Leap Into a Big Cash Prize!

Today, February 15th, may be your best opportunity yet to LEAP into a $10,000.00 cash prize!

That’s because today only you will receive 5 BIG ENTRIES to win a $10,000.00 cash prize! Your first search at PCHSearch&Win today, February 15th, will get you five entries for a chance to win this big cash prize!

Now that’s exciting news. But there’s more. This $10,000.00 cash prize is an exclusive, online-only opportunity. That means that only folks who enter online have a chance to win this huge pile of cash from Giveaway No. 2220. Oh, and there’s one more rumor that’s been confirmed as true —

The Prize Patrol will personally deliver this BIG $10,000.00 to the winner’s doorstep in only a few weeks!

Could you become that cash prize winner? Yes! But to get in the running to win, you have to do something. Go to PCHSearch&Win now and do a search for information you need. That one search today, February 15th, will get you 5 ENTRIES to WIN CASH!

Has entering for a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR cash prize ever been so easy and fast? Just one PCHSearch&Win search gets you 5 chances to win. That only takes seconds to do. Plus a cash prize this big will surely be welcomed by anybody.

I just had to ask my fellow Publishers Clearing House coworkers what they would do with a $10,000.00 cash prize. Here are some of their answers:

  • Carol W: Pay Bills
  • Lawrence Y: Go to Hawaii
  • Bryan T: Home Improvements
  • Lisa R: Go to Italy
  • Babette D: Fix Car
  • Lori S: Vacation in London
  • Amanda C: Put it in the Bank
  • Kim G: Visit Australia
  • Gerry M: Take Care of Family
  • Rich K: Not Tell My Wife I Won

Now how would you spend $10,000.00? Comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear how you would have fun with all that cash!

And after you tell us how you would enjoy all that cash, make sure to go to PCHSearch&Win today to get your 5 BIG ENTRIES for a $10,000.00 cash prize!

Happy Searching,

Elliott M.

1,018 thoughts on “Leap Into a Big Cash Prize!”

  1. Lisa Smith says:

    PCH SweepStakes Entr From PCH GWY NO 4059.GWY NO.4556.see you soon prize patrol team.

  2. PCH SweepStakes Entr! From PCH GW.NO. 4059! PCH WIN An Exclusive PCHPlay&WIN $10,000.00 Cash Prize! D.M. FLA.

  3. Billieann1 says:

    I am a supersearcher who wants to make two entries for $5,000.00 Cash Prize. Publishers Clearing House please verify my entry for this amazing giveaway.

  4. Cynthia Frazier says:

    I pray that I would win so I can get to see all my grandkids I don’t know cause they live out of state. And get a place where they can all come.pch thanks for the opportunity to win.

  5. I would love to win $5,000 cash exclusive this would be a amazing gift from God. I have been praying for something to come my way. I
    Hope that I will be a winner to help me and my and other charities.

  6. Billie says:

    I am searching for the $5 Thousand Dollar Cash Exclusive. PCH please activate my entry for this amazing prize.

  7. PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY.NO. 4059! PCH WIN An Exclusive PCHPlay&WIN $10,000.00 Cash Prize! D.M.

  8. John Hannaman says:

    How do I get my five entries?

  9. james jantz says:

    I want to win please

  10. PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GW.NO. 4556! PCH Online Exclusive! WIN A $10,000.00 Cash Prize! D.M.

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