Get Your Lucky Charm Ready! It’s PCHSearch&Win Prizefest!

Hi searchers,

It’s your friendly Publishers Clearing House resident sports fan.

It’s Monday and you know what that means…  It’s time for some Monday Night games.

When it comes to sports, I consider myself to be quite superstitious. I always tend to have the same routine when preparing myself to watch a big game.

By 7:30 P.M. I’ll be glued to my favorite seat, front and center, watching the recap of this weekend’s games. With ice cold beverages and a pepperoni pizza pie by my side l can be seen donning my lucky “GREEN-New York” football shirt and soft, comfortable sweat pants.

Somehow I feel this unique set of oddities helps my team WIN. My sister thinks I’m certifiably nuts, but she doesn’t understand.

Once the game starts, I can’t have any distractions. No phone calls. No outside conversation. Just me, food and the game.

If my team is performing well, I’ll even sit in the same position the whole time (bathroom breaks are for halftime).  One time, I chewed on a candy bar for the entire fourth quarter so the score wouldn’t change.

Now that I’ve revealed all my quirks what are some of yours?

Do you guys have any superstitions when you go to PCHSEARCH&WIN? Do you wear anything special, hold a lucky charm at your computer, or refrain from searching on Friday the 13th?

Check out the exciting cash prizes we have in store for this week’s PCHSearch&Win Prizefest.

Monday, September 26th  — $1OO.OO Cash Winner Every Hour

Tuesday, September 27th   —  Cash All Day — with a “Lunch Special” from 11 AM to 2 PM when… Well you will just have to search to find out!

Thursday, September 29th   —  $5O.OO Cash Prizes All Day Long

Friday, September 30th   —  Instant Winner Every 5 Minutes

Sunday, October 2nd   — $1,OOO.OO cash

Good luck :)

Matt S.

PCH Creative

P.S. What superstitions do you have? Let us know here or on the PCHSearch&Win Fan page!

11 thoughts on “Get Your Lucky Charm Ready! It’s PCHSearch&Win Prizefest!”

  1. says:

    please let get the party started. Mrs.I.T.

  2. says:

    Use a prize to put a smile onmy face Donnie C

  3. Luann Reniska says:

    If by a strange chance i might win something from PCH i would help out everyone the best way i know how to which is first publish my book and send it out to everyone in the U.S. because it has a ton of great free medical information in it. And as a person who is part Cherokee indian i do not have a good feeling about Obama care. And the information i have is where to go and how you need to get there with both websites and phone numbers so you can be seen for free or at low cost it goes on your bills & income. All except for one place and i have all this information written in my book, as well as if you can not get to them they will fly you there and back and they will see you from head to toe and give you 6 months of free medication at no cost at all. I know first hand because i have been there. And having a nursing background as well as growing up in a large medical family this is how i know all of this information first hand. But you see i am also an epileptic as well. So yes i have been to these places to and i know all about how they work. So please if you have medical problems or you will later in life these things can & will help you out a great deal.So this is just for starters. So please everyone take care & please be safe, Luann

  4. Ida Thompson says:

    Gee Whiz, this prize is for me and my family. So please let get the party started. Mrs.I.T.

  5. Its Tuesday and my skins lost Monday night to the Cowboys I could really. Use a prize to put a smile onmy face Donnie C

  6. talmadge thomason sr. says:

    I am 75 years old and it is my time to win a large amount of money so I can retire.

  7. debbie rios says:


  8. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi Matt, dont hate me but my husbands from Mass, so you know what that means. Sports is his game though with 2 sons going through high school I have gotten into the sport. My youngest graduates this year and should get a scholarship. They double team him now.
    My Sport is hoping to win at PCH. I search but as of yet I dont have any routine. My clothes I wear are for cleaning the house and I like the number 13. I have been searching preparing to win the big one. I like to be prepared and would like to know what I would be spending all that money on.

  9. Crystal Williams says:

    I’m gonna win!!

    1. Tammy Keeling says:

      I am sure we would all love to win but God will control that and anything else that may happen good luck to everyone and may God bless you

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