PCHSearch&win Serves Up The Perfect Recipe For Your Big Game Celebration

Hey Searchers,

Where will you be Sunday, February 5th at 6:30 PM, ET? I know I’ll be reserving my favorite seat and getting ready to watch New England take on New York (yet again) in the Professional Football Championship Game in Indianapolis, IN. These two teams last met five years ago in 2008 when New York prevailed 17-14, and ruined New England’s chance at becoming the first team to finish the season undefeated since Miami did so back in 1972.

Being an avid football fan, and probably the biggest here at Publishers Clearing House, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been attending Big Game Football parties ever since I could remember.  I’ve been invited to occasions where the host has put on a great show. Then again, I’ve also been to a few where the host has “dropped the ball.”

So, in order to ensure you have the greatest Big Game Celebration possible, I’ve decided to go ahead and put together a list of Big Game DO’S and DONT’S.


DO serve as much food as possible. The last thing you want are hungry football fans. PLUS there are always leftovers…unless, of course, I’m at your party!

DON’T serve anything exotic. NO FISH. THIS IS FOOTBALL. KEEP IT SIMPLE.  I was served salmon for a Big Game Party last year and it almost ruined my appetite.

DO have a big screen T.V. to watch the game. THIS IS VITAL. You want to make sure everyone can see the game from every spot in the room. Also DVR is a plus because you can’t rely on the announcer to cue up all the replays of the game, plus there will be funny commercials or entertainment you’re going to want to watch again. Head over to PCHSearch&Win to find some great deals on big screen T.V.’s!

DON’T leave any valuables around the living or T.V. room. You don’t want any of your guests jumping up and down because their team scored and then breaking your favorite autographed helmet.


DO bring your own food if you’re skeptical of the menu. You could find tons of delicious recipes for buffalo wings, chili, and more at PCHSearch&Win.

DON’T EVER TOUCH THE REMOTE. PERIOD. The worst thing that could happen is someone changing the channel during the most important part of the game.

DO arrive to the venue early to make sure you get a good seat. You never want to have an obstructed view of the game or feel left out of the party.

DON’T double dip!

Alrighty searchers. That is all for today. I hope my list guides in you in the right direction to a great Big Game Celebration whether you’re hosting or attending!

Enjoy the game!

Matt S.

PCH Creative

P.S. Trivia Time! (hint: use PCHSearch&Win to find the answers!)

1) Who are the starting Quarterbacks for New England and New York?

2) What musical artist is performing during the Big Game’s Halftime Show?

3) What are the Roman Numerals for this year’s Big Game?

4) Who do you think will win? New York or New England?

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PAT THOMAS said...

hello, go and play the PCH. entry and win the play games!!! Good luck all of you in the future!!!! Pat Thomas

Mrs. A.T. said...

Hi Matt, 1.Tom Brady and Eli Manning 2.Madonna 3.XLVI (46) 4.New England Patriots
My husbands from Boston and I am from Indiana. It’s going to be different this time, usually everyone comes to our house, kids friends..but they are in other states now. So we may go to the sports restaurant that my youngest just started working at. No leftovers either! Some changes aren’t so good!

Edward graham said...

I don’t realty.care who wins this game my team is not playing