Make Your Black Friday Green — Today PCHSearchandWin Offers YOU 10 Entries For A $1OO,OOO.OO Prize!

Now that we’ve finished stuffing the Thanksgiving turkey (and stuffing ourselves, too) PCHSearch&Win wants to help you stuff your bank account ― with $100,000.00! So, today, aka Black Friday, when you search at, you’ll receive 10 ENTRIES for a $100,000.00 PRIZE!

PCHSearchandWin hopes all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that those of you who have today off are putting your time to good use. So, what are you doing today? The first thing you should be doing is heading on over to PCHSearchandWin so that you can get 10 entries with your first search for a $100,000.00 Prize! And, if you happen to be out and about today, looking for all those Black Friday discounts at the mall, you can easily access PCHSearch&Win on your mobile devices. And, here’s a really helpful tip: you can use to search for some great discounts at the stores you love.

Did you ever wonder about the origin of the term “Black Friday?” I know I have. So, I decided to head on over to PCHSearchandWin and give Black Friday a search. Here’s what I found:

The term Black Friday originated in Philadelphia, where it was used to describe heavily disruptive vehicle and pedestrian traffic occurring the Friday after Thanksgiving. Use of the term Black Friday began before 1966 and saw wider use outside Philadelphia around 1975. A few years later, an alternate meaning to Black Friday indicated the point when retailers begin to make a profit, ie: to be in the “Black.”

Imagine if you won a $100,000.00 prize from one of the 10 entries you receive today from PCHSearch&Win! You’d have your very own personal Black Friday or Green Friday (depending on how you look at it) ― $100,000.00 is a nice “profit!” And, don’t forget:  With your first search of the day at PCHSearchandWin, you receive one PCH SuperPrize(R) entry. How great is that? So, besides all the great information you can search for at, you will have the opportunity to win a Publishers Clearing House BIG money giveaway, too. And, remember that you can win CASH and prizes instantly just for searching every day at PCHSearch&Win.

PCHSearchandWin wants to know what you’re doing this Black Friday! Leave a comment below or visit our Fan page. We always enjoy hearing from you!

Here’s to turning your Black Friday green!

Ellen S.
Creative Director, Interactive Development

P.S. If you haven’t entered your answer in the “Help Prize Patrol” tab on the PCH Fan page, you should do so now! Here is the Lucky Check with this week’s answer.

The PCH Scavenger Hunt Lucky Check

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    Edward Miller

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