And the Award Goes to…

Hello PCHSearch&Win users, did you catch the big TV Awards ceremony this past Sunday night? I do love the excitement of Awards shows, especially that feeling of anticipation just before the envelope gets opened. I’m over the moon when my favorites win. And if you asked my husband, he’d probably tell you that I probably take it much too personally when my favorites don’t!

As a writer…and I think most writers are like this…I admit to having big dreams of someday ascending the stage at an fabulous award show, glamorously dressed in a sparkling gown, accepting my gleaming statue and delivering the amazing acceptance speech I have been preparing since I was old enough to write my name.  When the time comes for me to clinch my big award, I’m pretty sure I know just what I’m going to say.

How about you, dear PCHSearch&Win user? Do you know what you would say if you won an award – a Publishers Clearing House Big Cash Award?

Have you ever imagined that one day Dave Sayer, Danielle Lam and Todd Sloane might drive up to YOUR house in the Prize Patrol van, ready to present you with flowers and champagne and the “Big Check” you’ve been dreaming to win for so long? When you opened the door and saw them standing there, how do you think you’d react? What do you think you’d say?

I work here so I can’t win that kind of Award from Publishers Clearing House, but as someone who does Internet searches with PCHSearch&Win and gets their daily entry for big PCH prizes, could win big! Will you become a big PCH winner with an entry from PCHSearchandWin?  Search today!

Francine L.

PCH Creative

P.S. If you didn’t catch the  TV Awards this weekend, you can use PCHSearchandWin to find some recaps! That’s a great way to use PCHSearch&Win today! Don’t delay–the information you seek might just lead you down the “red carpet” to your dream of becoming a Publishers Clearing House Cash Award Winner

20 thoughts on “And the Award Goes to…”

  1. says:

    won award prize #5894A

  2. says:

    I pray with all my heart it is me who won award

  3. Vickie Hale says:

    PC PRIZE PATROL, Please enter m name in the next big winner DONT DELAY ACT NOW see you all on August 31 at my house!!!!😀

  4. carla m antee says:


  5. I pray with all my heart it is me who won award prize #5894A

  6. carla m Antee says:

    A Star

  7. Carla M Antee says:

    To the the best actress

  8. hello pch and yes i would like to win 1 million cash plus 50,000.00 bonus cash plus 10,000.00 a week for life

  9. I hope and pray I win the dream of life for my family my daughter might have cervical cancer we just found out and it would help so much

  10. Mary M Motz says:

    I probably would not be able to say anything due to shock. Daaah!

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