The Prize Patrol Brings More “Green” To The Garden State!

Dear PCHSearch&Win Friends,

I can barely keep up with the Prize Patrol! A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the November 30th Mega Prize winner, Leroy Faulks, Sr. of New Jersey.  Soon after, the Prize Patrol hit the road to award four more BIG Money Prizes!

One of their stops brought them back to the Garden State, specifically to the Newark home of Zakiya Green, a frequent searcher at PCHSearch&Win! Zakiya had the good fortune of winning a $15,000.00 Cash Prize!

When the Prize Patrol arrived at her door with flowers, balloons, champagne and a “Big Check,” Zakiya was so shocked to see them that she had to be convinced to step outside and enjoy her “Winning Moment.” And her son Shawn was so thrilled that he swiped the “Big Check” and ran off to hang it on his wall!

PCH Winner Zakiya Green

Zakiya said that the first thing she is going to do with the money is give back to her church. And with the holidays right around the corner, I’m sure this mother of three adopted sons will find lots of other fun and exciting ways to spend her Publishers Clearing House windfall!

PCH Winner Zakiya

Now, two recent big winners in New Jersey is an interesting coincidence! But, rest assured, there are big Publishers Clearing House winners from all over the country.  In fact, the Prize Patrol has visited all 50 States to award major prizes!

Of course, they could even come to your house on February 29th! Today, with your first search of the day, you can get an entry for a chance to win $1 Million Every Year For Life! Make sure you’re in the running! Search and enter now!

Good luck,

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

P.S. Speaking of the holidays…today a lucky searcher will instantly win a 40″ HDTV! Wouldn’t that be nice under the tree? What’s on your holiday wish list? Don’t forget to drop me a line in the comment section below.

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Mrs. A.T. said...

Elaina, Merry Christmas. Can you find out what major prize was won in Mississippi and what year? Thank You.

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Mrs. A.T.,

    We recently just had three $1,000.00 winners from Mississippi in the last year. Other than local area giveaways, geographical location does factor in winner selection. PCH Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random, and each entry has the same chance of winning. You never know who might become the next BIG winner, so don’t lose hope!

    Victoria At PCH

Irene Schaffer said...

Winning is believing, Now show me the money. LOL

Mrs. A.T. said...

Victoria, Thank you and Merry Christmas. I never lose hope, I have patience and am persistant. No big prizes for Mississippi, my chances are rising.

Lisa N said...

CONGRATULATIONS Zakiya G. & family!!!!!!

Hi Elaina @ PCH! How are you doing today?
since you asked, the main thing on my holiday wish list this year is to obtain the proper dental insurance which I desperately need!
How about you?

ineka reed said...

happy hoilday to pch company maybe one these day you come to bakersfield be next winner good luck to those who won from pch

Elaina R said...

Hi Lisa N! Hope you’re having a good day! Happy New Year (a few days early). I hope you get your holiday wish — that is important! What’s my holiday wish? Good question! Hmmm… We didn’t really exchange presents this year (although the kids got presents.) What would make me really happy is to just have a quiet evening and go to dinner and a movie with my husband. We’re always running and rarely get to go on a “date!” Hopefully sometime soon. Take care! Elaina

Zetta Noga said...

I have been with PCH since 1971
when I opened my 1st Salon “Zetta’s BTY Salon” to 2000 I closed the salon and moved to CA and started back with PCH So I am probably one of your longest customers that has never won no matter how hard I try.
My husband dies in 1999 and left nothing but I.m sure he tried as he worked very hard sometimes thats life So thats why I try so hard to win with PCH Zetta

Larry Gurnett said...

Since I cancelled all email from PCH in October of 2011 I have continued to receive over 40 such
emails — Please delete me from your mail files effective immediately. I am no longer
interested in in hearing from

ineka reed said...

hello to every one out there an pch company this be good new year so far good luck to al winners last year hope i win this year so could help my sick mom get health insurance god bless al of you

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brandi smith said...

Thanku pch staff n pch prize patrol please make me the winner of the forever super prize april 30,2013 initials b.s.