Happy New Year! YOU Could Be A CASH Prize PCHSearchandWinner In Our First PRIZEFEST Of 2012!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

Today is a great day! It’s the start of the very first PCHSearchandWin Prizefest for 2012, featuring GIFT CARDS galore, a huge HDTV and CASH WINNERS every hour and EVERY 15 MINUTES! Wow! It certainly is an exciting start to a HAPPY New Year…which got me wondering…

What other exciting things happened on January 2nd? Was some great scientist born on this day? Did an invention that changed the world premiere? Did some country overthrow a tyrannical empire for freedom? The answer is no, nada, zip, nothing! Seriously, I found that nothing really important happened on January 2nd. I think everyone was just too tired from New Year’s Eve to conquer the world on that day. But, PCHSearchandWin is ready to make YOUR January 2nd (and every day of 2012) a “Happening” Day!

Take a look at what you could win instantly in this week’s PCHSearch&Win Prizefest…

Monday, 1/2/12  –  $1OO.OO HSN Gift Cards!

Tuesday, 1/3/12  –  $15O.OO Overstock Gift Cards!

Wednesday, 1/4/12  –  Winner Every Hour; then starting at 7pm, A CASH WINNER EVERY 15 MINUTES!

Thursday, 1/5/12  –  $5O.OO TJ Maxx Gift Cards!

Friday, 1/6/12  –  Cash Prizes All Day Long!

Saturday, 1/7/12  –  $5O.OO T.G.I. Friday’s Gift Cards!

Sunday, 1/8/12  –  For the first time ever at PCHSearch&Win, a 46-inch LED HDTV!

See, at PCHSearchandWin, January 2nd is a great day, indeed!  So, make sure you’re part of the fun and excitement today and EVERY DAY! As always, you could win cash and prizes instantly at PCHSearchandWin — every single day! All you have to do is search the internet! For ease of use, make search.pch.com your home page. And, be sure to take us with you wherever you go! Simply access PCHSearhcandWin on your mobile devices – it’s fast, easy and convenient.

REMEMBER:  Read PCHSearchandWin blog posts at search.pch.com for more fantastic prize updates, announcements and “sur-prizes.”  You never know what new or exclusive winning opportunities we’ll tell you about! And, 2012 will be a very EXCITING year for EVERYONE!

Here’s to a Happy New Year!

Ellen S.
Creative Director, Interactive Development

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year! YOU Could Be A CASH Prize PCHSearchandWinner In Our First PRIZEFEST Of 2012!”

  1. says:

    I am still waiting for my first time to win anything fro PCH

  2. Gwendolyn Buchanan says:

    I would Luv to win to be able to sayI know someone who wins

  3. Alice Moore says:

    I am still waiting for my first time to win anything fro PCH, I have been trying to win ever since I herd of Publishers Clearing House and nothing , they continue to say if you buy something it won’t help your chances . Well I buy nearly every time I participate and it still don’t help me . I need to know what I need to do . i pray each day and nothing happen so what do you do? if that’s not enough.

  4. Tracey Gadbois says:


  5. When or how will I become an instant winner at pch.

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Richard,

      Winners are picked randomly. Every day a bunch of winning times are chosen (usually several per hour) and the first person to search after a winning time wins. You never know who will score an instant prize next, so keep searching!

      Victoria At PCH

  6. Lisa Spring says:

    I need to win!

  7. Theresa Cote says:

    Searching to win 46 inch LED HDTV ENTRY FORM. I CLAIM MY PRIZE. Theresa Cote, FEB.8,2012@ 7:37 I hope this is okay. THANK YOU for PCH Search&WIN BLOG

  8. carrie cooper says:

    Thank you pch.hope to win some money and prize.i hope and pray that i will win.god is goog to me hope to come out of Debt.

  9. Barbara Robinson says:

    Never Win Anything Could Tonight Be My Lucky Night?

  10. bruce bulmon says:

    thank you pch i’am a vet,and i hope i can win soom money somy brother and i can have a good life he is a golf vet too.

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