They Searched & Won Millionaire-Making SuperPrizes from Publishers Clearing House!

We always say that PCHSearch&Win is the Search Engine with Publishers Clearing House Power!

In fact, PCHSearch&Win is the only Search Engine that could make you a Publishers Clearing House Millionaire!

Yes, with your first daily search at PCHSearch&Win, you’ll get an entry for a Millionaire-Making SuperPrize! And make sure you search every day!  Did you know that in the past three years, three PCHSearch&Win members got their winning entries from PCHSearchandWin? Wow, that’s pretty cool!

The first SuperPrize winner to get their winning entry from PCHSearch&Win was Natalie Bostelman of Toledo, Ohio. When the Prize Patrol surprised her at work with flowers, balloons, champagne and a “Big Check” for $1,OOO,OOO.OO, Natalie was so excited that she screamed and fell on the floor! (You may have seen Natalie’s joyous “Winning Moment” on PCH television commercials!) Natalie’s Big Win allowed her and her husband to finally build their dream home! Natalie currently serves as a “PCH Goodwill Ambassador” and is often found on the road awarding big prizes with the PCH Prize Patrol!

Stephanie Gornichec of Boise, Idaho was the next SuperPrize winner to get her winning entry at PCHSearchandWin. Stephanie’s “Winning Moment” came just in time as a job loss had forced her to put her home on the market. After her Big Win, her husband took the “For Sale” sign and threw it in the trash!

And just last year, the Prize Patrol awarded a SuperPrize to PCHSearchandWin user Joe Beane. Most people travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for a winning experience ― but the Prize Patrol brought the “winning” to Joe in his hometown of Vegas! Joe was busy delivering mail when the Prize Patrol came to town, so they tracked him down and surprised him at his mail truck!

There you have it! Real people just like you have submitted Millionaire-Making entries at PCHSearch&Win!  And make sure you get a SuperPrize entry by searching today! After all, Publishers Clearing House will be taking a “Special Early Look” for a SuperPrize winner, and that means that you could join the ranks of SuperPrize winners like Natalie, Stephanie and Joe on August 31st! Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Tell us: how would winning a SuperPrize on August 31st change your life?

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. And just imagine these big SuperPrize winners being able to DOUBLE their prizes! As a PCHsuperfan, you are eligible to double any PCH prize you may win between $10,000.00 and $1,000,000.00. If you haven’t registered to be a PCHsuperfan yet, head over to our Fan page to do so.

5,417 thoughts on “They Searched & Won Millionaire-Making SuperPrizes from Publishers Clearing House!”

  1. Derek Spears says:

    Hopefully I will win this time it have been a long ride,thank u p.c.h !

  2. Brad Mcdonald says:

    I need to win something lost the business met a girl now we are expecting she already has one that’s five. So it would be a blessing! Thank you

  3. Mary Phillips says:

    PCH Search & Win: I , Mary Phillips are here to show Publishers Clearing House that, I am ready to become A Winner by my search to Enter to Win A Millionaire Making SuperPrize from Giveaway number1830! I am here to activate & Secure my entry to win this amazing Prize by searching For A SuperPrize. I am “In it to win it! I PCH Search & Win PCH front-page I need an official confirmation of official authorization to Win It and secure my Valid Prize Number on the winner selection list to win it on October 21st! I want to become the next Publishers Clearing House Millionaire Making SuperPrize winner! #Knock knock

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