Use PCHSearchandWin For All Your Holiday Gift Giving Needs !

Holiday shopping at PCHSearch&Win

Deck the Halls! Trim the Tree!  Light the Candles! Wow! The holidays are here! And, PCHSearchandWin wants to know if you’ve completed all of your shopping. If not, don’t be embarrassed. I haven’t either. And, I want to share a little secret about how you can get those last-minute gifts.

So what’s this great holiday shopping secret? Well, it’s not really a secret at all! It’s PCHSearchandWin — but you knew that already, didn’t you? Use PCHSearch&Win to look up holiday gifts! PCHSearch&Win is a search engine powered by Google, Yahoo and Bing, with a twist. You can win cash and prizes instantly– simply for doing what you do every single day, search the internet! Plus, with your first search of the day, you receive an entry for a chance to win a Publishers Clearing House BIG money sweepstakes contest! Pretty awesome, right?

Did you know that is also accessible on your mobile devices? How convenient!  Speaking of mobile devices… iPhones, iPads, Amazon Kindle Fires, iPods, Mac and PC laptop and Nook e-reader tablets are very hot items this year. Maybe you’d like to give one to someone you care about as a gift — hey, maybe you want to get one for yourself — but, you need to find out a little more about the product. Well, get on over to PCHSearchandWin and search it out. Our search engine offers you all the information, along with reviews, that you’ll need to make an informed decision about whether to purchase the item or not. Plus, you have the opportunity to win a prize instantly when you search. Imagine winning some cash or a gift card — then you’d have some money to help out with your gift giving — and maybe have a little left over for yourself!

Plus, when you search at PCHSearch&Win today, you’ll get FIVE ENTRIES for a $10,000.00 Holiday Shopping Spree. How great would that be?  They’re only available TODAY at, so head on over and search now!

Remember to let us know if you win anything and if you have any last-minute gift-giving ideas, please tell us below. And, make sure to visit our Fan page.

Wishing you a safe, happy, healthy holiday season!

Ellen S.
Creative Director, Interactive Development

8 thoughts on “Use PCHSearchandWin For All Your Holiday Gift Giving Needs !”

  1. says:

    I would like to win 5000.00 aweek for life.

  2. annah willie says:

    I deck the halls and trim the tree but there’s still nothing under it for what will it take to make it bright so that santa wont pass it up tonight.

  3. Lois Eilander says:

    I would like to win 5000.00 aweek for life. I could then retire,because at 75 yrs. of age I’m tired,

  4. sonia carles says:

    i like to win today all time i see and i do not what happen i need car, cash, please surprice me

  5. JAMES BOOKER says:

    Hey PCH fan, its the time of the year to go shopping!

    I didn’t win the big MAGA prize and you didn’t ether.

    But why would we stop now. Where else can we win 10 million dollar free for just entering. Hey it’s free to enter and have fun, less keep entering.

    MARTINIAMINC want to say merry christmas and a happy new year.

    To learn more about MARTINIAMINC click on PCHSearch& and enter MARTINIAMINC in the search box.

  6. Natisha Batiste says:

    I just don’t kenew what to get anymore everybody want’s MONEY that i don’t have so HAPPY HOILDAYS TO EVEYONE AND TO YOU PCH.

  7. i want to go shopping hoilday
    in i want my $10,000.00 ok os i can have fan ok

  8. i want the a brand-new lincoln mks i am claim my car ok so you can come to my home in the bronx-ny. ok

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