Twilight Specials = More Chances to Win!

Hello Searchers,

It’s Wednesday morning! And ever since we “fell back” at 2 AM on Sunday, I’ve loved that I wake up when the sun is shining ― without having to knock the annoying alarm clock off my night table!

Seriously, how nice was it to gain an hour of sleep this past Sunday, November 6th? I’ve been feeling so great that I’ve had time in the morning to cook myself a proper breakfast of delicious ham, mushroom and cheddar cheese omelets AND play some XBOX before hopping in the car and making my way to Publishers Clearing House Headquarters in Port Washington, NY.

Jeez. Turning the clocks back is awesome. I wish I could do this all the time.

Some of you super -savvy searchers may have even realized that you had an EXTRA HOUR to search and win last Sunday! While we only turn the clocks back once a year, don’t worry, there are some other out-of-the-ordinary winning opportunities coming up this month!

I’m talking about our Multiple Twilight Special Promotions!

You see, at 7 P.M. on select days throughout the month of November, Publishers Clearing House has given authorization to PCHSearch&Win  to ADD EVEN MORE PRIZES to their already LOADED prize-pool!

WOW! You can  search for your favorite topics PLUS get more chances to win cool cash prizes! That sounds like a good formula for winning to me! When you search be on the look-out for our special Twilight module ad on the right hand side of your search results!

You’ll know MORE PRIZES ARE UP FOR GRABS when you see this:

PCHSearch&Win Instant Prizes

And how will you know when a Twilight Special is being offered?  Simply search each and every day!

Good Luck

Matt S.

PCH Creative

179 thoughts on “Twilight Specials = More Chances to Win!”

  1. Leona Sloan says:

    PCH, I’m claiming my 5 entries for $35,000.00 VIP Exclusive Cash Prize Gwy.8924. Thanks PCH.

  2. Jerry Holden says:

    I want to win today! Jerry Holden I love PCH Giveaway NO. 8924

  3. Fred Haut says:

    PCH please grant me my VIP loyalty reward of $35,000 thank you

  4. Please enter me to win a VIP Exclusive. $35,000.00 Cash Prize from PCH Giveaway No. 8924.
    Thanks for th Five Bonus Entries.Sure you will give me a chance to win,PCH.

  5. Hi. I’m claiming my Five Bonus Entries for a VIP Exclusive$35,000.00 Cash Prize from PCH Giveaway No.8924.THANKS

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