Make Going Back To School A “Winning” Experience

Back-To-School EXCITEMENT is in the air!

I have two daughters going back to school. There are school supplies to buy, new clothes for the school year, running gear for the fall cross country season. Did I say “excitement?” Going back to school is EXPENSIVE!

Luckily, folks who use PCHSearch&Win have a tool to combat the high cost of the Back-To-School season.

It starts with an entry into exciting CASH GIVEWAY! On September 21st five $200.00 cash prize winners will be announced on … that’s a total prize pool of $1,000.00 Cash! I’m sure an EXCLUSIVE, ONLINE-ONLY cash prize would help any parent or grandparent help get their favorite student ready for the school year. How long does it take to get a chance to win one of these five cash prizes? Just a moment! Simply go to PCHSearchandWin on days this exciting cash giveaway is being promoted, from now until September 19th, and search for information that you need. That’s it. Your first search enters you for the chance to win!

Besides entering you to win that cash giveaway, searching with PCHSearchandWin gives you the chance to win instant prizes that are awarded each day at PCHSearch&Win. Real PCHSearch&Win users really win! Recent $1,000.00 winners include Alexandria S. from Fullerton, CA, Paula F. from Bend, OR and Penny G. from Malvern, AR! Congratulations!

Even though I can’t win a cash prize at PCHSearch&Win, because I’m an employee, I still found dozens of Back-To-School deals using PCHSearch&Win. And that made me feel like a winner! I found a money-saving Hoodie sale (40% OFF) at Abercrombie & Fitch … I received a FREE shipping deal at Under for my daughters’ running gear needs … I found the perfect jeans for my 16 year old at American Eagle Outfitters, marked down from $49. 50 to $29.99 … a good price for such hip jeans (or so my daughter tells me).

Then I typed in school supplies at PCHSearch&Win and found a link to Office Depot, where I found everything I needed: pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, even a graphing calculator that came with INSTANT SAVINGS!

My great back-to-school shopping experience, courtesy of PCHSearch&Win, came with more than a great selection of products and savings. Shopping online saved me money on gas and time on lines, too.

Now here’s where my back-to-school online shopping experience shined – I took advantage of all the online reviews for the products I was shopping. I was able to see what real people had to say about the item I was thinking of buying. Now that’s shopping with confidence!

Sure, back-to-school time can be as expensive and stressful. But with PCHSearchandWin, you can help keep the fun in this exciting time of year!

Elliott M.

PCH Creative

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34 thoughts on “Make Going Back To School A “Winning” Experience”

  1. says:

    I would also really love to illustrate books.

  2. That would be great for school

  3. Kristi Fox says:

    I am still trying to get my message accepted. Both my brother and I are now without jobs. If I could win$5,000.00 a week for life, I could improve many lives. I also want to go back to schol s
    to study drafting & tech. design. I would also really love to illustrate books.

  4. Kristi Fox says:

    I need a joc before I can afford any of your “free” items.

  5. Kristi Fox says:

    You said there would be nothing to pay. Most of these pages require you to purchase something at a very low price only to find out it costs much more and you will be billed. I’m unemployed and looking for over a year. I can’t afford to buy anything. If I won this money I could help myself, family,local charities…it would be joy to help all these people.

  6. Kristi Fox says:

    It’s Kristi K. Fox again. I and this whole town needs money and jobs. Icould do so many fun things by helping so many people. I don’t have a job and no one wants a middle aged woman. I wouldn’t change my life much. But boy could I help a lot of people around me and animals too. I am no more deserving than anyone else, but it would be nice to see something good happen for a change.



  9. I want to win $5,000.00 per week or $10,000,000.00 or EVEN $1,000,000.00. I could help so many people around me plus guarantee that I won’t end up homeless or choosing between dog food to eat or medicine to live when I get too old to work. I am already seemingly the most undesired employee in the U.S., an over 50 white woman who hasen’t screwed up her life enough. Maybe if I became a junkie someone would take an interst in me and the millions like me.

  10. Mary Hill september 12,2011 at2;32pm Just waiting on the LORD to said YES.

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