539 thoughts on “car1”

  1. Jane Hodge says:

    This is one beautiful automobile. I would be so proud to own and drive.

  2. RAMON says:


  3. Annette Barnett says:

    Yes I would love this Lincoln it would be a blessing

  4. Bettejean Salter says:

    Yes I need a need car I am a widow
    and my car has a lot use taking my husband back and forth to the hospital

    and the money would be VERY helpful.

  5. Paula Baxter says:

    I like win Lincoln Mkz and 5l 000.00 weekly for life.

  6. Paula Baxter says:

    Yes I need a new car like a Lincoln mkz.Because , my husband have two trucks one of truck his work truck
    So I can have a Lincoln and recive 5,000.00 weekly for life. That will be great. Just bring on my front porch on August 31th I live I’m Dothan Alabama. What time hour the patrol arrive at house, Will it be during the morning hour? Okay I will be waiting for all these prizes.If come during morning time I have a cup of coffee for the patrol pch went they arrive.

  7. Angela J. says:

    YES! Bring it Home! I NEED IT,

  8. Gary Harding says:

    I would love to have a Lincoln make, on the 31 August 16.

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