amazing gift from PCH!!!!! Then IAm going to be the Happiest Person on this EARTH!!!!!!!!!!! so many will WIN right along WITH ME!!!!!!!!!

    What a
    WONDERFUL GIFT!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE Make My HOPES and Dreams come TRUE!!!!!
    Happy Day to all!!!!

    Lynda R
    T to WIN!!!!!!

  3. I just wish I could win, one time. Or get the thing’s that I was told I had won. So I’m thinking there is some thing wrong, The rule book say’s you don’t half to buy any thing to win. But every time I inter they ask me to by some thing and there goes my entry, so I give up.!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  4. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I really really want win 10.000.00 a wee kfor life prize claim and activate entry

  5. I want to win 10,000 forlife

  6. Hi PCH…this is Paul G. Carlson….Yes I want to win Big Cash SuoerPrize $10,000.00. Please help me to.win Big Cash this time and pick me to win.


    I want to win for this $10,000.00 giveaway #4556 on October 31t. Thanks all of them

  8. I want win $10,000.00 CASH FROM PCH GWY.No.4556

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