PCH Mega Prize — Today Is The Day!

Hello Searchers,

Today, we find out who has won the Publishers Clearing House Mega Prize!

Wow! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to win $1 Million PLUS $5,OOO.OO A Week For Life?  I wonder if the lucky winner got his or her winning entry from searching at PCHSearch&Win. So far THREE SuperPrize winners got their winning entries from PCHSearch&Win. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if there is a fourth major winner from PCHSearch&Win revealed today…

To the lucky winner, congratulations! Make sure you check the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page to see who our lucky winner is. We will also be announcing the winner on NBC Nightly News, so stay tuned!

But, if you are not the lucky winner, don’t feel blue. There are loads of fantastic instant prizes just waiting to be claimed. So, keep on searching at PCHSearch&Win, there may be cash, gift certificates or other goodies with your name on it.

So, how was your Thanksgiving weekend? I had a great Thanksgiving in Michigan. The turkey was delicious, and so were the apple tarts that my sister and I whipped up. We found the recipe on PCHSearch&Win, it was super easy and yummy. Sweet success!

Then, of course, on Black Friday we went shopping for all the bargains that we had searched for earlier on PCHSearch&Win. I bought a whole bunch of stuff; my winter wardrobe is nicely padded now. Unfortunately, my pocket is quite empty. Sigh! It’s too bad that I am not eligible for any prizes because I work here. But, you are eligible, so keep searching on PCHSearch&Win.

So, with all of the celebrations, Halloween and Thanksgiving, I have been eating a lot! And with Christmas and the New Year coming soon, I will be eating a lot more! So, I am going to start searching on PCHSearch&Win for a gym to join, or some exercises that I can do at home. Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear from you.

Happy searching!

Min Min T.


PS: Don’t forget to check the PCH Fan Pages and NBC Nightly News for a winner update!

1,593 thoughts on “PCH Mega Prize — Today Is The Day!”

  1. Susan m. Connors says:

    35years plus still waiting

  2. Sullh says:

    Is the winner me pierson fl?

  3. Has the winner been announced yet?
    I have been on edge just hoping it was me but no knock on the door yet 🙁

  4. Christine says:


    Today is a day to win Mega Prize. I wish I could win.

  5. Christine says:


    I am searching to win Mega Prize today.

  6. Wanda J Beck says:

    I’d be happy delight D Win one Pch search & Win Gwy 6900_#6900_ sure hope I win,,entered long ago 2014 _2016_ #3080_4900_#6900_Pch. I did hit a wizard oz _777_golden wheel triple frenzy. No big deal. I don’t recall date yrbig bang_/ mesa airazona. Pch Search&Win Playing ,,Wanda J Beck.



  8. I Michelle Valencia is in it to win it.

  9. Wanda J Beck says:

    Pch Search & Win entry Gwy #6900 WB Airazona Yes October 21 2016,,Home ,,,

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