Three “Strikes” You’re IN?

Of course you’ve heard the old saying that “good things come in threes.” Think about it. Who doesn’t love a three-course dinner. And if you rub a genie out of a lamp? That’s three wishes for you! Even Earth’s the THIRD planet from the sun. In my house, three wheels on a tricycle means my three-year-old can ride a bike. (And speaking of…I’ll take a three-year-old any day over a “terrible two,” how about you?)

Anyway, it’s amazing once you start to look for it. You can see the number three just about anywhere–in sports (the three-second rule in basketball, the three events in a triathalon) and literature (The Three Musketeers, Goldilocks and The Three Bears) and more.

At Publishers Clearing House, we’re pretty excited about threes ourselves. After all, how many members make up the Prize Patrol Elite? You got it: Dave, Danielle and Todd make THREE!

Now at PCHSearch&Win, we’re also climbing onto the “threes” bandwagon. Because today you’re going to get THREE entries for the Initials contest! That’s right! If your set of initials are the winning initials, you could be a winner–with three times the chances to win when you search today!

But you better hurry up. Today’s a special day to triple your chances. The end of the contest is approaching quickly, it is next month! That’s just around the bend! You may not get that many more chances to enter, so why not take this one!

Is the third time really a charm? Enter today and see for yourself!

Good luck!!

Francine L.

PCH Creative

P.S. Can you think of some other things that come in threes? Comment here and let me know what you come up with! And hey–that might be a GREAT way for you to use PCHSearch&Win today, searching out other places where lucky number three pops up. Remember: You’ve got nothing to lose–and three chances to win!

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Mrs. A.T. said...

I’m number 3 wife, over 20years now, my first marriage. I gave birth to 3 children. Good does come in 3s. I worked at a daycare for 8 years with 2year olds. Terrible twos are also terrific twos. You’ll miss those days years from now. Remember there is nothing perfect except the imperfections of a child. I love 3 chances at winning, triple my chance, yes..

Theresa Cote said...

Thank you PCH Search&Win for January 11,2012, Triple Entries. PCH is always giving. You all are the B-E-S-T! Theresa Cote

Linda Giannone said...

There are 3 colors on the American flag.
Story of the Three Little Pigs
The Three Musketeers
The Holy Ghost : The Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Triangle has three sides
The Prize Patrol

Muliyani Made said...

Really make me happy because I receive oh this Triple Entries for my initial contest. Thank you.

Patricia Pokladnik said...

The number 3 got it’s name from the three “angles” in it. All the other numbers are named the same way.

Theresa Cote said...

I can’t say much more, now. THANK YOU FOR CARING. Theresa Cote

brittney paulos said...

CBS, NBC, and ABC. comes in three.

robert e. rogers said...

i only got one wife.but she gave me three wounderfull chrildern.