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  1. michael bean says:

    Please enter me in to WIN A BRAND NEW LINCOLN MKZ Gwy. No. 8035 and enter me in to WIN $7,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE! OCTOBER 21st.
    Thank you PCH. I hope I am the next big winner.

  2. Donna Potter says:

    Good day PCH millionaire makers of the prize Patrol I would like to respond to the day’s notice so will we party at Willis Lane win $7,000 a week for Life giveaway 6900 also entry for luxury car Lincoln MKZ please validate activate and secure after mentioned entries for systems requirements making both fully eligible to win also please validate all eligible entries including but not limited to PCH app entries secured as the aforementioned thank you for all the winning opportunities look forward to seeing you on the 21st because I want to win as well as see all your smiling faces safe travels sincerely your friend Donna Potter

  3. Jane Hodge says:

    This is one beautiful automobile. I would be so proud to own and drive.

  4. RAMON says:


  5. Annette Barnett says:

    Yes I would love this Lincoln it would be a blessing

  6. Bettejean Salter says:

    Yes I need a need car I am a widow
    and my car has a lot use taking my husband back and forth to the hospital

    and the money would be VERY helpful.

  7. Paula Baxter says:

    I like win Lincoln Mkz and 5l 000.00 weekly for life.

  8. Paula Baxter says:

    Yes I need a new car like a Lincoln mkz.Because , my husband have two trucks one of truck his work truck
    So I can have a Lincoln and recive 5,000.00 weekly for life. That will be great. Just bring on my front porch on August 31th I live I’m Dothan Alabama. What time hour the patrol arrive at house, Will it be during the morning hour? Okay I will be waiting for all these prizes.If come during morning time I have a cup of coffee for the patrol pch went they arrive.

  9. Angela J. says:

    YES! Bring it Home! I NEED IT,

  10. Gary Harding says:

    I would love to have a Lincoln make, on the 31 August 16.

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