PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

218 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win Prizefest”

  1. Thanks for the chance to win big money I been playing everyday I want to win the big prize.

  2. Thank you Todd Sloan you were the first ElitePrizeProtrol memeber I met on facebook about 9months ago there wasa message,thanks, now I am being e-mailed every day with an opportunity to search and win ny Ms Deborah Holland, Mr. Michael Wright,Ms.Danielle Llam, Mr. Dave Sayer,hoping to see a win in mail of some monies,really need 10,000.00 to take the hinderance that is so dispressing, and stressing right now,I thank God every day for this kind of opportunity organization, which have so many Dreams Come True,In Jesus Holy Name Let Deborah Tolbert asking come true my dream is to be 10,000.000.00 or a winner of at least,75,000.00 i do believe I can be at peace, tried working,still looking for work with health limitations SSDI it all gone with car payment,rent,electric,being late with rental furniture and car insurance, I do believe I woulf do to feel bettermore days cause.I am at point I do not eant to smile or go put or comb my hair it bed and all day trying juzt needed to share with my PCH Friend thank you for reading and the chance to become a millionaire or winner of some amount of monies,for my searches and entries and lotto numbers,and tokens and games hope to win something soon,Thanks you very much,May God Continuall be with you all travel in Jesus name!

  3. I have been e-mailed that I have been awarded a supersearcher award,also have been email wonderful opportunities to win some monies and a chance to be a millionaire.This status is so needed, for me to stop stressing about finacial matters due to my heart diseaseand other health concerns, you see I am 61 yrs old,had to invest to get a car,due to health,probl would and will not allow.me to travel on public transportation anymore payments do not leave me with any money to save for retirement, life insurance,burial plot insuran

  4. kathie says:

    I wish on a star that I will win my is in trouble we lossed are place to live and I been looking for a job no luck yet my family is praying so hard

  5. Leaving A Message shows appreciation and being thankful for what one has, might not be much, even though one has worked hard all ones life, and never ask for any thing, and that’s not being bold, but thankful
    For having the oppertunity to live 83 years, just seems like yesterday, lifejf is so precious, but some our oblivious to life and it’s possibilities, but we continue
    On and try to please. Thanks Bruce Hoekstra

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