Enter to win $10,000.00 for a Dream Vacation at PCHSearchandWin!

Ah! Summer’s in full swing and the surf’s up at PCHSearchandWin! We hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach somewhere. What’s that, you say? You’d very much like to take a “real” vacation. Well, I’m right there with you on that one! So, let’s play a little “wishful thinking” game and really have some fun. PCHSearchandWin wants to know: If you won $10,000.00, what would be your dream vacation?

How about Nepal? You could climb Mount Everest, Earth’s highest point, take a hike through the Himalayas, visit local merchants in Kathmandu or take a spiritual retreat with some Buddhist monks. Wow! $10,000.00 should cover that!

How about a cruise to Alaska? Everyone I know who has taken one describes the landscape as breathtaking. And, with the heat wave gripping most of the U.S. these past few weeks, how cool would it be to see an iceberg or two? Very cool, indeed – pun intended. And, while the ship is going past Mount McKinley, you could be sipping martinis on the deck or quickly snapping photos. Hey, send us some if you go!

How about an African Safari – my favorite! It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Kenya and go on safari. Imagine seeing elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, monkeys and giraffes up close and personal. Wouldn’t that be something?! If only I had a spare $10,000.00 lying around! Wish you did, too? Well, wish no longer…

PCHSearchandWin gives you an entry (with your first search of the day) into Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Giveaway No. 1733 where you could win $10,000.00 for a Dream Vacation.  So make sure to search now and get your entry! Search today and tomorrow for a chance to win. Plus, PCHSearch&Win has more information about all the great locations mentioned above and if you want to learn more about other vacation hot spots, search at  http://search.pch.com anytime.

So, have you decided yet? If you won $10,000.00 from PCH, where would you go? Leave your comments below and let us know. And, if you’re simply stay-cationing, you could use the $10,000.00 for anything else you wanted. The choice is yours. But, whether you take a dream vacation or not remember that PCHSearchandWin is accessible on your mobile devices so you could take us with you wherever you go!

Bon Voyage!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

1,958 thoughts on “Enter to win $10,000.00 for a Dream Vacation at PCHSearchandWin!”

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