8 thoughts on “car2”

  1. Its a excellent automobil hope I win!!!

  2. Mary Tinsley says:

    Yes, I could use the cash. I will be thankful for any cash to contribute toward my community activities.

  3. jennie sandoval says:

    I want to win a car please I want to clam my entry

  4. thersia woods says:

    Please lord let it be

  5. lorena cantu says:

    I would like to enter the mkt lincoln sweepstakes,it would be nice to have a new car for my kids and myself,but best of luck to all!!!!!

  6. Deanna Wilkins says:

    I feel she is doing a beautiful thing

  7. I would love to win this, but, I would rather be able to donate something to the American Red Cross!! Afterward, then,I can help my children with their expensies. Even though I am a winner through my children and grandchildren, I still want to teach them the value of helping those in need !!!

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