Stand Back! The PCHSearch&Win Vault Will Be Opened! $5,OOO.OO In Prizes To Be Awarded!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

It’s a “Super Week” at PCHSearch&Win! And, if you listen very closely, you just might hear that famous creaking sound everyone loves — the door to the PCHSearch&Win vault — with $5,OOO.OO in prizes to be given away! It’s absolutely going to be an amazing week because, in addition, we also have our “Super Delicious” “Lunch Special” where there will be a WINNER EVERY 5 MINUTES! Plus, there are so many other prizes you could win. Let’s take a look…

PCHSearchandWin prizes this week include:

1.  Monday, 3/19 — 10 $2O.OO Pizza Hut gift cards (Yum and Delicioso!)

2.  Tuesday, 3/20 — There will be a winner EVERY 1O minutes! Plus, please join us for our “Lunch Special” from 11am – 2pm because there will be a winner EVERY 5 MINUTES!! (Remember, you can access PCHSearch&Win on your mobile devices!)

3.  Wednesday, 3/21 — Our Featured Prize will be a Dell laptop computer (If you win this, you can use PCHSearch&Win anywhere!)

4.  Thursday, 3/22 — 5 $5O.OO StubHub gift cards (This is so cool! Let me know what you go see)

5.  Friday, 3/23 — The VAULT will be opened! $5,OOO.OO in PRIZES will be awarded! (YOU absolutely must be a part of this!)

6.  Saturday, 3/24 — 5 $1OO.OO Ikea gift cards (Wow! Ikea has some of the coolest stuff!)

7.  Sunday, 3/25 — CASH… All Day Long! (Let me know if you win)

8.  Every day — with your first search of the day at, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes giveaway!

See, I told you it was going to be a “Super Week” at PCHSearch&Win! Even the heavens are in agreement with us today! How can that be? Well, today begins the start of Earth’s “Super Moon!” While I was searching at, of course, I found out that a “Super Moon” is a new or full moon at its closest position in its orbit to Earth. Today’s particular “Super Moon” is the closest it’s been to us in 18 years! So, if you believe in the power of the moon, especially a “Super Moon,” winning at PCHSearch&Win could possibly be in the “stars” for you! And, with a powerful search engine like PCHSearch& Win, you can always find whatever you’re searching for, wherever you are, with the opportunity to win cash and prizes instantly! Remember, we’re available on your mobile devices, too, so you always have the opportunity to win anywhere, anytime! It’s fun, fast and easy!!

So, make sure to mark your calendar every day this week, and of course, put a special “star” on Friday’s date. And, stop by our Fan Page, too, because you never know what other great “sur-prizes” we have for you there!

Happy “Super Moon-day!”

Ellen S.
Creative Director, Interactive Development

560 thoughts on “Stand Back! The PCHSearch&Win Vault Will Be Opened! $5,OOO.OO In Prizes To Be Awarded!”

  1. brian lovett says:

    i would like to win the win it all $2,000.000.00 + a lincoln ‘+ all the prizes in this package +$10,000.00
    as my wife and i are disabled and i am blind

  2. linda allman says:

    I want to win 2million and 10,000.00 and that brand new Lincoln MKZ.iwant to win i want to win.and the vault. Prizes

  3. Cynthia Woody says:

    I want to win vault prizes! Also, $2 million upr front, $10,000 per month and a Lincoln MKZ!


  4. I’m reading these and I understand you have been looking for a new way for me to get my email will lasttogoo.

  5. Thnk You foryo your help PCHFRONTPAGE blog posts me means post on the topics & at the top of all the best things that make PCH my home page I’m in it to win it looking Forward man the moon is is close enough I think I can touch it.Thank you this is a super moon.

  6. That was really looking forward to see the new version of facebook they won’t let me in hopefully they can see me from here on PCHFRONTPAGE Blog posts my tags and material for the purpose of providing information about the future sweepstakes winners Here’s goings for the Lincoln & this is my best chance at winning the lottery tickets for the next one to be able to get a life time prize money for me &family and friends so much fun I really wanting to go to the Grand Canyon oo if I Win 🏆 I’m going to scream & cry out loud like a little baby. Oomay I win so I can have a great time with PCH and I’ll even make a cake 🎂 for Daniel I know its late for bday but see won’t mind ok I’m going on with this tonight with my family and friends and the people who make it happen Ya you known PCH Thank You #6900.

  7. This great now what its almost over think its like I came through a warm hole or something wow that was really fun and it looks like this is my blog post about the future and I’ll follow up messages and material for the purpose of providing information about this site is a great deal more than just being nice to others it’s about the people who want me too much ok here I guess these is say is that the first one to get the most popular web sites with an open space for me.Thank you so much PCH.Looking Forward.

  8. faye arnold says:

    i love playing all pf pch games ,and i sure would be the happiest girl to win it . i sure need to pay off some bills as i live on a fixed income.

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