PCHSearch&Win Prizefest Week Is All About MONEY, MONEY and MORE MONEY!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

It’s Monday…again. And, you know what that means… It’s the start of a brand-spanking-new PCHSearchandWin Prizefest week, featuring tons of CASH and prizes! Plus, a TWILIGHT EXCLUSIVE and two days worth of MONEY MANIA! I’m psyched! I’m sure you are, too! So, let’s get to it…

PCHSearchandWin prizes this week include:

1.  Monday, 3/5 — A Winner EVERY 15 MINUTES! Plus, a TWILIGHT EXCLUSIVE from 7pm to Midnight! Make sure to visit search.pch.com for more details. YOU absolutely must be part of this!

2.  Tuesday, 3/6 — 20 $25.OO CASH Prizes! (Extra cash always comes in handy!)

3.  Wednesday, 3/7 — $5OO.OO CASH for Bills! (I won’t tell if you use it for yourself!)

4.  Thursday, 3/8 — MONEY MANIA starts today! $2,OOO.OO in CASH will be awarded during this 2-day event. (Wow!)

5.  Friday, 3/9 — It’s the 2nd day of MONEY MANIA! Make sure to head on over to PCHSearch&Win for your chance to win instantly! (Did you win anything yet? Let me know below!)

6.  Saturday, 3/10 — A Winner EVERY HOUR! (It’s so amazing how much cash is available to win at search.pch.com!)

7.  Sunday, 3/11 — 5 $1OO.OO Best Buy Gift Cards (You can use this on top of Best Buy’s already great deals!)

8.  Every Day — With your first search of the day at search.pch.com, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes giveaway!

Remember on Saturday, March 10th, before you go to sleep that evening, make sure to turn your clocks AHEAD. Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 11th. Even though we lose an hour, there is so much (CASH) to be gained! If you make sure to visit PCHSearch&Win all day on Saturday, you could win CASH instantly PLUS we have a winner EVERY HOUR!

Did you know that PCHSearchandWin is available on your mobile devices? Well, it’s true! We’re always here for you whether you’re at home or on the go, with opportunities for you to win CASH and prizes instantly simply for doing what most everyone does every single day — search the internet! And, if you’re curious about Daylight Savings Time, or anything else, simply search for more information at PCHSearchandWin.

As always, we want to hear from you! So leave a comment below or visit our Fan page every day for more ways to win!

Here’s to PCHSearch&Win-ning!

Ellen S.
Creative Director, Interactive Development

512 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win Prizefest Week Is All About MONEY, MONEY and MORE MONEY!”

  1. Brenda Zaidel says:

    Help me find 7,000 a week prize for life.I’m so so excited.heart beating so heard.

  2. Hello Pch blogs I want do my entries for a winners are Guaranteed every 15 minutes I want to win this time

  3. Jimmy Cash says:

    I want to win pCH money enter me in now

  4. Rose Brown says:

    Wow my first time doing a sweeps. I must say that PCH has kept me on edge cause if youv’e played and made VIP status, then you know I’m talking about, us you learn while you search. So Thank You PCH for blessing me.
    Very Grateful and a better person today
    Rose Brown

  5. Ernest Tracey says:

    Would like to win one of the prizes.

  6. Donna Glantz says:

    It’s not all about money. It sure would make me so happy to be able to have just what I really do need that I don’t have and finally to be able to have my own home and land and a new truck or car and all my bills paid off I really don’t know how that even feels or is like .I make sure I donate to to every kind of cancer organization, abused children organization, hungry organization, and every organization there is for sick kids and elder, homeless shelter,so then can be a cure the sick, stop the abuse men,women,kids,feed the hungry, all that needs help organization and help my family it’s not being wealthy for me just another to where I would love stress free no worry’s about not having a home to live the rest of my life very happy .And help others that needs help organization so that’s the reason I need to be the winner

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Donna, I encourage you to keep entering for your chance at becoming one of our lucky winners. The best part about all of this is that it’s always free to enter and free to win. You never have to purchase anything as it will not increase a person’s odds. We want our sweepstakes to be a fun and exciting opportunity for our fans to participate in at their leisure. We hope that you’re enjoying your PCH experience and we truly appreciate all of your support!

  7. Would really like to win one of the cash prizes every fifteen minutes from PCH before 11’59 thank you Pch for the chance to win ”

  8. Donna Glantz says:

    Please I’m waiting for the door knots bringing my winnings please bring them to me PCH giveaway lottery VIP entry I really need to win thank you your the best I’ve got to be the winner Feb 24,2017

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