Prepping For Vacation With PCHSearch&Win!

Hi everyone,

I am so excited about my upcoming trip to Mexico, but I have so much to do before I go! Hold on though! Don’t let me get ahead of myself here! Let’s go back about two months ago when I was just starting to plan this trip. I knew where I wanted to go but I was looking for the best travel price possible. I used PCHSearch&Win to help me locate different travel deals, including both hotel and airfare.  Let me tell you, I hit the jackpot and booked immediately. I haven’t seen a cheaper price since!

Okay, back to present day. As you all know, PCH headquarters is located in New York where we are in the middle of winter right now. It will be quite the opposite when I land in Mexico, so I needed to prepare properly. For example, I needed to buy some warm weather clothing while not breaking the bank.  PCHSearch&Win helped me find great deals on shorts, tee-shirts, sandals, and so much more.

Next, I needed to make sure we are prepared for anything and everything while traveling outside of the country. I used PCHSearch&Win to help me find printable coupons for Band-Aids, aspirin, and sun tan lotion. All the money that I saved will be put towards day trips I hope to take. Planning those day trips is the last thing I have to do before I leave! Hopefully PCHSearch&Win will lead me to some fantastic deals for exciting Mexican day trips. I’m sure PCHSearch&Win won’t let me down – it hasn’t yet!

As you can see, I use PCHSearch&Win often and I hope you do too because not only does it give amazing search results, you also have the chance to win anything from gift certificates to BIG cash prizes. Do not forget that PCH is giving away a ton of money on February 29th when the Prize Patrol heads out on the road to award the next BIG Check to a brand new winner! Come back every day and search! Your first search of the day until Feb. 21st  will get you an entry for a chance to win $1 Million Every Year For Life on February 29th! Imagine all of the trips you could take with that kind of money!

Good Luck!

Danielle B.

Retired Prize Patrol Elite Member

PCH Online Marketing

172 thoughts on “Prepping For Vacation With PCHSearch&Win!”

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