Will The Prize Patrol Visit You Today With a Big Check?

Hey Searchers,

Did you know today, February 29th, 2012 is a LEAP DAY? It’s a date that only occurs every 4 years.


Wait… what’s that noise? It sounds like a van getting ready to GO!

I know what that noise is! It’s the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol getting ready to send a lucky someone LEAPING FOR JOY with a life-changing SUPERPRIZE! And that person could be YOU, IN JUST HOURS!

Heck — Todd, Danielle and Dave could be making their way to your home state right now as you’re reading my blog! Better yet, they could be plugging your street address into their GPS while preparing to surprise YOU at your front door with flowers, balloons, champagne, your local news team and the all important “Big Check!”

Want to know where the Prize Patrol Van is right now? Check this out…

Did you know EVEN YOU could keep in touch with the Prize Patrol? If you “like” our PCH Fan Page, you can get behind-the-scenes video hints about where they are as they make their way to the winner’s home. Sometimes they’ll report what the weather’s like or post fun facts about the state. Make sure to check back multiple times – the tab will be updated with more videos as the day goes on! Just follow the clues — who knows — maybe Todd, Danielle and Dave will be describing what the weather’s like around your home!

You could have yours, just like our last winner, PCHSearch&Win user, LeRoy Faulks, Sr. He was the proud winner of our November 30th  MEGA PRIZE – $1,OOO,OOO.OO on the spot PLUS $5,OOO.OO A WEEK FOR LIFE!

I can’t wait to see the next winning moment posted on PCHTV.com.

Will it be yours?

Good Luck,

Matt S.

PCH Creative

271 thoughts on “Will The Prize Patrol Visit You Today With a Big Check?”

  1. says:

    I have been trying to win the Big Check

  2. pch. please enter me as winner lw-1300 4900,3816 need to will I’ve ran a good race and want to win real bad thank u Ronnie Lynn Jones jr

  3. Laura Reinick says:

    What’s that sound!!!!

    There it is again,and again, and again.
    As, I walk closer and closer and closer
    To the sound, it sounds like its coming
    From the otherside.
    As, I slowly open the door, the first thing
    I see blowing around were colorful ballons
    And as I opened the door alittle more wider
    I was soooooo surpized to see the
    Prize Patrol standing with a big big check,
    And champagne telling me that I had won
    The 10,000 A week for life and that wasn’t all.

    So, Prize Patrol, make my 2015,Christmas a
    Wonderful year, a wonderful Anniversary, and
    A wonderful way to ring in the New !!!!


    Laura Reinick
    Elwood, Ne

  4. I love to win to i need the money and let my family know it’s for real maybe they will play next time I Really Want To Win I Need THIS. Love playing the games THANKS

  5. says:

    I was really hoping I would have become Atlanta first to win pch

  6. ralph says:

    I have been trying to win the Big Check for more than 40 years. Back then we only had the Post office. Computers were never heard of. But I can’t say I have no good luck because I did win one Big Lotto in the early 70’s. Uncle Sam had the last draft lotto for Vietnam an I won!

  7. roberta cash says:

    I was really hoping I would have become Atlanta first to win pch and this would had been for myself to never give up that this day,this year 2015 was and still is my turn to live the life I have always believe I should have been living all my children life.pch make me the winner.I have prayed and have played for months without stopping.I have played why other was sleep hoping to stay on top of the game.my me the winner,I want to be the winner,I need to pch winner from Atlanta.believe me,I am the one pch have been looking for,for years my name is robertacash and I’m your winner.Hollow nice to meet you nice people.thank you

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