PCHSearchandWin–ner Homer Ward W. Searches and Wins $1000.00!

PCHSearchandWin congratulates our $1,000.00 winner, Homer W. of Richford, VT! Let’s hear it for Homer! Yay, Homer!

Yes, Homer knows what I’ve been telling all of you in these posts – PCHSearchandWin is a powerful search engine offering instant win prizes simply for doing what you do every day – searching the internet! “I’ve been using it (PCHSearchandWin), daily, for several years,” says Homer. And, “it feels so great” to win, he continues, since he has never won anything before!

So, what does he search for using PCHSearchandWin? “Almost everything!” he says proudly. But, now that Homer has won a $1000.00 instant win prize, will he continue using PCHSearchandWin? Of course, he will! “Yes, why change? I use it for everything I search for!,” Homer explains. And yes, maybe he’ll win again – it could happen!

Homer is living proof that PCHSearchandWin really does have winners! And, apparently, Homer has been telling his friends and family about PCHSearchandWin, too. Now that he’s won, he says that “they (friends and family) will flock to PCHSearchandWin!” You should, too! It’s time to get in on some PCHSearchandWin instant win action just like Homer!

Okay, I know you can’t wait to find out what Homer is going to do with his $1000.00 winnings, so here goes. He says, “I plan to donate at least 10% to our local food shelter, 10% to a cancer organization and use the balance to pay my property taxes and some home repairs.” Wow! What an amazingly generous man! But, as we have come to learn over the years, many  of our PCH friends and followers are just as generous with their winnings. You truly are amazing!

So are you searching with PCHSearchandWin yet? How could you not! I would like to hear that all of you have won something at least once from pch.search.com. Here’s a great tip for you – make PCHSearchandWin your homepage or simply bookmark it – that way you’ll have fast, convenient access to search for whatever you want, whenever you want. Plus, you have the opportunity to win prizes instantly. And, remember, you can access PCHSearchandWin on your mobile devices, too!

Before I sign-off for now, let’s give a big shout out once again to Homer W.! Way to go, Homer! And, please let me know how you like using PCHSearchandWin, and if you’ve won any instant win prizes. I always enjoy your stories and experiences and maybe, you’ll get featured in a blog post, too.

Happy Searching!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

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  4. Fllorene Williamson says:

    I really want to win so I can help some people that are really in need. Thanks Publishers Clearing House

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