PCHSearchandWin Prizefest Features Our First-Ever HAPPY HOUR and Lots of CASH and Prizes!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! It’s another PCHSearchandWin Prizefest week, featuring our first-ever HAPPY HOUR, hundreds of dollars in gift cards and over $1,OOO.OO in CASH and prizes! Yes, I’m happy! And, imagine how happy you’ll be if you instantly win one of these great prizes — especially the CASH!

PCHSearchandWin is always a happy place to be! Think about it…you could win cash and prizes instantly simply for doing what most everyone does every single day — search the internet. To make your life even easier, PCHSearch&Win is available on your mobile devices. So we’re always with you while you’re on the go and you always have the opportunity to search and WIN instantly! Now, that’s something that should put a smile on your face!

In case you were wondering what to search for this week, consider the following. Abe Lincoln and George Washington both have birthdays this month – what kinds of fascinating facts about their lives can you find? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you celebrate, think of all the gifts you could buy if you win some instant CASH! February is also Black History month, and search.pch.com can give you access to some great information. The theme this year is Black Women In America: Culture and History. Let me know what interesting facts you find, and, of course, if you win any instant CASH or prizes! And, this month you have 29 days, not 28, to win instantly!

Speaking of winning…

Take a look at all the great instant-win cash and prizes PCHSearchandWin offers this month!

1.  Monday, 2/6 — 20 $25.OO CASH Prizes (Wow, that’s $5OO.OO in total!)

2.  Tuesday, 2/7 — 10 T.G.I. Friday’s gift cards (YUM!)

3.  Wednesday, 2/8 — $5OO.OO CASH For Bills (Hey, we won’t tell if you buy something for yourself instead!)

4.  Thursday, 2/9 — We have a WINNER EVERY HOUR! Plus, join us for our first-ever HAPPY HOUR from 4pm-7pm, featuring “Special” Prizes! (Amazing! If you win instantly, let me know.)

5.  Friday, 2/10 — Our featured prize is a GARMIN GPS (I just love these!)

6.  Saturday, 2/11 — 5 $1OO.OO Best Buy gift cards (Use ‘em on a sale and get more for yourself!)

7.  Sunday, 2/12 — $5OO.OO Fast Cash (Happy Birthday, Abe!)

8.  Every day — with your first search of the day at search.pch.com, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes giveaway!

Have a Happy PCHSearchandWin Prizefest Week!

Ellen S.
Creative Director, Interactive Development

53 thoughts on “PCHSearchandWin Prizefest Features Our First-Ever HAPPY HOUR and Lots of CASH and Prizes!”

  1. Ruth Fleming says:


  2. They always send the emails saying this is your final chance and you never win it’s a waste of time and Internet

  3. Pat Thomas says:

    add your comment here

  4. Pat Thomas says:

    I want to be a winner

  5. I would tlove to win this hour.

  6. I can’t understand why the 20 yrs. I’ve played games entered to win the all sweeps all these yrs.facebook and all I ve ever won are points & not even top points .im disabled & spend all my time on my laptop & iPhone but never won even $5. ? I’m sure others feel the same !! Why ?

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Christine, while we have many draws, unfortunately, not everyone can win a prize. Winners are chosen completely at random so everyone has the same chance of winning. Every new entry is a new chance to win so don’t lose hope!

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  7. Luann Reniska says:

    If by an odd chance i would win anything from PCH i would publish my book and send it out to everyone in the U.S. for free. The reason’s why is because i am part Cherokee indian and i do not get a good feeling out of Obama Care. But i am a nurse as well as an epileptic that grew up in a large family of medical professionals that include a mother that ran both hospitals and nursing homes through the age of 72 years old, a grandmother that did billing, an aunt that teaches nursing, an older sister a nurse, and over a dozen cousins who are nurses as well. So i learned a great deal from my grandmother who raised me. As well as i have been to the places i have listed in the book. I am not kidding when i say i know where you can go and how you can get there to be seen from head to toe and they will send you home with 6 months of free medication. I have been there and i have over 10 pounds of medical records on myself from them. I also have included a great many websites and there phone numbers where you can get free to low cost medication. So please everyone take care & please be safe, Luann

  8. Akihiko Tominaga says:

    It is good.

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