Starting The New Year With New Winners!

How do you start a new year? With chances to win, that’s how!

Publishers Clearing House is going to ring in the New Year with twelve (12) exciting cash prizes on January 1, 2012!

Will You Be Announced A Cash Prize Winner On New Year’s Day?

We’re sure you’ll agree that winning a cash prize on January 1st would be a wonderful way to start the New Year.

But — and here’s where it gets even more interesting — today is your LAST CHANCE to enter for this NEW YEAR, NEW WINNERS cash prize. What you need to do: Go to PCHSearch&Win — make sure you’re logged in — and SEARCH. That’s it. You’ll then officially be in the running for a chance to win.

More Important NEW YEAR, NEW WINNERS Cash Prize News!

Today’s LAST CHANCE opportunity to win NEW YEAR, NEW WINNERS cash is doubly exciting, because you’ll get DOUBLE THE ENTRIES for a chance to win should you visit PCHSearch&Win and search now! But make sure you do it now, because tomorrow it will be too late to enter this New Year’s Day Cash prize!

Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolution With Cash!

What New Year’s Resolution have you selected? Some people want to lose weight … get fit … learn something new … quit smoking … get organized … pay off some debt … or spend more time with friends and family. Whatever New Year’s resolution you’d like to keep, I can bet it’s important to you.

Why don’t you resolve to make sure you claim all of the possible chances to become a winner? Visit PCHSearch&Win today to claim this LAST CHANCE TO WIN and secure your DOUBLE ENTRIES. This cash prize could go toward:

  • A Gym membership
  • A get together with friends & family
  • Paying down some credit card debt
  • Learning a new hobby


I’m going to make 2012 a winner by writing more blogs for PCHSearch&Win fans and by getting more exercise. Post a comment now and tell us how you’re going to make this year one of YOUR BEST EVER!

Happy New Year!

Elliott M.

PCH Creative

20 thoughts on “Starting The New Year With New Winners!”

  1. Think this comferm the comfermation numbers. Hope to chosen dont want to miss out on this oppertunity. would want to thank my fans im going to be tv guy lol.

  2. Anna Paul says:

    Hi Everyone, Happy New Year to All
    I would like to start out by saying that I would love to win pch million dollars for life. The only issue is that im computer illeteret
    But I have God on my side and with faith I pray that I win. Especially all that I have been thru in this life time, which many people have also. So God Bless to all and may I be the greatful person to win.
    Thank you

  3. Happy NewYears n my resolution is yes yes yes im the 1,000,000.00 winner for febuary 28,2014 yes thats rite i am thank all yall love yall to all the staff of Publishers Clearning House its 1:32pm 01/01,2014

  4. I’m going to get deathly ill , so I 99/100 get rid of hep c my x hubby gave me fr his razor .so I’m giving up my health to get better ! A 105 fever , muscle aches like flue chills lose weight but it’s good for me so I can be w all my kids & grandchild ! Well worth it ! Love !

  5. Rebecca Ambrose says:

    My new year resolution for 2014 is that the world becomes a better place for all of us sharing is caring and we need a lot of that

  6. Josiah Kiss says:

    I actually have enjoyed the submit, but your internet site is pretty broken in Google Chrome. What theme are you using?

  7. Luann Reniska says:

    I think i found the right page of ya all’s, lol. Take care & ride safe, Luann

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