Instant Cash

Instant Cash

694 thoughts on “Instant Cash”

  1. Donna Render says:

    Watching out for clues to search different things. Pick
    up hints here and there, so many different sweepstakes
    to enter on a daily basis. Somewhat confused on what to
    answer and what not in my inbox, promotion and scam
    boxes.You just pick the email, read carefully, play the games, search and more search. However, it can be time consuming especially when you have day-to-day priorities
    and obligations. But everytime I find that I can fit it in, I am always stealing away to answer pch mail. You don’t know when you are going to win. But unless you get in it, you will
    find it exciting and you are most defitnitly in it to win. Best
    wishes pch fans! Prospective Winner in Taylor, MI

  2. I’ve been playing for quite sometime, I would feel so blessed, my shoulders would at last relax. Yippy Skippy

  3. IMELDA LOZANO says:

    I really do not know how this works so I just keep on hoping that somehow, I will win and have some one knock on my door some day, meantime I feel it is just a lot of nothing! but what to do? ???

  4. Delone Bannister says:

    I have been playing these games daily which I enjoy doing. They keep me focus, they are relaxing to the mind , they provide the fun that I need some times because I am not the going out type of person. I have not won anything as yet although, I thought I did . But I AM CONFIDENT that I will win a huge sum of money very early because I BELIEVE GOD’S WORD.

  5. ANDREW says:


  6. carol lesko says:

    never really expect to win but who knows if you keep tring long enough maybe it will happen besides i like playing the games on pch lol

  7. I have played this game over the time of my marriage with my mother in law and have NEVER won? What do I have to do to win something?

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