PCHSearch&Win Celebrates Women’s History Month with CASH and Prizes!

You’re invited! Please join PCHSearchandWin as we celebrate Women’s History (or should I say “Her-story”) Month throughout March with CASH and prizes that you could win instantly! From Rosie the Riveter, Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt and Georgia O’Keefe to your grandmother, mother, sister, daughter and, yes, you, women’s contributions to world history, in all fields, have been immeasurably important and inspirational to society at every level.

While doing my research for this blog post, on search.pch.com, of course, I found such fantastic information about Women’s History Month and found so many women I had no idea accomplished so much that impacts our world to this day! For instance, the computer or mobile device that you’re reading this blog on right now had its programming language conceptualized and developed by a woman. That’s right! She was born in 1906 and became a mathematician and Rear Admiral in the Navy. Her name:  Grace Murray Hopper. Her story:  Amazing in every way, considering all the obstacles she had to face at a time when women were not accepted as doing anything more than being a housewife. I highly recommend reading more about her and the other women mentioned above. Hey, while you’re at it, remember — PCHSearchandWin is a great place to search for more information about Women’s History Month and the outstanding accomplishments of women all over the world! And, you could win CASH and prizes instantly simply by searching!

Exploring the endless possibilities of what you can search for and find with PCHSearchandWin is really a unique experience unto itself. Using a powerful search engine like PCHSearch&Win allows you to find whatever you want, whenever you want. Plus, you always have the opportunity to win prizes instantly simply for doing what practically everyone does anyway during the course of a day — search the internet! Instant prizes are awarded every day, plus with your first search of the day you receive an entry into a Publishers Clearing House life-changing sweepstakes. You can’t beat that!

When I think about everything PCHSearchandWin has to offer, I understand why so many people choose to use it. Remember to take us with you when you’re out and about as we’re accessible on your mobile devices. And, make sure to visit the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page every day, where you’ll find other opportunities to win CASH and prizes!

So, what are you waiting for… Head on over to search.pch.com now and let me know what other interesting information you find about Women’s History Month or simply tell me a story below about an inspirational woman in your life! We always like hearing from you!

Here’s to the “winning” women of the world!

Ellen S.
Creative Director, Interactive Development

P.S. It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day – are you feeling lucky? If you are, grab your shamrock and visit PCHSearch&Win tomorrow. PCHSearch&Win will be offering 10x entries into the St. Patrick’s Day $10,000 Online Exclusive giveaway! Don’t know what to search for? Try delving into  the history of the holiday or look up some delicious corned beef recipes or anything else that interests you! Who knows – maybe one of your searches will lead you to a $10,000.00 fortune at the end of a rainbow this St. Patrick’s Day.

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Ramona Stevenson said...

Since i have been a pch fan l love searching and trying to win cash and prizes and who knows maybe ill be the next millionaire i love you pch.

Muliyani Made said...

Moving at all ………… this time about the Women’s History Month. As a woman I participated elated because it concerns the rights of Women’s Rights in which men and women are given comparable status and dignity. Only, here she was instrumental in terms of technology, especially Internet / computer. Differences with in my country, in the history of the states there is a noblewoman who succeeded as the hero of the Nation as a women’s rights. RA.Kartini which he is a heroine who successfully fought for women in terms of obtaining the right to have the opportunity in education. Previously, women should only be / are prepared to become a housewife only. So the only guy who can enjoy the education. So hopefully I can reveal there is a link on this occasion. Thank you.

yoshira rosales said...

I want to win money because i needed thank you for invited me please help me to win..

Mrs. A.T. said...

Thank you PCH for all the ways you give us chances at winning. Not much is free these days, but PCH is. Most companies have taken the little extras away, PCH keeps giving. Thank you, PCH still puts that smile on my face!

Timothy Cross said...

I wish I could be the next Winner. Need money bad for new liver transplant.

Elvin Morgan said...

I love PCH as well as the PCH family and staff. I just think Dainelle, Dave and Todd of the Prize Patrol are just AWESOME.What can I really say about Victoria Zimmer and Laura Wolfe but that they are the BEST.

Mary Gould said...

I have been playing,enterin,searching for month’s and haven’t won anything. Starting to get discouraged. Does anyone really win anything?

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Mary,

    There are real PCHSearch&Win Winners every day! The first person to search after a winning time wins a prize. The most recent winners are displayed on our homepage.

    Victoria At PCH

Miranda Cruse said...

Thank you for Women’s History Month PCH!

carolinejinks said...

I want to win a cash prize for PCHsearch for national womens history month for 10,000.00 please I need to win this

Debby Karr said...

Thank you for women history month! I would like to win like everyone else! Good Luck to Everyone!