Every Day Is Special At PCHSearch&Win!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

Hello searchers! Today is Monday, March 26th and that means it’s time for Prizefest, when we highlight the exciting instant prizes up for grabs at PCHSearch&Win!

Do you know what else it is? Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. I’m not kidding!

Let’s give it a try. If you could make up a special day to commemorate something or someone you care about, what would it be? I asked my two young children this question and they immediately replied that they’d like a day named after themselves  — it figures!

As for me, I’d like to proclaim March 26th PCHSearch&Win day! And why not? PCHSearch&Win is a one-of-a-kind search site. For starters, it’s powered by the best search engines on the web ― Google, Yahoo and Bing ― so you’ll get results you can trust. Not to mention, it’s the only place where you can search AND enter for a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize!  Let’s not forget the instant prizes up for grabs every single day at PCHSearch&Win! From Electronics to Gift Cards to Cold, Hard Cash, PCHSearch&Win always has something exciting in store.

In fact, here’s what’s up for grabs at PCHSearch&Win this week:

Monday, March 26th ― CVS Gift Cards Will Be Awarded All Day Long!
Tuesday, March 27th ― A Lucky Searcher Will Have The Chance To Win $500.00 Cash For Bills!
Wednesday, March 28th ― Olive Garden Gift Cards Will Be Awarded!
Thursday, March 29th ― There Will Be A Winner Every Hour!
Friday, March 30th ― PCHSearch&Win Guarantees To Award $1,000.00 Fast Cash!
Saturday, March 31st ― FIVE $100.00 Marshall’s Gift Cards Will Be Awarded!
Sunday, April 1st ― TEN $50.00 Cash Prizes Will Be Given Away!

What a great week of prizes! Use PCHSearch&Win for all your web searching, and don’t forget that you can even search on your iPhone, Android or other mobile device.

So, who agrees with me about PCHSearch&Win day? Or do you have another special holiday that you’d like to name today? Please tell me all about it in the comments section below.

Happy Searching!

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

83 thoughts on “Every Day Is Special At PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Connie O'Field says:

    I want to win on August 31st. Activate my entry to win it all.

  2. l want to win a prize awarded every day plus 5,000.00 a week forever

  3. Hi pch! From Texas!:) I’m trying to win something & my faith has not being gone yet , I know some day I will win somthing from Pch .because faith is the key & God too even if my faith is small like a seed I believe I will win so I’m still trying :) for my family 😍

  4. Hi!Pch,I would l love to win the 5,000.00a week for ever. Please:) & I love to activate my entry for the Brand – New Ford Fusion, worth 38,000.00. Please? Thank you’ll ❤

  5. Hi!pch I would love to activate my entry for the brand/ new Ford fusion, worth 38,000.00 . Please?@ I love to win the 5,000.00 a week for ever superprize on aug 30th please:) thank you’ll ❤

  6. Hi my name is sheryl and i’m from new Orleans and I have been playing pch since 2013 and I have not won anything but I’m keep trying on this last and final day until I win it may not be today it may not be tomorrow but on this last and final day I will win it all plus more on or before August 31st.
    Thank You

  7. ROGER says:

    I appreciate every day I can enter to win PCH SuperPrizes & games… sometimes it is hard to stay at the computer with family responsibilities coming and going… thanks for being considerate of our times and activities and still allow Search&win & Game Playing… know your techs work hard in this process!

  8. These comments aren’t from the sweepstakes already played last year, even though I realize a competitive edge is not so easily attainable, so I congratulate all participants; mainly the winners, who maintained their integrity and timely entries, also, I couldn’t leave out the admirals of a huge U.S. game competition; Publishers Clearance House Owners, Employees alike, their business associates, sponsors etc. J.Baker

  9. I Sure Can Use Pch Win $500.00 Cash And Also Win Some Of The Instant Prizes Up For Grabs;

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