Gift Cards, A Laptop and Cold Hard Cash! Prizefest Is Here!

I love Mondays. Start a fresh new week, getting my two adorable girls back on that school bus… How about you? I know some people, like my colleague Matt S., really look forward to Mondays because they can’t get enough of Monday football games!

My favorite thing about Mondays, though, is that Monday is when I get to find out all the cool stuff we’re giving away this week – and share what I learn about all the exciting PCHSearch&Win giveaways with you!

What could searching with PCHSearch&Win win you this week?

Today, we’re giving away Cash All Day!

Tuesday, you could win a Gift Card to one of your favorite restaurants, like Chili’s, Cracker Barrel or Pizza Hut!

Sing a happy tune on Wednesday, because that’s when 5 lucky searchers will each score a $100.00 iTunes gift card!

On Thursday, an Instant Prize will be given away Every Hour!

And T.G.I.F.! On Friday, we’ll announce a Cash Winner Every 15 Minutes!

But don’t shut down your computer over the weekend…

On Saturday, the featured prize is a Dell Laptop. Don’t need a new computer? Take the Cash Value instead: $650.00 could be awarded to YOU on Saturday!

And gear up for the week ahead on Sunday when the Featured Prize is $1,000.00 to help you pay your bills! That’s like getting free electric, cell phone, and maybe even rent this month. And all you have to do for your chance to win is just log in and search at PCHSearchandWin!

I know if I was eligible to win a cash prize from PCHSearchandWin, I’d find any excuse I could to be searching on the Internet all day long. I’d search for travel plans for the coming weekend and early Halloween costume ideas for my kids. How about you? Will you be the next lucky searcher to win a prize from PCHSearch&Win? Search today!

Francine L.

PCH Creative

P.S. Stumped for ideas on what to search for? How about looking up reviews for a new book you’ve been wanting to read? I just love reading. It’s not always easy to find time with a full time job and two kids, but it’s definitely my not-so-guilty pleasure. What’s yours?

208 thoughts on “Gift Cards, A Laptop and Cold Hard Cash! Prizefest Is Here!”

  1. cbarbee says:

    I wanna Win!

  2. I sure would like to win a Laptop or a Dell Gift Card. Just to say I truly won something and receive it. Thanks PCH Family .

  3. caydee mawhorr says:

    I would love to win cash or a laptop or any thing

  4. William Riley says:

    Dell %50.00 gift cards yes please

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