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  1. says:

    I. Wood. Love to win i been trying. To win a very long times but that is way is go in life . my wife went to stop play the games. On pch. Be again to go we wish. To stop play the games. I could use the money my self to but i lost my house in hurricane Katrina in Lacombe. Louisiana. Help my mom. An brother. Live life like we should be . Thank you. For list to me to James. F. Watts. To PCH

  2. Rosa Farrar says:

    I would like to win all three.

  3. susan allen says:

    I would really love to win a brand new Lincoln

  4. Andrea says:

    Andrea… Dream and drive!!!

  5. Elizabeth Keen says:


  6. I need a new car desperately.Doctor appointments and hopefully day trips. Please pick me

  7. Jackie dandy Facebook you can go to Facebook says:

    Why won’t you take my name on here you’re told me to find the car it was a giveaway and you won’t put my name up I don’t know what to do if you send me places and I search and I find a place and you don’t put my name what is going on I thank you for everything but I just don’t understand

  8. Jackie dandy Facebook you can go to Facebook says:

    You can put me in for the car they sent me here to serve for the Lincoln then I might I might be a winner I can’t help it I’m sick and I’m trying to get my name in there before I can go to bed I hope this is the one I hope I don’t like to look for nothing and not find it search and search and I don’t find it I don’t have a car and I need one so badly but I also need money two I can’t pay the taxes on that I can’t pay the red stripped but it’s a beautiful card thank you PCH for allowing me to Italy sign for it maybe I’ll win

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