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Driving to work today, the oil light went on. Again. And all I could think was, “Oh how I wish I could get a new car already!” The seats are sticky from juice-box spillover… There are crushed remnants of snack foods that have now become permanent fixtures in the carpets… And the fuse in the center console blew and I haven’t been able to charge up my cell phone or iPod on my way to work in weeks!

Oh, to be able to start again, with a vehicle that had that “new car smell” – and not the lingering scent of sour milk…

How would you like a chance to enter for a BRAND NEW CAR? Well, with your first  search at PCHSearch&Win today, you’ll be entered for a Lincoln MKS – valued at $39,625.00!!

What can you search for? How about ways you can “decorate” your car – with something fun to hang from the rearview mirror or one of those hilarious “hula girls” to stick on the dashboard.

How about places you can take your car? Why not use PCHSearchandWin to plot out exciting stops for a family road trip! Just pick a direction – north, south, east or west – choose a destination, and check out all there is to see on the way! To get you started: Metropolis, Illinois, is the self-proclaimed “hometown of Superman.” Why not use PCHSearchandWin to find all the family fun spots in that town and others. You can also use PCHSearchandWin to plot your mileage and even find lodging and food!

Plus, when you search, you could win an instant prize. Yes, today PCHSearch&Win is AWARDING PRIZES EVERY TEN MINUTES! Gift cards up to $100.00 are up for grabs!

Remember: There’s going to be an instant winner every 10 minutes TODAY, and everyone who searches today will also get an entry for a new car! It can’t be me, but it COULD become yours. So get searching!

Francine L.

PCH Creative

P.S. If you also have kids and you have tips to keep your car clean – even if you have to drive them around in it – please share them here! Thanks–and happy searching!


6,936 thoughts on “Enter For A NEW CAR on PCHSearchandWin!”

  1. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Hellooooo PCHPlay&Win.!!
    I’m Claiming my 3x Additional Entries Or Four Entries for opportunity to get the automatically enter you to win a incredible truck Brand New Ford F15O, valued at over $65,000.00 from PCH Gwy.No.8186.GodBlessed And ThankYou PCHPlay&Win

  2. Yusuf Nasir says:

    Dear PCHPLAY&Win
    I Want to Claim My 3X Additional Entries to Win A Brand New Ford F150 Valued at.Over $65,000.00 from PCH GWY NO.8186
    thank you Very Much

  3. aiting for 3 years to win somthing from pch. hope on my 80th birthday I get a big gift. I will never give up trying

  4. Naomi Desty says:

    1st entry PCHPlay&WIN Search Now additional 3x entries (Brand New Ford F150 at Valued $65,000.00 from PCH GVWY. No.8186 on 8/31st/2017. Thanks.

  5. Karon Thoren says:


    YES! Hey I would LOVE to win the FORD F150 Truck 3X Entries That would BE O.K.
    PCH Giveaway No.: 8186.

    Thanks You

  6. jesse comfort says:

    Pch I’m. Claiming a search&win Prize entry for a ford f150 truck with
    3 x entries for gwy#8186
    The gwy#6900- dream home and cash gwy
    The gwy#8035-dream home gwy
    The double your money gwy#4944
    The gwy#4950-dream home and cash gwy
    The bouns cash entry Gwy#8188-gwy#8924-gwy-4749
    Thanks pch
    J.comfort Arlington, tx

  7. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    HEY PCHPlay&Win.
    I’m Claiming my 3X Additional Entries for opportunity to win this incredible Ford F150 truck, valued at over $65,OOO.OO from PCH Gwy. No.8186.GodBlessed And ThankYou PCHPlay&Win

  8. Pch search and win entering my entries to enter to win a brand new Lincoln MKZ. (Value) $36,000.00 August 31th Gwy 8800 Special early look Thanks,PCH

  9. Fred Haut says:

    PCH searching for a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class for $25,000 all-wheel drive that would be a wonderful car please grant me my car my dreams

  10. Carol Slack says:

    My son needs a new car!

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